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the color doesn't get absorbed very well on this part she's not your fault captain Jose just you know if I said actually he also insisted to do another die but then we didn't have time so that's how I want I mean introduce this place or is it going with us today so yeah and we also want to tell show you guys some new salon now we have been going like Romeo Beauty house and the Overmars literally and again there was your care song we moved our location to nearby cafe comments to them a chili sauce at the waist exist exist station yet you should assures on her to our work so culture and nature [Music] places you because this place is humongous Wow [Music] [Music] the color comes out a patient wanted orangish red Finkle cost and the she's so cute pistachio [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] right now the hairdresser is taking a photo of kujan and she seems so awkward right now 14 clean but there is where we got get so cute but no lose Sophie man so guys we're at the DDP right now do you guys remember we went to heaven on top of a house located at cheapo airport so they have another heaven on top in GDP so we're gonna head there and check it out we just finished by a bunch of ferrets for TOI kpop Casa it took like we're our to get these stuff but we finish any so unique endanger right now but oh wait this is DVD guys this is where all the Seoul Fashion Week is happening move your hair so before we're going to cafe we're gonna cook yourself at the jeah shop pick up some nice snacks little bar that says they don't put any sure here is all like nuts and stuff I didn't eat any food okay guys we're up to heaven on top it's so colorful Marian's left out of the game lately we need a Duerson good to have a little party [Music] as our seed they actually have like a ping-pong or the ping-pong station here who is just you clean it for risk available that was a lamest ping-pong we ever done yeah just just put it back but anyway here goes the presentation PNP under here T stands for top H stands for you look pretty it's like where should I throw my god but looks really good but I feel I'm ready too me it's good right my toe is ice I know that the hairdresser she parted my hair like that way but I look better with my hat part because this part I kind of look like bitch right I like sister would like this I don't like my sister with this because if my sisters like this I don't know why but I just wanna snap her like slack that's the matrix into my prepared right here like this let's have a play guys do you guys like my hair like this or how did he do it like this my cute little sister I don't look cute like this one stitch she's over here happy now good by the way guys we already ate all the five cookies that sage gave it to us and I want more it was really good my last bite is always big so you got so many like great comments on our Korean speaking boat right so we're different thinking of doing it like once every month since a lot of you kids really enjoyed that one a lot of our tutors say we sound completely different when we speak Korean and English and I don't think so I'm glad that you guys enjoyed it okay guys so today my experience at cultural nature has been one of the most high-quality and professional experience that I've ever got in Korea in terms of salon as you guys can already see is sooo smooth like I said I have never bleached my hair before it's like baby here is poo Sookie it's been so long my head this is a lair today I mean it's just today I don't know I hope it's not bad but the guy who took care of my hair his name is mr. min at first he was he said like we might not be able to create a one tone hair color because my hair already so damaged but look at this I have a one tone hair color I always had like dark hair there and a light hair here or like patch the color all over but it's been a really long and a rule of how it turned out it's like ginger the exact color that I wanted bottom - my whole experience a cultural nature today was perfect it was really good the way how she opened that being right who showed me that this has not been used and it's like a new one there are so many people but there were so many people and oh yeah when I was washing my hair there was this guy sitting right beside me he was actually one of the contestant I showed me the money in Korea which is like a rap battle entertainment show in Korea oh yeah his name was no door kept the whole issue I said no they still of companion Ariane but I mean I'm happy we're out there so if you guys are interesting culture nature we'll put all the detail in the description box below so make sure to check out Thank You mr. Lee we're a bigger culture nature in key culture in nature hi everyone are you K just like every girl celebrity crew I'm never gonna wash my hair this Korean brand called a group Stacy knows these products let's first we thought this was a minister no it's actually a liquid glitter shadow when you open it it kind of looks like lipstick so after you apply these kind of Twitter as a lipstick I thought this is lipstick but it's not it's a glitter eyeshadow it's just this crazy connection I can't look at this guy's look how glitter and pigmented it is Lam Brown have you ever heard of this brand eaglets no is it good for eclipse who is that goal wow there's good pigmented this one's called love twinkle just paying this one dry rose color there we go hot super it was really pretty this one is number six and plum and shine darker wine color and a little coral color to it but this car is so pretty remember try the brown and this module with your fingers Wow hey we're going is easy to Blinn yeah as long as you do it fast I'm gonna try this number five love Twinkie Wow all of it would ya I like how it's very subtle although it's a glitter look how pretty these are it's like totally unique corner I shadow this is like perfect for like Christmas holiday collection busy Thank You Nicholas for these amazing products Hardware jacket is that the sister charge the battery eyes I think we should end this vlog right now because there's like zero batteries this is gonna dice okay okay so guys we hope you guys enjoyed this draw see you guys tomorrow [Music] research topics for information technology management Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

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