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Mpa capstone john jay

Mpa capstone john jay capstone construction nz for money dr eva dharmawangsa review of literature ´╗┐hello again everybody and welcome to inside Wildcat Country the TV show that's entirely about University of New Hampshire athletics i'm your host Mike Murphy glad to be with you today because we have a lot to talk about October a very busy month on campus well of all the highlights of all of our various sports teams including the colonial clash football game from Gillette Stadium will have a unique perspective of that talk about unique here at UNH in the fall to nationally ranked teams a father-daughter combination that happened to be involved with both so that's something you don't want to miss we're going to start off with the track and field team here at UNH more specifically the head coach of the men's team Jim Bollinger we're standing right here at the Reggie Atkins track facility a facility very familiar to the man known as coach be around this campus he's been here for more than three decades and as you learn from people who know him most not only is he a great coach and motivator he's probably the most popular guy in the field house let's learn more about Jim Bollinger coach be you inst on my 29 Peter plus who he is volunteer coaching coach Copeland so let's call it 33 and you know you can say 40 count my scoot my being a student so been here a long time let's say that when I first started I couldn't get a big school you know now it's a vision one it couldn't get a class out kid to look at us but everybody knew me in the small school divisions and stuff like that so our first championship were really one with our captains were from Guilford and winnisquam and they were both triple jumpers he's tuned in to the New Hampshire seen as far as tracker feeling fires all sports and for like you said for a state university that at its core is supposed to be serving the people of New Hampshire he's certainly done that over his career he has done an amazing job with those in state kits and that's who he is he's a New Hampshire guy he's in New Hampshire graduate he's a high school went to high school Dover High and he sees these kids in the same light as who he is and he's able to really been able to build a great program in the backbone of the program has been to New Hampshire student athlete sometimes people have said to me I should have more of an elite attitude towards coaching and go with the really good kids that doesn't make me a great coach or great teacher you can just walk around this campus and and look at it look at a student and know this student could be a shop order that student could be a high jumper this kid could be a sprinter you know and so one of my favorite stores bunch of Landers one of my best friends mark brenner it didn't really you know compete in any track events in high school as a hockey player and a soccer player but he's about 62 he's a good size guy and he walked into Coach Beiste office and said you know I'm here you know he wasn't recruited out of high school because he hadn't really done anything in high school as far as track and field goes he was a good hockey player and coach be looked at him and said ok you're 62 big muscular guy and yet you're a hockey player so you're agile you should be a hammer thrower you've never picked up a hammer before in his life and he wound up an all-conference athlete you know that's coach coaches ability to identify it see it immediately and then knows the steps to get somebody from A to B from never having picked up the implement before to being an all-conference thrower i would say his coaching style is on best put old school he has a lot of a lot of technique and a lot of drill that is in his in his brain that he's learned over the years and he has a lot of unorthodox ways of getting it out of you you know a lot of times with the ham returns we'll have people do turns white trash cans hold them in their hands and stuff he's incredibly knowledgeable but he doesn't bog you down by getting overly technical when it's time when he's got you in a place where he can really get into the technique of what you're doing then he'll sit there and do that with you but but the thing that he does best of all is just develop that relationship with you so that to the point that you don't even realize you're being coached he is the funniest person that I know he uses humor to defuse very stressful situations that can be times when we're just really stressed out at a meet or it's a close challenging me and he just will crack a joke and he everybody will relax and and and then it just seems easy you know his day his day is different from anybody else's no he's uh he's got so many different athletes to work with you know it's only different positions and I think his personality is demeanor you know how he has to be on an even keel an awful lot really helps his relationships not only with his kids but more important with the other coaches around here it makes everybody feel better oh it's definitely a funny guy i loves telling jokes you know poking fun heeya probably one of the moments that stands out most as we went out to dinner before penn relays which is you know one largest truck meets in the world this is titled the US vs the world and you know the night before when we should have all our nerves and stuff like that we're out getting food and he's talking about how good the food is and you know just talking about how you went to this restaurant 20 years ago and you know it's still talking to all the waitresses like he was a regular there so that was that was a lot of fun that was probably something that I'm always cherrywood me randy hall the best distance running for myself to have worked with randy said i never took anything seriously i do the in the in the spur of the moment the in the middle of the fight i expect you to give it all you got the thing i found about winning and losing is the adrenaline is the same if you win you get a very nice high and if you lose the adrenaline I so you've got to make a decision that if you Kim and come in second the Sun is going to shine the next day because they're a lot more things important than life than just winning or losing a race and so I tend to make light of it not all of it because I'll go I'll go back and think about many things or what could have gone right or maybe I missed something when they were training but it's it's a situation where you take each day as it comes and then you go with it coach B is an amazing coach across the board but really he's an incredible throws coach the throws group for my entirety of my college career has been a really tight-knit group and we've always had a lot of nationally ranked throwers on the team he's really passionate about throwing and that kind of gets you excited to throw it knowing that he loves it just as much as you do and knowing that he wants to see you succeed as much as you want to succeed that's an event area that there aren't a lot of throws coaches so if a male or a female athlete can see them in selves improving then they get excited so now they'll go to the weight room they'll spend a lot of time in the weight room which is going to help them his offices is a focal point I think of the building everybody knows he's there and and everybody knows he's ready to talk and joke around with you and it's like I said he puts his athletes at ease but he just puts everybody it is you just walk in the building you feel good knowing that Jim Blazers in the office it's been fun hopefully journey last another seven or eight years fans November is making a difference month in Wildcat Country help the cats make a difference with the annual wild cat food drive make a canned food donation and receive a discounted ticket rate at the following events all donations go to benefit the New Hampshire Food Bank for more information visit UNH wildcats calm capstone energy omaha for money Wagner College.

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