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Math capstone projects online

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I'll try to behave myself I'm gonna put myself on the APF server see how many tens of people are on there that will make earth shattering noise and influence the 2k management to keep those bad boys open tebow you will not see the field power is the same as last season short throwing accuracy 86 medium 80 evil 71 on their runs like the same play actions by the same alright I can work with that not hopeless Shana green not terrible not terrible at all caring should be lower to be like 80 guide a fumbling machine oh yeah you can work with that might even get a game in of AP effort there's actually people online now this this gets ugly this gets ugly really fast my goodness who would you guys like to see me play in my first head-to-head game with a human opponent would you like to see me use the were the two teams and I'm going to be using in online ranked now I rang put it online dynasty either the Jets are the raiders or maybe Peyton Manning by that I throw in a Denver's playbook as well Denver's playbook as almost exactly the same as the Colts playbook from last season the last couple of seasons like i inputted peyton manning's DNA into the entire organization God these are schemers our trash dudes our trash will be lots of color in this lock and tell you that right now the brickhouse 88 strange i like that like that photo his blocking I'm blocking is an 83 strength I III strength and 89 footwear at the big hit from last season 9290 74 pass blocking impending walking is an 89 I'm going to be more concerned with a pass blocking obviously okay yeah I start flat Amir Nick reliable Mick good across the board brandon Moore I might move him to left guard like and have a dominant left side or a better left side alright we can work with that definitely Wayne hunter the benched one that's ugly that's really ugly that's a problem what's his strength yeah he's definitely the weak link in the chain now this is gonna be the tricky part who went in Cocles wasn't a big fan of this draft pick this is a guy who has talent but he's also a dial in college didn't always show I'll be dogged a lot if you're gonna use a first-round pick on a guy I'm very nervous when you use a first-round pick on a guy who doesn't always try hard exactly 82 hit power 85 Power Move 88 Vanessa post 73 block shedding 81 okay what's a strength is 82 Hamid Wilkerson looks like you're going to be my was like I'm going to move you to the inside of it the defensive tackle cycling 88 hit power 67 Power Move 86 block shed 91 we're a little bit too slow to go off the edge as your acceleration is 76 your strength 'as 91 speed is 72 yard while you're going inside Brooks gonna start at one defensive end no I'm going to put maven at the left end he's an 84 some defensive end with an 84 speed acceleration is 94 yeah you're my heat coming off the left side what's your pass rush for ratings tackling a 72 best move is ninety four boxes of an age yeah that's where you're headed buddy let's go to the offensive line plug wilkerson in here that gives me good strength between the tackles they're tackling well this could be better but can't have everything now Kenya good power moves good block shedding there we go that's what I'm talking about I will go to veto and we'll go Ellis who'll a seaman was just a man Mountain 93 strength dumb as a box of rocks but he's very hard to move good tackler Power Move block as a matter of fact we'll do that we just not aware Donna's held the veto nevermind you middle linebacker I hate Boy Scout an online franchise I'll be looking to trade bar Scott as fast as possible see how the zone coverage to play outside linebacker for me that's the question yeah borderline calvin pace you're going down to defensive end so we'll put Bart Scott there this is subject to change of course Brian Thomas you stay where you are using awareness good acceleration he said enough tackler good pass-rusher decent enough blood sugar good pursuit decent play recognition 270 zone coverage that's where I need so Calvin Pace you're going to go to right offensive end backed up by the rookie I'm Lou I'm curious to see how he develops in franchise really curious a great Revis Cromartie it was a little bit too high I think he's a little bit stupid Kyle Wilson is very stupid we know 'kim rd isn't the smartest tool in the shed 80 catching though I'm keeping him this season I'm not gonna trade him took me three seasons to replace him it was a mistake in hindsight look at he's just mathletics freak him in Revis both they're ignition is a 60 I said he's not the brightest guy in the room but you know they still have him backwards it's a better press corner day is an off man corner Donnie Moore is terrible at his job what Maddon needs to do is hire a scout he retired scout or a player personnel guy that Elmore I know this guy can't do that you are not going to see the field I am NOT putting a 69 man cover corner on the field ever who's this guy we're gonna get a shot safety LaRon Landry Eric Smith it's only a matter of time before Landry gets hurt Landry's a big hitter probably gonna have to use her him yeah look at that 98 hit power him and Smith both our bunch of Scud missiles but that deep coverage is a bit of concern hopefully his arm hit power can knock some balls loose yeah we got to heat-seeking missiles in the back end but with questionable coverage when I have to use or one of those two as a matter of fact let me see something nope won't let me put one of them an outside linebacker that would have been an interesting thing to try I want to see if the physics effects would punish me for doing that but I guess I won't be able to find out doubt they'll be carrying two kickers into the season until I ross or update let's see who's better I'd rather have a distance and leave the accuracy in my own hands kick returner should be McKnight I'd use Cromartie I don't want to get him hurt can't afford to get him her some combs a clutch receiver this year yes he is which Cromartie is consistency two stars that's the issue with him either plays great or he can get roasted from time to time why couldn't you beat a strong Jackson this is what I do before I play a game with any team I'm a meticulous point over here roster I am a very anal about that since you know i'm not a big i would say my stick skills are a little bit above average or sort war i'm slightly above average it's Sanchez's consistency should be a one star yep throws tight spiral snow hahaha that's funny that wasn't there last year clutch no definitely not Justin see one star dirty sanchez clutch yes Justin see one star oh god am I gonna have to play him occasionally ah but yeah this is what I do I rely I'm I'm an average dick skill guy but I'm very good at play calling and putting guys in the right spots and getting the best out of them that's how I succeed so there we go i will be posting more later write for me how to set default page size in onenote New York Law School.

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