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Meaning of business capstone order

Meaning of business capstone order do my ashland mo newspaper anja mensching dissertation abstracts ´╗┐hi this is Carrie Clark from speech and language kids comm I'm going to spend the next five to six minutes showing you how to help a child say that and the sounds by themselves the approach that I'm going to show you is considered an articulation approach that means that you would start by teaching the child to say the sound by itself or good and then you have moved two syllables like koku after that you would work on single words like cup cat call and then phrases my cup the cat call me after that you work on sentences I see the cat and then move on to conversational speech the most important part of this whole process is getting that first step showing you the child how to say the or the gut sounds by themselves this is where I see most people get stuck keep watching to learn some tricks on how you can teach the and the good sounds in isolation trick one open your mouth the first thing you want to do is ask the child to repeat the and gut sounds after you if the child can already imitate one of those sounds you'll want to go ahead and move on with that one if not tell your child that you're going to say the sounds again but you're going to try to do it with your mouth very wide open it'll sound like this okay we're going to say our sound but we got to open real wide watch me see if your child can imitate it that way if not try the gut sounds okay let's try the good sound open real wide but what this does is it forces the tongue back to the back of the mouth if one of those works for you for the child then you'll want to go ahead and move on with that sound if not you'll move on to the next trick trick to use visual cues the next trick you will try will teach the child to put the to his tongue all the way back to the back of his mouth for the can the go sound explained to the child but he'll need to put his tongue way back to the back show them where the back is by pointing to your jaw bone or down to your throat then say the sound again while putting your hand near your throat so that he has the visual cue of putting the tongue back to the back when I do this I like to use the ASL hand signs so I'll use a C for the sound and I'll use a G for the gun sounds go ahead and imitate those for your child and have him imitate them back say okay let me hear get your tongue way back here or if the child is able to do one of those sounds with the visual cues you want to go ahead and move on with that sound if not try the next cue trick three push down the tongue if the child is still struggling to psych gorga and is sankt or do instead he may need a little help holding the tip of his tongue down tell the child that you're going to say the sound again but this time you're going to push down the tip of your tongue to hold it down so that the back will do the work you'll sound like this okay we're going to say our sound again but we got to hold down our tongue see the tip there's the tip right there let's hold it down or you can do the same with the have the child use his own finger to push his tongue down for this the child is able to do that for one of the sounds you can go ahead and move forward if not you may need to help him hold down his tongue for him obviously I don't recommend sticking your finger in the child's mouth so what I would use is a dum-dum or a popsicle stick the dum-dum is a little more fun so what you're going to do is you're going to take the pups you're going to take the dum-dum or the popsicle stick and you're going to gently push down the tip of the tongue right there and hold it in place while the child imitates you sink or gut it's going to look like this okay so imagine that you're putting this in the child's mouth instead of me putting in my own mouth so you're going to start with the popsicle stick or the or the dum-dum and say okay we're going to say our sounds but I'm going to hold down your tongue ready tell me then when the child tries you do this or gah the child's probably trying to it going to going to try to get his tongue up and over the popsicle or the dum-dum so you want to try to just kind of wiggle it around and make sure that that tongue stays in place obviously don't push down so hard that you're going to hurt him but just do it gently and see if that works or got the one of those works then you'll want to move forward with that one if not then you'll want to move on to the next trick trick for growl like a monster okay that's not working let's try something else let's see if your child can make any sounds in the back of the mouth tell the child that you wanted to start by making a growling sound say growl like me what you're going to do then is you're going to make a growl in the back of your mouth and you're going to make it in with your tongue in the same position as the K sound or the sound you can do this by trying to make the sound longer and hold it out it's going to sound like this you can also make this more fun by making scary faces with it then what you're going to do is see if the child can shorten it back down to a normal sounding K it may take a few weeks to get a proper sound out of this but here's what it might sound like you can also try getting a G sound from some non speech sounds by having the child tried to gargle some water that'll get a good kind of going in the back of the mouth okay anything else one of those first four tricks almost always works for me but if you have a child that's really struggling here are some other strategies that have worked for other therapists you can have the child lie on his back lying back on the back will bring the tongue backward and hopefully bring it into the right position for the or Guf sounds you can also try any of the above exercises while lying on his back you can also push up under the child's tongue this soft spot right here is directly below the tongue so if you push up and back that will get the tongue elevated back to that back position for the sounds another fun one is dinosaur stomping tell the child that you're going to make some stomping sounds like a dinosaur you can use your hands for the dinosaurs feet and say that we'll get that back K sound for you another one is pretending to cough a coughing sound is usually produced back in the back of the throat so if you make a pretend coughing sound you may be able to get a or a gut in there what else has worked for you leave a comment below so that other people can benefit from the strategies that you found that are helpful for your clients as well now what once the child can say ik or a GU sound on his own you'll want to keep practicing it until the child can say it about 80% of the time without a lollipop and without a popsicle stick once you can do this then you will move on to saying the sound in syllables like Goku ki and then after he's mastered syllables you move on to single words and phrases and so on if you'd like to learn all of the steps to teaching a child a new sound you can download my free ebook @ww speech and language kids calm /youtube offer go on there and you'll be able to download the free ebook which gives you step-by-step instructions on teaching a new sound thank you so much for watching and don't forget to hit the subscribe button on my channel so that you can be alerted to all of the new videos as soon as they go live thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day write for me capstone financial group inc stock Baruch College, Gramercy Park.

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