Objectives In Capstone Project
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Objectives in capstone project

Objectives in capstone project write for me capstone usc columbia sc need someone to make my thesis on medicine due soon ´╗┐hey guys this is AC service tech and today we're going over is the easy troubleshooting of an X 13 this is an ECM blower motor and this one actually has 24 volt signals right here from one through five and this is powered all the time with a hundred twenty volts or other models of power with 240 volts right here so let me first go over what each of the terminals here mean and then we'll get into how to troubleshoot this this right here is the module off the end of the X 13 blower motor and right here is where you have your electrical connections so we're gonna go over these electrical connections it's important to note that this right here is your 24 volt common the rest of these taps up here are for your high-voltage either 120 volts or 240 volts as stated on the rating plate of the X 13 blower motor so this right here is l4 line so if you had 120 volt furnace powering this and this was your 120 volt hot this is your ground G for ground and then n for neutral or common if it was a 240 volts stated on the rating plate then this will be one of your 120 volt hots this will be your other 120 volt hots it's also important to notice that this is always hot with a high voltage anytime that the air handler or the furnace is on now down here each of these are your speed taps and these are programmed at the factory so you have Gentek makes these blower motors and then they're sent to the manufacturers so whether you have it as your core or say Brian or whoever what they're gonna do is they're gonna actually set these speeds for the correct volume of air needed for that model number air handler or furnace so this plug would actually fit right in here like this and here you have where the other end of this plug goes right on a control board and in this case you see that color is always gonna be different but in this case your yellow is a spare your orange is a spare so those taps are not used on here so this is happens to be - and also for then you see that your red is low speed heat your gray is cooling and then your blue is high-speed heat so these are all marked then this you're calm and that's where this would attach - right - that tap right there so these will always be set differently depending on the manufacturer but there is a way to go ahead and test this just to make sure that your blurr motor actually is working and that the problem is not the control board now we're plugged in so our transformer should have power and our 120 volt x13 blower motor should have power we're gonna read our voltages 28 volts there 28 volts there and 122 volts which is correct so now that we know that we have 24 volt power here and that this is going to be our 24 volt hop and that we have 120 volts here our Commons attached we can go ahead and test each of our speed tap terminals so all you're gonna do is you just gonna hold that and after about 2 seconds you should be able to see some movement the other thing is you want to make sure that the blower motor is pushing at a steady speed so if you want to go ahead and keep that tap all in there and just make sure that it's that the blower motor is not ramping up and then ramping down because that would be a signal that the module here is bad it should be able to just maintain a constant air flow we're just gonna go ahead and check each of these speed taps now some of these are programs as shown on our control board right here and some are not some are spares but usually what's going to happen is the motors still going to turn on those it's just they may not be set at a Acura speed in reference to troubleshooting these blower motors the best thing I can tell you to do is to have all of your electrical connections already go ahead and tightened in so in this case it's alligator jumpers it's gonna be a little different when you're in the field and this blower motor is in a furnace cabinet that's very very tight so what I would suggest you do is that you just go ahead and have your alligator clip set up ready to go or your connection there and you're just reading your 24 volt signals at the control board you want to make sure that you don't have your hands near the 120 volts or the 240 volts so you just want to be reading your 24 volt signal just for safety and you don't want to have your hands back in the blower motor area so once all your electrical connections are connected then you can go ahead and turn the power on to your furnace or air handler in order to check to see if the blower motor is gonna go ahead and turn on as long as you know that you're sending 24 volts to this and the motor is not spinning then you can go ahead and move on to the next step so we're gonna go ahead and take this cover off of the module and we're gonna go ahead and test the motor also before you even bother doing any of these tests you should always check your blower motor wheel so you make sure that you have the power off to the furnace of the air handler and you put your hand in the blower wheel area and you make sure that it can actually spin freely that the bearings are not stuck and also that the bearings are not falling apart and there's no rocking in there so now go ahead and take this apart so now that we have the motor apart you see that this connection I should do is when you unscrew these two screws right here you're just going to take it real easy and then just unclip this connector then you're gonna visually inspect the module right here so you make sure that there is no burn marks the capacitors are in good shape typically it's one of these three items that are going to break on this typically unless you end up having accident a water damage come in here but this is all you gonna do on this is just a visual test on here you're gonna do a resistance value test right here if this part is bad then you know that this is still good if this is good then you know that that's bad so what you should have is three matching resistance values right here so you don't put your probes in this end you want to go ahead and make sure that you're putting your probes in the back end you don't want to squish the connectors are actually open the connectors up you see that we're reading 12.2 ohms then you're gonna take the other wire right there about 12 ohms all right 12.1 m so those are matching the other thing that you want to check for is just to make sure that each of these windings are not grounded to the ground frame so you see that we're reading a well which is over-limit or open line and that's what you want you don't want any resistance value with each of these windings if you've got zero point zero or some type of resistance value then that means that these windings and in here have actually melted apart and are touching the ground frame so this motor is good and this is not the problem then your module would definitely be the problem if that were the case if this motor was not turning on if you're looking for the multimeter using the video I have that link down in description below and if you want to help support this HVAC our training channel check out patreon.com/scishow see silverstack where we're rewarding the members there by adding extra content such as articles videos and answering questions the way that patreon works is supporters there are pledging to give a dollar three dollars five dollars and up for new hvdc videos posted to the a/c service tech channel in order to show my appreciation and add extra content there I try to spend extra time answering questions with them I have a bunch of articles written and posted there as well as videos hope you enjoyed yourself we'll see you next time an a/c service tech channel you write for me qld electrical capstone test Hofstra University.

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