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One wire temperature sensor arduino code

One wire temperature sensor arduino code capstone precision group llc 4275 n palm st for money sveriges riksbank monetary policy reports ´╗┐Can I welcome the Minister to speak to you. Thank you. Well, thank you very much, Harold. It's great to be here. You know, one of the things about the television industry that's so exciting is that you talk about all the changes and the internet and catch up television and 70 channels - digital channels. But it seems to me that it's all pretty much the same. I mean, I started working at Channel Nine 38 years ago, and you know who my news director was? Peter Meakin. I mean, he's still around. And then it was succeeded by Ian Cook. And Cookie is still around, and it was just - it was incredible. I was a huge disappointment to both Meakin and Cook, because I was covering state parliament and my sign-off was Malcolm Turnbull, National Nine News, and according to my betters and elders, they said, what is this Malcolm Turnbull, pause, National Nine News? It's got to flow. And I worked on it, and I worked on it, and I could never get it right. Anyway, I became ambitious. I became ambitious. I thought covering the state parliament was not enough. Not enough. And I remember, I said to Sam Chisholm at the time and Hamish, you know, there's still hope for me here. I said to Sam Chisholm, Sam, what about I get my own show? Late, late night. What about Turnbull at Ten? Sam thought for a minute and he said, great idea, as long as it's on ten. Now, it's been a big week this week. We've had knights and dames coming back. But I'm sure that all of you here will be very disappointed. Very disappointed that there are not going to be any media barons or media knights any more like there were in the past. The media was full of knights in the old days. You know, there was Sir Frank Packer and Sir Warwick Fairfax and Sir Eric Pearce, and of course, they didn't have the same levels of probity today in Australia. Particularly, you know, 100 years ago in the United Kingdom, one of the most famous press barons of all time was a guy called Alfred Harmsworth, who's founded the Daily Mail and a lot of publications and Lord Rothermere is his great, great, great-nephew, because his brother was the other Harmsworth, Vere Harmsworth. And anyway, Alfred Harmsworth, when he was still a commoner and this incredibly powerful newspaper baron, was approached by one of Lloyd George's political minions, and he said to him, Mr Harmsworth, you're just hammering the government every day in your newspapers. We can't take it any longer. If you would just let up and give us a break, I'm sure the Prime Minister would be prepared to recommend to His Majesty that you become a lord - a member of the House of Lords. And Harmsworth was a very ethical man and he turned to this political greaser and he said, Sir, you disgrace me. When I want a peerage, I'll buy one like an honest man. And of course, you know, people have tried to suggest that the announcement yesterday about the return to knights and dames is going back to the past. Well, it's, I mean, it is - it's not since 1983 that knights and dames have been appointed in the Order of Australia, and as I pointed out yesterday, this should not be seen as a monarchical move. After all, there are many distinguished republics that have knights in their honour system. Guatemala, for example. Peru. Argentina. You know, Brazil. Brazil has a whole series of knighthoods. It's quite common in South America. But of course, France and Italy, and I mean they are two of the most distinguished republics. So anyone that thinks that this is some sort of slap at the Republicans is really misjudging the Prime Minister's commitment to looking after all Australians and bringing us all together. And as far as this taking us back to the past, back to 1983, is it really so long ago? I was having a look at who won the Logies in 1983? TV reporter of the year, Ray Martin. I mean, there you go. Gold Logie, most popular personality, Daryl Somers. Silver Logie, most popular lead actor, Paul Cronin. Silver Logie, most popular lead actress, Rowena Wallace. So, look, it is a... It's an interesting time to see the knights and dames coming back. And it's good to see the broad acceptance of it in the community today. But I just want to say - I just want to say to the media industry, that the Prime Minister is being very clear that there are not going to be any more media knights and media dames, or media barons. You can all be metaphorical barons but the Order of Australia is going to be limited to a very, very select group of people. People who have given extraordinary service and obviously Quentin Bryce and Peter Cosgrove are classic examples and the Prime Minister's shown the way he's going to lead. Now in the television industry, we've seen as I said earlier there's extraordinary development. I think back to the times when I was first involved in it, working for Kerry Packer at Channel Nine. And of course one of my great mentors and friends is Bruce Gyngell. It always - I find it incredibly moving to see that his son David has followed, and followed so successfully in his father's footsteps. Bruce was a very, very true television leader. And of course was very successful both at 7, at Nine, at SBS. He was a founding chief executive at SBS. And of course he was also the chief executive that turned TVAM around in the United Kingdom. So he had an extraordinarily successful career. He told me one thing, that every television executive here would know is absolutely right. He said to be when I was just a boy; I'm not even sure whether David was... if David was around, he would have been a toddler at the time. He said to me Malcolm, one of the things you've got to understand about the television industry is that everybody thinks they're a programmer. Now that is - and you all get that, everyone's got a view about what should be on the news, what should be on Sunday night, and so forth. But the great thing about the technologies and the internet - of course we're going to see what HBB offers just shortly - the great thing about it is that it offers extraordinary choice. You know, free-to-air's great selling proposition to the consumer is that it's free. What you've now got is extraordinary choice. Variety that would have been hitherto unimaginable. And I don't think that there is anywhere in the world where there is a nation where the free-to-air offering is as diverse and rich and competitive - aggressively competitive in many ways - as it is in Australia. And it's a great tribute to all of you in the work that you do. Because as one of the ladies speaking in the reel earlier - these are all Mr Mitchell's granddaughters I think, they tend to be very supportive. But one of the things the young lady made - the point she made - was that essentially this is part of Australia. And you know, we like to think of ourselves as an egalitarian nation and we are a very egalitarian nation. And you know, Jack is as good as his master in Australia. But we're not some kind of communist state where everyone has to wear the same things or earn the same amounts of money. But one of the things that underpins the egalitarian nature of Australia, the fairness of Australia, is the fact that all of this television content is free. It is freely available to anyone that can afford a television or can get access to a television. And that is a remarkable thing, and it's a tribute to all of the policymakers that have preceded us in government. But above all, it's a tribute to you and all of your predecessors in the television industry, some of whom I've mentioned tonight and all of whom I've enjoyed knowing for 38 years, crossing swords with occasionally. But all the time, it's been an exciting ride and I'm delighted to be your minister. And I can't tell you how much I applaud the great work you do. So thank you very much for inviting me here tonight. do my business capstone reflection paper example online CUNY Senior Colleges and Graduate Schools.

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