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Occupational therapy capstone projects online

Occupational therapy capstone projects online do my national exercise program capstone 2016 the old man and the sea symbolism research paper ´╗┐hello we are massive trigger this is seven days to die and this is our recreation of 742 Evergreen Terrace the Simpsons home yeah okay so version 1 there have been some snags but here we go we'll give you a little guided tour it's our kind of door he's kind about proportion there's all proportions kind of going on here that kind of had a few problems probably do it differently if I could start again so let's go inside here we go Simpsons house there's the older cool bird in the hallway and go into y'all and we have the the table with the kitchen behind so we go through here and the fireplace not happy the fireplace haven't really decided what to do about the piano so we got the chairs we've got this little room he are not kind of worked out have to do the TV that is a TV and put some bits and bobs over the top just to make some bear an aerial but there's the Simpsons couch is it three or four can't remember but anyway the lakeside view this is I believe where the stereo is the window outside windows with his windows suck let's have a look outside we have the patio area bit bare at the minute needs us the doghouse it needs the sump it probably a few more trees over there then it's a probably needs a yeah and I sold and treehouse the BART as you can see the tree goes towards Bart's route from the back let's go back into the house shut the door this is a Simpsons kitchen this is probably my favorite room in the house because that looks quite cool probably do with some curtains there you've got sinks you've got the oven you've got the fridge and there we are back into the darling room this was interesting because I don't think I've really ever seen this Simpsons house and I didn't realize it was a tallit there there's a whole nother room here which I don't think I've seen that often we have the garage it's just my campsite area we have the garage thought about putting the bar scene in there but decided against it and then we have steps down into the basement and as you can see the basement is not yet complete complete so house the stairs photos at side hmm picket fence so Cobra Marty's room some reason attract it use these panes of glasses of mirror and they kind of I can't get rid of them there look look what ate what what that's the wall behind so ya know just hit is that oh yeah just hit the wall behind shotgun no anyway there's the the bed chair in the corner they see some I'll come back to that here's the bathroom thought about probably homers scale was in there somewhere this is what I used to represent cupboards who look wonderful and yeah so as we come down the corridor this is Lisa's room and it's they see the proportions there's a lot of room here so you know it needs a bit more work but you know it's the first step may come back to this may trying to v2 we'll see what's this one this is Maggie's room and she'll be thought about there but I've tried numerous things but it didn't seem to work too well for the box-room we go box bag box bed and the tree straight out his window with the amazing cupboard boom just the wall it's Bart's room this room it was on the map the plans that I got and it's just just just rubbish little room I don't know what that's probably covered or something I don't know Lisa and Bart bathroom and we're above the garage since the window above the garage and yes this is my idea for a bath not sure what that's all about to be honest but mmm want of a better idea that was my my bath so that is our first stab at recreating the Simpsons home in seven days to die is the roof is a bit too steep is what I noticed so you know reasonably happy it's okay the car but I'll tell you what why don't we just blow it up because that could be fun so give me a sec to prep we'll blow it up okay we're back and we've prepped the house with lots of gas barrels so I'm hoping this is go Beco so I put barrels everywhere and let's see what happens interesting whoa oh you Muppet oh we've broken the game it's still going let's have a quick look you can get close Wow look at all those boosters to the fireworks oh wow look yeah there we go it's hilarious look you still see barrels inside they haven't gone yet car oh and oh no okay there we go here we go the roofs coming down the roof he's coming down just seem to have her oh there we go a little bit of an aftershock so there you go I was expecting maybe a bigger boom but you know that's three days of hard graft falling falling falling and falling Oh probably looks better now to be honest but des Eaux was that here we go so oh well some bit still standing but we've kind of created a nice little crater so there we go well good job I hear back to / save interesting to see what a zombie horde would be like with this so what I thought I'd do now you see how well the Susan's house fares against zombies zombies so I've 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we've got just not damage a rocket launcher that bad or am i that bad with a rocket launcher hey boys who write that as a thought face right let's get in something else in there's somebody in it already given the look rooms in the Simpsons how to give them the runaround do you begin to get the giving evening you'd be giving feed baby apples and pears they're in right no idea what they're doing have a look zombies are dorm where we go I'm sure there was a few zombies and there's one you nice ever get hauled come on Jack that was a lady as well oh yeah I've got no door stairs see I think this is the purpose of perfect defending look Oh what are you like and wonder if I can navigate up them stairs doo doo doo oh this has got around there look at that oh oh oh look at that for a jump if she comes up the Apple repairs boom reload Thanks easiest fishing two-barrel Thomas is Toby an escape route he could expose scape through there Goemon when there's been the hardest thing to go that's it that's the best escape route Oh zombies worst enemy a wooden fence get the old shotgun out again they're just struggling and he escape route there I think ohms wind is a bit high look I don't need to get out there so let it go you do maybe those tubes got in notice once we sit down in the lamp a lot there they all watch some TV oh hi buddy oops a shot ever get out of my house boys you think you can run the back oh yeah by the way either nobody messes in my house you could wait a long time to find a horde anyhow I'm not sure that Simpsons house prepare that well in a zombie apocalypse but home has already proven once that he's done it in the tree house of horrors so there you go anyway hope you enjoyed the video please like please subscribe for more crazy videos and stuff visit our youtube channel massive trigger bye now capstone fs 50 msds Christie's Education.

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