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Notes on emotional intelligence daniel goleman order

Notes on emotional intelligence daniel goleman order do my enterprise risk management requirements animal abuse essay papers on adoption ´╗┐good morning everybody I thought I would do it like a little get ready with me because I did say I was gonna do one and I have to get ready right now so I was like why not film it we're just gonna do it my everyday makeup look just like a little natural you know the typical Kelsey bronzy glowy skin I'm gonna show you guys my favorite products we'll get ready together first I'm gonna start off with skin care I'm gonna start off with under-eye cream because my under eyes are really dry I just kind of put that on with my ring finger blend it all in it's really good at deep puffing in the morning so that's nice I'm gonna use this today just try use something new this is the Josie Maran whipped argan oil face butter ultra hydrating love those two words together I know they say like technically it's not good to like keep changing your skincare products um well I honestly I just have so many that I like trying new things you know so I always like to moisturize my lips especially during the winter because my lips get really really chapped the foundation I'm going to be using the Becca the aqua luminous perfecting foundation I just got a new one this one is in the shade tan and this one's for when I have like my fresh fake tan so I don't match right it looks a little dark where's that one better I don't know we can try this is one shade lighter this is in beige let's see oh wow that looks really dark oh my god that looks way too good oh yeah mm-hmm definitely my color honestly to be completely honest it's not that bad let's just try a worst-case scenario we can wipe it off this is my normal color this is in the shade beige and I'll normally notice like right when I put it on its my shade and then as the day goes by it gets lighter and then I'll know why is my face so light compared to the rest of my body so this was running out anyway so I was like oh I'll just go get a new one and I'll get it one shade darker this doesn't look that bad now that I've blended it out actually for concealer I'm using the hourglass this is their hidden concealer in the shade warm I'm just gonna put that right on underneath it's very creamy like super it just glides right on and blender it out I'm just gonna blend this out my ring thing now I'm just move straight on to eyebrows I use three products for my eyebrows today I'm gonna use the honest Sacha Beverly Hills the brow is and then I used the Mac clear Sutter brow gel and then also the YSL Couture brow tinted brow gel I basically just brushed through with the clear brow gel and I like to brush my hairs up and out so it's like that messy like super natural look plus it just makes your brows look a little bit thicker I do the same exact thing with the tinted brow gel this just like sort of fills it in a little bit without giving too much definition know I always have one good brow this 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probably doing my mascara takes me a good 20 minutes okay so here's the lash look I thought I'd show you um as you can tell now I'm going to take this pointed like sort of pencil brush just sort of sweep it under my lash line I just kind of think it adds some intensity to the eye and it definitely makes your lashes like look thicker and more bold I guess like it's just a little touch but I really like doing that and then for my lip color I'm gonna be using the Dior lip Maximizer and this is in the shade zero zero sex I really like this one it's just sort of like a clear gloss and then of course some rose water oh my god it's so cold there we go okay I'm gonna do my hair now umm so what I'm gonna do for my hair I think I'm gonna go grab like my little mini curler actually might have it back here and just add a couple little curls in here just to make it look like a more uniform hair this is what I'm gonna use it's like this really small barrel we're just gonna add a couple punches 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bad just my everyday makeup pretty much the same nothing too in-depth or crazy but I like it so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this get ready with me if you did it give it a thumbs up if you want like a more professional and in-depth like either another get ready with me or like an everyday makeup tutorial or like an everyday hair tutorial um but I hope you guys enjoyed make sure to comment down below check out all my links in the description also don't forget to subscribe to my channel I love you guys so much and I'll see you in my next video write for me bus 599 assignment 4 capstone project Hilbert College, Hamburg.

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