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Nursing leadership capstone projects online

Nursing leadership capstone projects online write for me capsim foundation answers round 1 example reference list harvard format ´╗┐okay so we've got a quick diagnosis here for us I just didn't wanted this one to to pass up because it might help somebody out out there in the field or other in a shop or at home or wherever works out now we've got it Oh eight Grand Cherokee here came in the airbag light is on and I'll show you the code that we have it's a code I've diagnosed before and other Chrysler products and I only remember doing this in Chrysler's but our original code was that top one that B it's a B 1 B 0 2 so in the code definition is driver airbag Squibb one circuit open uh so these are a multi-stage multistage airbag so they've got two connectors on them so there's two different two different inflators in the airbag and obviously two two different circuits that run it and it basically allows airbag to deploy at different levels of intensity you can probably do a little bit of research on that and I think they refer to the squib as you know it's just basically the inflator circuit you know this goes to the steering wheel control module and then to the airbag module I believe I depth looking a wiring diagram to be sure so what happens is you know it's a constantly monitored circuit of course it wants to know you know whether or not the airbag circuit is open if it's shorted you know whatever page really close attention that they're very very sensitive you know to you know any little intermittent glitches poor connections anything like that so we can actually read this circuit resistance in the live data and I'll show you your opponent's um all of some data of course as coats for both of them both circuits now obviously because they're both open so we can see here so it shows the data for both you know both driver's airbag circuits 10 ohms is open I believe 3.1 ohms is normal and what we have I probably should have showed you what the airbag plugged in but I didn't think of doing a video on this until I was already started my suspicion is a clock spring it's the most wearable item on an airbag system particularly when you start having problems with drivers airbag drivers airbag modules themselves by experience are pretty reliable circuit wise big time sweepin so what I do to diagnose these is I just simply have a resistance of 2 ohm I believe this one's a 2 ohm resistor and what happens is we'll watch the we'll watch the data here and what I one thing I did notice I should say when airbag was plugged in watching the data stream you know factory airbag plugged in everything's good started up you start turning the steering wheel driver's airbag squib number 2 stayed right at it's fixed resistance you know 3 ohms or three point two or three point one whatever it was you just turn the steering wheel it never moved you know just banging on the steering wheel tweak twist you know knock it it never moved the one we had to code for though the driver's airbag Squibb number one as you drove to the wheel it get a little glitchy to go from like you know three ohms 3.1 to like 4.7 then I go to like eight and then it would trip the light on then you turn a little bit and then it would go to you know seven and three then the light would go out and then you diddle with it for the weather you couldn't get a light to come back on so there's always that question is it a bad connection at the airbag or is there an issue in this clock spring so the easiest thing to do is eliminate the airbag and put a resistor in place of it so I'll demonstrate that here I'll put the resistor in so much which one I've got that's good one so we'll demonstrate this on a good system first we'll go right on squib - okay I'll show you guys your started so we can see on drivers Squibb number two we're at 3.30 s I've just got the resistor stuck in the connector so I'm going to take and just rotate the steering wheel and that should stay nice and steady a luncheon tired sister doesn't fall out but that's all we would expect to see cause this clock spring it's rotating is that right there all right so then we'll switch it over to squib number one that's stuck in there we can see right now it's at 3.8 ohms as we rotate the wheel so we can see that our resistance change right there kind of rotate the wheel back this kind of bounced around that kind of neuter spa there's an open so then we can see though if we hold still the resistance reading will stay steady you know we can wiggle the wires going into the column and it stays steady just by moving those sort of highly highly likely at this point the problem lies in the clock spring as you guys can see how that works just using a resistor you know watching the scan data you know turning the steering wheel seeing that the one Squibb circuit the one that was good remains good and the one that was suspect bad you know we you always have to be suspicious you know when I'm turning the wheel and whipped it all over the airbag is it the airbag is it you know is it this connection here you know you know what's the what's the problem and that is always the problem trying to figure out which ones which so that's how we do it now you can look at that back and I'll show you guys what the actual airbag look like kind of working backwards here what's it going to say the way to know for sure if it's a clock spring hundred percent certain at this point would be too you know unhook the other half of the clock spring you know on the straight section wire before it gets to the student control module you know going there with an ohmmeter with the resistor in place turn it but realistically being that work turning it and getting a you know getting our wacky reading I orally believe that it's in the clock spring if in the event that we were the steering wheel with stationary and our own readings were all up and down and all over the place we would search us out further but experience tells me we're in the clock spring so here we are this is the airbag reading I'm turning the steering wheel we can see if the resistance gets down low enough down to its you know desired range actually everybody I can go out but you can see currently they're back like time but we can see what it's what's got going on there so that's that it goes almost open-circuit so hopefully you guys learned a little bit of something there I know it's a short diagnosis where's my seat going automatic seats but a lot of people are pretty intimidated or scared of airbags you know under part of diagnosed you know how we know it's a bad connector we can't we certainly can't throw an ohmmeter on the backside of this circuit and you know check the whole airbag in the loop so the only thing we can really do is eliminate it add your own resistor and check it that way so that's it gonna give this guy an estimate gonna call see if he wants to fix it if he does I'll record the fix and I'll show you will verify the repair of course as we normally do if I'm wrong I'll eat it I'm pretty certain we're right this vehicle needs a new clock string so with that being said Google+ Facebook subscribe to our channel if you haven't done that if you want to stay up to date with our videos we roll out of here and sometimes these short little tidbits to help you diagnose your own vehicles or help you in the shop on stuff like that so make sure you subscribe and stay up to date and there's forever Brewers if I can do it you can do it thanks for watching research capstone syllabus for money DeVry University.

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