Masters In Human Resource Management Research Topics
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Masters in human resource management research topics

Masters in human resource management research topics do my it capstone clubhouse fela sowande writings ´╗┐we're here in Washington Square Park and I'm here with Ben so Ben what does a girl there's lots of pretty girls around here and what would it take for you to actually go up to a girl and maybe talk to her or even eventually ask for her number Wow well I think the first thing is does she have any SPF 15 with her because I'm dying here the second thing is is she with other friends and is she laughing because if she's laughing and having a good time you know it's probably easier to get in there than if she's sitting there with her headphones on with a dour look on her face yeah there's got to be a combination of hot and friendly patan mean isn't gonna work no matter how good right again and I guess you know if they look pretty good and they they meet eye contact with you for up to three seconds three seconds that's kind of a long time actually can't really count out a second maybe a second and a half okay so she looks at you for a second a half she's with friends if she's smiling Daniel yeah then you will get up right now and go theoretically okay yeah so here we are in Washington Square Park and I'm here with some very attractive guys who are going to let us know what a girl has to do for a guy to approach them so what do you think it would take a very suggestive nice smile some eye contact two to three times so she would have to look at you two or three times you have to make like initial eye contact and then maybe look away for a little bit and then have to have that happen a couple times so one time it's not enough if a girl looks at one time I wouldn't think so not in a park you wouldn't know she's necessarily looking at you you know a lot of suggested body language to making sure that they're facing you not just one little glance but definitely eye contact and you know a nice prolonged smile I would say if you guys end up in the same area of the park a couple times okay so she should kind of get close to you guys like close proximity to make it easier for you to walk over yeah definitely make it as easy as possible to you know make as a run in make it apparent that he needs to step up but that like you're there okay so she doesn't have to necessarily look at you for certain amount of time it's just looking back constantly looking back and then being close what can a girl do to get you to approach her so like let's say there was a cute girl here what could she do to get you to walk up right now and go up and talk to her I mean it's really simple you know if I saw a cute girl welcome to the park I would look at her see if she looked back throw a smile out there and if you give me a smile back maintain contact I mean that's that's really it so all her girls to do is just smile at you and you will go up to her like a maintain smile like you know one or two seconds I think that's really it we are in Central Park in Chiefs meadow with Umberto and Steve Steve so what does a girl have to do to get you to approach her right here there's a lot of women around what would it take for her to get you to get up right now and go and talk to her well right here I mean I think that the biggest thing really is just acting relaxed and you know kind of being yourself and and I think that acting relaxed and then laughing and smiling and really show them there you having a good time makes you more approachable it makes guys want to it makes it makes them feel like you're actually like a real person that you can go up to and have a conversation with maybe crack a joke I think that's a big problem not a problem but what is happening especially in this environment here in New York City people guys and girls are a little too uptight you know they're a little too too into themselves and what people are thinking about them and I think that's that's really the the wrong approach I think that that really closes you off it's unbelievable how much people don't realize that body language is so important and it really tells so much about you and and I think that if women are pretentious closed-off or even if they're insecure and just like aren't relaxed I mean I think that's the biggest thing if they aren't relaxed if their mind is somewhere else it makes guy it gives a the first impression your first impression is a bad one you know it's already one saying oh my god what is she gonna think or and or a guy just doesn't feel comfortable going up and talking to her so that that that just if a girl to answer your question a little bit more directly I think that if a girl was just more relaxed and and and showing us she's having a good time in this environment I mean that's another big thing you know wherever you are whether you're out having dinner on a bar or even at a park you know if she shows that she's having a good time there and you're having a good time there that you're already right there finding a point of interest that you guys have together and I think that that I think that's what is this relax have a good time and smile if you can smile and laugh the world is yours everyone will come up to you I love that I think also is that a lot of times people place a huge like bearing on speaking something that you've never taught to before so it's a huge event to even go up and say hi we're you know if you're in a coffee shop for example and you can make like a quick comment and you both just laugh and you can walk away that's cool but a lot of times it's like it's a huge event to actually go up and talk to somebody new you know like like he was saying body was just huge too and when you're smiling and you look warm and kind of like welcoming and open you're more like engaging that takes a lot of the pressure off it's where you can just go up and say one thing you know it's something funny whatever and it's okay to just walk away and it's not like a success for a failure it's just like you know you just talk to somebody new so Tyson um what is it that a girl can do and there's several girls in this park what would it take what would she have to do to get you to want to go up to her and approach her I mean personally you'd probably just say look at me and smile I mean that's really no like a no-brainer just smile and hold it for maybe a second or two and I know that you're interested in talking and I want to come talk to you then it's as simple as that just she looks at you and she smiles and it has to be an extended and look then that would be enough for you to feel okay she's interested in you would go out there yeah yeah I mean if if in that sense like the girl wants you that's that's what you have to do I mean for me anyway that's just it's pretty crystal clear in terms of that smiles for me she wants to talk she's interested I will go over there if you're if you want to go to approach you you just need to keep looking at him and get in the close proximity and if you've interested he will approach you you want a guy to approach you you need to look like you're having a good time be relaxed or miles or just actually have a good time all right so you need to actually have a good time just have to look at him for a second or two smile and if he's interested he should feel comfortable enough to go up to you and approach you just hang out with some girls look friendly laugh a little bit have some sunblock with you and smile look for three seconds and you will have a guy approach you okay capstone financial chattanooga order CUNY William E. Macaulay Honors College.

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