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Nursing capstone paper ideas online

Nursing capstone paper ideas online login to onedrive on android for money american values and assumptions essay checker [Music] for credit to Kentucky like I told you guys on Monday Monday or Tuesday whenever we had that presser last time is they play really really hard Matthew's done a great great job with this team of his and you know it it's a full credit to them on getting the win but the end of the day it's it's it's who we are right now we don't get stops and just told the team after the game that we had 24 cysts on 26 May we shot 44 percent from the field 45 percent from the free-throw line you know you went to the line you made nine of 13 which is not bad offensive production and what we're doing offensively and all that is working you go back to the Alabama game you go back to all these games where we're scoring points we don't get stops and that's what's got to change we've got to start getting stops we got to start making the plays and getting stops when we need to get stops and instead of fouling people put them on the free-throw line instead of just letting letting them in the first half shoot 67 or 70 percent from the field that's that's on us and our defensive intensity and our attention to detail defensively and that's got to change if we're going to make any kind of push over the next week or it seasons gonna be over we've changed it we've played two three zone we played a one to two zone we played a one to two trap we played man-to-man we played pack line we played pressure we've tried everything and eventually it's got to come down to that that we've got to pay attention to every little detail and we're not going to stop working on it we're that's something that we work on we work on defense probably 85 to 90% of every practice and because we're just not equipped yet in terms of mentally to get stops and we're pushing them every day to get those stops but until we get them it's just going to you know these results happen you score 71 points in a league game you should win the game at home if you get stops shoot 10 of 22 from the three shall win the game if you get stops we don't get stops we kind of do we want to make those runs you know we scored the ball I mean we the second quarter we go 25 they go 25 13 again that results back to us getting stops and you know they go 9 of 11 in the second quarter and several those were uncontested I talked to them and a half time I say yeah we're backing up and letting shooters shoot we're playing a shooter as a driver I mean in a scouting report that we worked on for two days that we talked about for two days is that kids gonna shoot it that kid's gonna drive it you know you know the difference in the kids but when we get in a game and it's like we forget every bit of it and you know and so at halftime you have to remind them third quarter we were better fourth quarter better but if you got get outscored 25 13 and a quarter you know we are off in st. the problem a lot of times people like all our offensive woes and this court you didn't score as much look we're scoring 60 Plus 70 plus points in games in Sec play you're sure you should win the game but we've got it we've got to get stops and but as a staff as a head coach I take full responsibility that that you know I'm we're working on an 80 to 90 percent of practice and maybe we've got to start working on a hundred percent and but we're gonna keep working on it and just not give in and maybe we'll get a stop it on Sunday and that's that's the plan but and it's not just one like we'll get two people playing hard defensively and three kind of taking that play off well that exposes us sometimes we get four going at it pretty hard and you'll get one taking a play well that one gives it gives up something and you know those are the things that we're working on that hey look you know we you know it's just simple defensive fundamentals that we've got to be better at has it been the season that we won't a half I mean I'm not gonna sit here and say it's been a terrific season and everything's great we've got to be better we've had a lot of injuries we've had a lot of things like that but that's no excuse we got to play and we you know our mindset is going into it is we're gonna make a run in the tournament we're not gonna quit we're gonna keep playing and I'm proud of our players for that they've continued to play but we've got to make a constant emphasis we got to continue to emphasize getting stops defensively and until we become a team that gets stops and it's a new thing for me because that's usually where my teams are really good is on the deep of n where this team has not been and that's something that it's kind of puzzling and so we've tried a lot of things we're gonna go back to the drawing board tomorrow try something else and we're just gonna keep trying thanks to maybe something fixed if something sticks for a game or two and then it has every now and then but he goes all the way back to non-conference we're giving up 90 points to troll where we're giving up 70 something South Alabama so it's not just a thing that started now it's something we've been working on for the whole year that we've got to be better defensively and we're continue to work on it's really tough I'll be honest we when you're not winning it's tough it's tough on everybody it's tough on top it's frustrating for our players it's frustrating for our coaches it's frustrating for our fans it's frustrating for everybody because that's not what we're about you know and there's notes I'm not a coach that's gonna sit up here and say oh I get this all the time for people if you had says some well I know if we had says but we don't we don't there's no excuse for it we've got to be better in our team I tell them that too we got a hold each other we got to hold ourselves accountable each one of us individually for this and we got to make sure it never happens again and you know it's very frustrating I'll be honest we extremely frustrating for all parties for our fans for our players and our coaches and that's the one thing I'll say is our coaches and players are frustrated but we're not quitting and we're gonna keep going and we're gonna try to figure this thing out we were gonna have some struggles but you know we've lost some games late in games we've had some we've had a lot of adversity you know you know I talked about her and I'll tell you about her totem people out there she's our best often it's one of our top two offensive players one of our if not our best defensive players she's the best rebounder on our team she's our senior leader and she's our closer and so you're tight you go back to an Arkansas one-point loss or an Alabama or or Florida at Florida go back to those games that's your closer you know you know that season totally looks a hundred percent different if you're closers in there it's like the Yankees in Rivera Rivera is that was his name Mario Mariano Rivera whatever if he don't come out of the bullpen and all those World Series is my Braves have went a lot more World Series but he comes out and shut us down and that's what your closer is and that's what sessom is for us she's our closer and so you know it's it's it's it's tough but you got to get back on the horse tomorrow ride again and look we're representing Ole Miss and these kids are gonna work hard continue to represent Ole Miss and and I love every single one of them dearly and I think that at some point something specials gonna happen to this team I know it is and it may be Sunday it may be next Wednesday but there's gonna be something special happening this team and they're gonna grow from this and get better from it and be a better basketball team and better basketball players as we move forward write for me capstone insurance llc newton ma Cornell NYC Tech.

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