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Onenote change order of pages for money

Onenote change order of pages for money sample documentation for capstone project trop a rocka review of literature ´╗┐let me give you the Republican reaction to the idea working together this is what their leadership thinks of compromise with the Democrats we're not going to be willing to work with him on the expansive liberal agenda he's been about what there there will be no compromise on stopping runaway spending deficits and debt where is there room for any compromise with Marxism that we will not compromise on our principles is it me or do they seem less open to working together that Obama does that any of them make the Democrats point for them or they treat Democratic ideas with disdain Marxism please given their intransigence and President Obama's malleability it would appear that the Democratic agenda is dead for the next two years help us figure out if that's actually true we now bring in congressman Dennis Kucinich Democrat from Ohio he was reelected to service each term in Congress congressman Kucinich how do you fight back when it looks like the president is ready to reach out as he's been doing for the last few years and is that is that a terrible idea well you know when I hear some of my Republican friends talking about Marxism they get they have to be careful of Harpo Marx ism because if they make the country look like a joke by not focusing on creating jobs and a middle-class tax cut and making sure we protect Social Security and Medicare then they're going to have problems I think that what we need to do is to find a way to work together and quit the disparagement that goes on we have to make sure that we we reach out to each other the American people expect us to be able to create jobs we have 15 million Americans without any jobs we have another six million Americans at top of the six million have also lost their already lost their homes could lose their homes we have to start focusing on lifting this country up and just the old partisan pot shots at each other doesn't work we have to make sure we find ways to work together and frankly the American people expect that to happen I'd conversation I I still don't know how you do that I believe my notes here say that you called Congressman John Boehner pro and you thought he could work together with President Obama you've now said something similar here I mean d they're saying they're not going to budge one scintilla right so the only way you work with them it appears is that if you go to their side now does that make sense as a progressive well look they're not going to shut down the government you'll see coming up a stopgap spending measure that will carry us to the beginning of the year there's going to be a tax cut i think that the easiest thing to do is to make permanent tax cuts for the middle class but the republicans may fight and insist that the bush tax cuts stay in place for another couple years I mean these are things that they have to deal with because where they're going to get the money they have to explain that it's easy to find the money if you get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and cut the bloated Pentagon budget and you stop the tax cuts from going to the top you can find the money Republicans have to work that out within their own caucus but to dig in and say well we're not going to work together the American people don't want to hear that they they really want to find a way for all of us to meet a to reach a happy medium and I think that we're going to we're going to have to do that to get America back to where how you going to get the economy going otherwise because there's another game going on it's above the partisan give and take and that is how do we get the economy going how do we make Wall Street finally respond and create the jobs that everybody says they'll create when they got six hundred billion dollars from the fed through to the banks that we'll see what happens with if they actually create money Congress inclusive if they actually create jobs I have to respectfully disagree because you know you said the American people don't want this bickering and partisanship but that's what the Republicans it for two years and they won overwhelmingly so maybe the American people does want it and and you know you say it you gotta create jobs you think that but my sense of how the Republicans are playing this is who cares if they don't create jobs is going to get blamed on Obama and they're going to be able to run against them more effectively that was a strategy for the last two years why wouldn't they just do it again because the people are out of work are Democrat and Republican alike people are losing their homes are democrat the Republican their independence look we cannot try to drive this nation into one party rule I mean the voters have basically divided up the power you have a Democratic president you have a Democratic Senate and a Republican House we should not overemphasize the fact that the Republicans are in charge of the house they they want a large margin I got that but we still have a Senate and the president who have to work together to create a magenta for the American people in the end genk what we have to be careful as we don't lose sight of why we're there we're not there to score points and each other we're there to serve the American people and if we can't get this economy moving if we can't create jobs if we can't get the banks to loosen up so they loan money to small businesses so small businesses can survive if we can't get find a way to keep people in their homes then the governments of failure then our economic systems of failure so I think that it's the it's it's both parties who are on who are on a griddle here and frankly if both parties fail to respond you're going to see an opening in 2012 and 2016 for independent candidates who are going to be running for president you've got to both parties have you respond you are don't actually supplicants have to respond no because you know it's just matter of fact if both parties fail then the American people are going to start looking elsewhere so we have to work together all right congressman let me ask you one final question here uh you know in terms of messaging as we started this segment we we we said well we everybody knows which is that Republicans for lower taxes and less spending it said that's what they say whether they deliver on that is a different question but that's what they say how about the Democrats don't you need a central message and what is that central message very easy jobs for all health care for all education for all social security retirement security I mean these are thing and and peace peace get out of Iraq and Afghanistan stop these adventures going all over the world have the world community participate in world security we cannot afford to be the policeman of the world I mean that's not a bad message frankly or the put we can't be the policeman of the world it's not a bad message when you look at the economics when we start to focus on bringing our country back to back to prosperity think you're going to be surprised in the next Congress we might gain some allies and some of the people who came in with the support of the of the tea bag groups on trade I'm getting out of NAFTA and the WTO I'm starting to have a policy which strengthens our manufacturing base we have to start taking care of our country first I don't know why the Democrats didn't have that as their message last time around well let me tell you there's something about the the dimensions of the loss that occurred last week that should get our party leaders finally to wake up and understand that it's all about the economy it's all about getting people back to work and the only way you're going to stabilize the economy is stop these expansions of war all right Thank You congressman Dennis Kucinich we always appreciate your time capstone health services foundation tuscaloosa al for money Sisters of Charity of New York.

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