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Materi enterprise risk management ppt

Materi enterprise risk management ppt write for me good research topics military type my course work on financial aid for cheap ´╗┐hello everyone this angel of grace your host and today we are going to look to the open beta of the game or robot world this is a town twister for me ah the it opens on twentieth of March so a few days ago and this game has been developed by GBE games and a row rock interactive it's a 3d fantasy MMORPG and we are going to look at it so North America there's only one server at the moment already have a character but actually gonna check it out for you so new character so male and female there's eight profession total so they call it jobs but profession let's look at mail you have three nations so moon Sun and stars but that's not how they call so if we look at this one here people of saline are smart and polite love nature and have warm hearts this one here is Ariel's I almost remind me of isn't it aeon have alias isn't that what it's called i can remember people from a Leo's are hard worker and generous still of others and K and eos our open line love freedom and they will live free or die okay let's try this so you can actually that's the zoom in zoom out that's it I spunk air do okay so check out the hair for a second okay let's try this here Punk blunt so I think this one is pretty your normal regular hair film-noir which is pretty much French okay that's that's what it looks like whoa Holy Smoke wow that's crazy hairdo that's fine bobbed okay whatever that means sleek is it long in the back not much and God pneus okay almost like dreads but it's not quite there and new wave and puck so lets them will walk yeah okay and that's it that's not much I color dark brown light brown wait looks a little bit more greater me but like gray so white black dark purple light blue which that's not blue for me that's pretty much too light purple purple again grass green i'm guessing see this it's not quite done yet because you can't see the end right here see and then dark red this is also not read this looks like fuchsia maybe in the game it looks different but dark brown light brown okay that's it let's try white ah fais do-do okay Mel anchalee posing he looks mad okay stop moving arrogance yeah valiant those are very thick eyebrows and powerful let's sit sodiq or something it this is a tattoos Phoenix brave hearts none is that I need to change the hair to see what it looks like okay that's kind of interesting tiger tattoo warrior marks I'm guessing that's what it meant there's on and silent dust shadow son of Mach yours probably something else written all their Phoenix okay so none skin color of your skin so wheat blonde and bronze so that's pretty much it now let's check the jobs sweet okay so warrior where are you mail a physical attack class mighty fighter he protects their teammates by their stony hard body to the final victory and subclass arg linear Oh were loans so I think the subclass you actually choose at a level 40 I'm assuming so your personal your tank and dps so warlord as astonishing physical attack power Ferris control and NT control skills in gladiator as great ability of flat generation it can shift to their teammates whenever in need and improve their team combat effectiveness the rage they are great damage dealer and also well known for their control skills those skills made them the core of the team and subclass or arch mage and sorcerer is so arch may enter at the power of a mage and they are good at dealing high damage in a very short time I really like the armor it's really nice ok ok so arch may interpret the power of the mage meanwhile they are headache that's what it says headache of their enemy because of their control abilities ok your alchemist which is your clearing time in this game so as a healer Alchemist answer and sure their team fighting a team fight with without worries subclasses bishop and soliciting a bishop is masses of protection in heal their buff heal and resurrection skills are needed and everywhere yes in after Carrie you are good at do t spell and the Qi shield and vampire skills make them very hard to kill Lou interesting they have a pet which is a dark and mysterious class you can't simply say they are powerful they can summon scary pets and cast the OT spells so someone scary pet so I don't know if they only have one pet or more warlocks where lock is a dark power owner and the most powerful class is known how their masters are summoned so can I want to say necromancer here Shannon so they are proficient in debuff do tea and recovery spells to support their Ally and punish the enemy so those are the classes now let's check the female so you have the same class so the Saline aerials and eos dress one so in this game you see there are three nations so um this game is not only featured profession but also crafting events and the unique pet i'm going to show you that in a minute it's based also on pvp apparently going to be pretty big on pvp but not at a lower level there's going to be combat with the arenas clan wars nation wars so if you choose a nation so for example if I choose the Saline i'm going to have wars against the other two nations I don't know if the three of them going to fight at the same time if we cannot involve up to 300 players so now I'm not quite sure I don't know if you played other games I played you know um what was that name of the game that I played I think it was Tara and and I don't know the territorial war was just a mess when they were doing events simply because the fact there was too many people on the same spot on the server just crash it was laggy so I don't know how it's going to work in this game I have no idea so hopefully it sound it's still an open beta so let's check the girls Oh air is Bell long-wave page pigtail they have the weirdest name sometimes drama pony and mermaid okay so diva mistake I already have that i'm going to i don't like any of those on let's try this one dark brown light brown white black dark purple light blue so it's basically the same thing so i have white so the face is cute graceful if she can stop moving it would be great pure beautiful it's gonna really dark here right and dignified okay so let's do dis one ok so it has painting I'm assuming is different from the guy water ice cream flour on the side of her I can't really see them ah cat it Sakura blur so it's just like under here I think it's like a looks like a little flower flower leaf Phoenix ah maybe it's on her forehead yeah right there Jade heart also the forehead and it's little hearts here ok so let's put this pose this I don't really like tattoos in my face on the why she like a bit let's do this oh I don't like it I don't know why it's as beautiful I just don't ok bronze wheat and blondes I'm gonna bleach and oh I have to put a name so oops now I already have one that's angel of grace so I'm going to put a capital I for this is complete and you can't really see any difference now what's interesting is the mad gin ok I'm going to put it on to preview all those are only a few available so that's a unicorn so you can see you can mount it but it's also can fight for you and sometimes it's a different form white tiger really cool the mammoth that looks exactly well almost exactly like a perfect world mount they have a mammoth and the spring rabbit ok that's cute ok so let me explain this so I think you can have six to seven in your inventory and y'all specialize in different things so some are metal wood water in wood water fire and Earth and you all have like different specializations so if you look at metal they specialize in single target attack would specialize in recovery water recover in I think it's wait a second lowering target speed fire I think it's multiple targets attack and earth is defense so so just is just a preview of what you can get so let's get let's click enter write for me ati capstone fundamentals 2018 quizlet Medgar Evers College, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

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