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Microsoft office 2019 capstone project 2 for money

Microsoft office 2019 capstone project 2 for money do my capstone logistics jobs in reno nv ruslan salakhutdinov thesis topics ´╗┐we'll be able to compare this allegory let's say on three one two three Laurie - Tecna teach you all about so you all have been reading specific genres in your book once you've been reading historical fiction some of you if you've been reading Daniels story or Jigga's recipe you've been reading historical fiction if you've been reading night you've been reading them now more a true story from a person who survived the Holocaust today I'm going to teach you about a type of story called out Laurie so an allegory and actually let's turn to page two in our notes - there's no space to take notes about what our weapons issue and our Laurie is and maybe the first one to really last thank you so an allegory like Alexa sediments a Walmart why this is jean room writing where characters or events represent other ideas or concepts take notes about this in your assignment so I was just talking to Tyler about a movie that she's seen that reminds her an allegory and an allegory is like a long metaphor where characters where events are explained by comparing them to something else so I know a lot of you have a tough everlasting last year as you probably remember the really long metaphor with like the river it's been a while forever lasting for me but the river represents like the movement of light through the years so allegory is like a long type of metaphor where characters are events are meant to teach us about something else so there are some famous examples some people think that Harry Potter visit allegory for the story of Jesus because Harry Potter has like sacrifice himself to defeat evil so some people think that and that Harry Potter is like an allegory for the story of Jesus I see a space train examples down let's do that Jenny's listening or something in her pepto you'll have permission to be talking you can put our on for each as well thank you for handling it correctly another example allegory is a something that some people think is moving avatar how many of you've seen that reason here okay so how some people believe that avatar is an allegory for like white settlers in Native American links if you remember the story of Avatar you know it's about human to travel to another planet and on that planet everything is on the pond is very healthy no pollution this is a perfect world but then what happens when art when the humans are Rocketman destruction chain yeah so the environment where they live is just is destroyed or they attempt to destroy it and so some people think that avatars like an allegory for with the lands belonging to Native Americans were destroyed by white settlers so I was I actually we're going to kind of take a step back now you can put your writing utensil down in public columns that you can listen singing in sunburned face okay so I was talking for into a perfect better response between you might notice we use responsible deep handsome girls so I was talking with my friends about the movie Toy Story I'm sure a lot of you have seen that movie and she said to me that she thinks Toy Story 3 is like an allegory for the Holocaust and at first I thought she was crazy because like a kids movie it's kind of it's like funny and it's it's she's saying it's an allegory for this really serious thing when I started to think about it I thought she might be right and I still don't know is the people who made to extort three intended for it to be an allegory for the Holocaust but now that I'm thinking about it I think she might be right so I'm going to show you some parts of Toy Story 3 and I want you to think about now that you have so much knowledge about the Halle couple what was going on I want you to think about what could how could what you see in allegory for such a terrible thing okay alright so we are going to see some Webster into a story and you have room to write about what your scheme so I want you to track down to the bottom page to look down at it so on one column and you're gonna we're gonna watch about five really short parts of the movie and you're gonna write some things that you're seeing from the movie and how you think that could be an allegory of ball metaphor for the office so we'll have time to talk about it if you're not sure what I mean yes before you get to see the other clip so we'll have time to share and think about it together Cameron yeah that's for eyes and your first column just what was happening in this part right down what was happening and then this is not the most obvious part of the Oliver to me but I want to see what you think so does anyone have an idea of how this could relate to all of God some some folks do of how this could relate to what we've been meeting really do you think let's track Rita unless you're writing finished quickly and then look at her yeah three other beautiful right time facts on South Korea that was very smart Shane oh just what Andy he is all full and Ola life the numbers like starting over called into Seoul like so Shane is saying that like a Bua strikes like move on for his new light in a new life just like we know that Germany was trying to recover from over one very good sheep just like the toys here we're doing they were talking about what they could do how they could survive very very vision assessment on great five other different what I was really smart thinking okay I'm going to show you another one while you finish writing up writing so on the right hand side of your chart you can write down some of the things you heard or something it's something else that you're thinking how could what you saw here be an allegory for the Holocaust so we're gonna give you about one more minute to write and then we're going to watch another part Stanford it sounds really good here can you all write down with a response will be on your pet note if you are working on the second part of your child can respond so find your phone and you have sir Jetstar now it's write about what you saw right now these offers I'm sure a lot of you are thinking about how this relates to what you've been reading first let's Dasia yep write down what you're thinking first okay good shipping on your nose you're ready to share okay let's hear from DJ cohesion but we got money I say in the movie however unfortunately connected to the yeah so let's think about what happened the toys got sent away from their home to this place where they can treated really badly sound familiar good devised a father-son Betsy what do you think Bo Tong fo are I love that you're showing me you're listening don't talk that's how I got like the bear like he was staring around that's what we touch that they too tight - yeah and he would do the better hand yeah so you actually I'm going to show you something a little bit like that ah good name what do you think um I think that I'm like when you read us a sample story yesterday about the girl like how she was she was in a judo but she had to be sent for adoption like the camp like the other day care who was like there was being treated like very nicely reminds me of the German people who didn't get treated badly and then the you know tragic day care like the really messy one kind of reminds me of the Jews how about thank you okay I want you to some of you started reading already that's fine I want you to tell the person next to you what this makes you think of based on your reading from the haha go ahead kids microsoft office 2018 capstone project 2 for money Lehman College, The Bronx.

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