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Nursing capstone projects prezi order

Nursing capstone projects prezi order write for me capstone exercise 2018 chapter 5 problem solving in secondary school mathematics ´╗┐oh hey there today I'm going to talk about this pen bill sent me this pen and he said it's kind of like the pilot bluemix and it is and I thought these were the same pens but they were not in a future video I'll do a shootout between the two the bluemix I have is a demonstrator so it's clear and it has a sort of a bulge there so it's not exactly the same pen the two look alike these are fairly inexpensive pens made to be ergonomic in some way and I'll come back to that but you have a very typical grip section there they're fairly long and tapered and making them look a little bit like like desk pans or old-style dip pens and I think this is a pretty fascinating pen thanks bill for sending this to me I'll talk about the pass the pen I'll tell you what I like about it what I don't like about it and I'll do a watching something that's out of the cap like the bloomix this one has a very peculiar cap it's very small this looks like a rocket with those strange red things they don't first I thought you'd actually compress those to pull the cap off or something no it doesn't do anything it's just hard plastic and it's red and on a black cap it is a screw-on cap which is somewhat odd with a pen like this and it's it's really small the most ridiculous thing is that you can actually post this as if that would add anything but I mean okay they thought about it it's possible if you want to do it correct my issue with that now I'll come back to that later let's first talk about the parts and Bill was kind enough to get me an extra fine nib coil he knows how I hate fine nib so he just I I cut the strong thing he did that on purpose now and that is just fine because this is pretty much the only extra find nearby own that I had to try that out at some point it is extra fine it is Japanese so in Western standards you might call this extra extra fine I will well I guess I would say this is needlepoint gives you a very very heavy fine hairline still lib a nice feed interesting thing about this divin feed is that it's interchangeable with the blue mix the pre around the the 78g yeah 7dg and so you can switch around a bunch of these cheaper pilot pens you just throw around your nibs and fees and that's why I said there's an extra fine name because I already have a broad I have a medium I have a fine so bill may just actually have thought about that quite a bit more than I gave him credit for so very cool and nice we have the section the section has this extremely odd shape it's it's really like almost crescent shape there I would say that's the the the bottom end Sonia and the underside of the feed then you have two facets there which I'm sure you can see in the reflections and together you just sort of put your middle finger under that in that that Crescent and then you have your index finger and thumb to hold the pen and this is not for everyone I'm sure and but I think it's actually pretty nice as you can see the pen is a very decent size it's it's pleasant to use it's really ergonomic I like that and unscrew the barrel just going to hold that up to the light well I really think the barrel is completely closed off so that gives us an interesting idea for an eyedropper I could not do that with the the blue mix because that had a little hole in the back and this seems like it's actually closed off so I will try that let you know the shootout and this is a cartridge came with the pen you could also stick in a pilot converter if you like and it doesn't come with a pen and that's pretty much all this to it so long barrel anything interesting to see there well this is just all black plastic and you have three ribs there at the end of the barrel for those who care about that the nib just says pilot super quality Japan extra fine and that's pretty much all this to it there's not a whole lot more - these pens look typical with those weird caps a little futuristic nothing wrong with that I guess it's a fascinating little pen okay what do I like about it or do I not like about it well the grip for me the grip is nice you know I have large hands even so I think this is very comfortable to hold the nib well it's extra fine it's it gives quite a bit of feedback because of that I think that was almost unavoidable but it's it does perform it does work well one thing I don't really like and already mention that in my review of the bluemix is that silly little cap I mean it's kind of odd the problem is I grab a pen I just usually grab it about this point and I uncap it I take another pen I grab it at that point I uncap it this is the way I on cap pens I do the same with this pen and I end up with a barrel and a section in my hand because that's not the way you uncap at you and cabin by holding it all the way up there and pulling off that's actually twisting off that cap so for me that's not ideal just a minor gripe maybe you Joe maybe it's not an issue for you I'm not sure try it out in expensive pens funny pens the medium nib on this is fairly italic which is nice food they like to do calligraphy so funny pens to fool around with I think the best thing can be will show your writing sample so bill thanks again it's nice to you send me this is a Christmas gift and I hope this was useful and I'll see you later bye-bye okay let's have a look at the freaking pilot penmanship pilot Oh doesn't it right in extra-fine how I love extra five nibs you know I never talk about broad nibs always about fine but then I would be lying the ink is just a proprietary pilot cartridge that came with the pen and I've just squeezed some ink into the feed I'll listen to the sound and then listen to this sound that's the difference but in all honesty the pen I'm not sure whether this is actually scratching because it's extra fine it's likely to give you feedback not a lot of tipping material at the tips of the nib and it does what it's supposed to do it's supposed to be extra fine it's the Japanese newbie usually those are were size smaller when compared to Western ipso extra fine in Japan will be extra extra fine in the West and I can tell you one thing this is fine and so better writing really fine lines fast writing well the thing keeps up I mean the nib doesn't skip there's no no oddities so that the the feed keeps up well with within the pace of the writing and there's quite some ink on the feed by the way because I just squeeze some in there that's that's interesting what about flex well there's being an extra fine nib I think the Flex looks extra pronounced which is kind of nice that that for me that's a redeeming quality in such fine nib that you really notice the added flexibility it's not a flexible nib at all it's steel and it doesn't really give but at least with some pressure it opens up little gives you nice a wider line and then that contrasts well with the regular writing so that's cool what about wetness well this Penda strike me as being particularly wet now you see that that's not even Pat Ravine if you compare that to something like this this is the Platinum death pen which also has a very fine nib but you see the ink is much more saturated and the patch of ink is is much more even now wide bits in between it now of course this might well be the ink as I said this is a proprietary cartridge maybe it just does this it's a little dry ink I don't know I've never used that ink so I'll try that out maybe with a converter or something and I'm going to do a shootout between this pen and the blue mix obviously and I'll try to put convert them both and use the same wedgie in Knebel see you have to wait for the bit for that the end I hope this was useful and I'll see you later my life capstone logistics woodburn indiana for money Binghamton University.

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