Management Research Project Topics In Finance
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Management research project topics in finance

Management research project topics in finance capstone corporation novates contract for money sample essays for 8 year olds ´╗┐sastras failure of science and regulation the confidence in government agencies to stand up for people and not roll over to private companies who are trying to make a profit was just not there farmers have their GM crops pulled up food companies had their brands targeted supermarkets were pressured to dump GMOs from their shelves there was now a broad-based popular movement angry that GM food had been introduced without consultation in Europe there's a seamless web between culture and cuisine the way food is grown the way the agricultural areas are preserved the way food is processed and served all of that is a deep statement of the values of each country in which that food has grown Europeans were saying we don't want a handful of life science companies to undermine the cultural values behind our food and food policies in Europe there's no benefit to European consumers and there are risks of course and so it's quite logical if you weigh up to the fact there are no benefits and there are risks that you'll be against them at the moment all the benefits are going to American farmers and I think that isn't appreciated in Europe as public opinion hardened the European Union voted for a ban no new genetically modified organisms would be commercialized until further notice and all imported GMOs would have to be labeled the scale of the European opposition called into question the entire future of GM food US exports would be affected but far more important to US companies was the risk that American consumers might turn against GM food which had now penetrated throughout the six hundred billion dollar US food industry at the University of New Mexico political scientist Hank Jenkins Smith has embarked on a major opinion survey about genetically modified organisms do you currently eat any genetically modified foods or foods that include genetically modified ingredients he wants to know if we are likely to reject GMOs like the Europeans the stakes are high food is such an intimate thing for most people we consume those items we take them into our bodies we're dependent on the producers of those foods to make sure that they're safe that they are of high quality that's what makes it such a fascinating public policy question in designing surveys researchers use focus groups to get an idea of what snippets people have picked up about a controversy have you eaten genetically modified foods to the best of your knowledge only roughly 20% of the people we talked to would say yes that they do eat genetically modified organisms a fair number simply say they don't know and then the majority say no they don't we're getting close to home here this is soil the research is clear most Americans have no idea they've been eating GM foods for over five years and when they find out they get upset what is it gonna do to my daughter what is it gonna do to my eight-year-old little boy when he you know for reproducing later on is there gonna be a problem a key element of any controversy is trust Europeans didn't trust their regulators what about Americans the Department of Agriculture interestingly gets quite high ratings of trust on a scale of zero to ten where zero is not at all trusted and ten is completely trusted they rank close to a seven and we don't see agencies that get that high very often not far behind them comes the FDA what has happened in Europe with mad cow disease trust in regulators can be lost overnight it's a critical time if there were to be some event that galvanized public concern you can change an issue like this substantially as Three Mile Island did for example with with the nuclear technology policy debate we haven't seen such a thing yet and if it were to happen it could be devastating to the best of your knowledge have most scientists concluded that genetically modified foods are unsafe for human consumption safe for human consumption rattling the truth about GM foods means confronting some difficult questions our scientists tampering with nature with genetically modified organisms damage the environment does the world really need GMOs but first a more fundamental question how do we know they're safe to eat in the coming years biotech companies have plans to introduce dozens of new genetically modified organisms vegetables fruits nuts and more what guarantees do we have that these GMOs will be safe to eat we spent a long part of our history testing various things we could eat and a lot of people have died as part of this grand experiment to see what we could consume here for the first time in history because we're introducing genes from novel sources we're introducing genes at code for proteins we've never put in the human body many of them will be safe I'm sure well most of them be safe nobody knows you can't prove that it's safe you can't prove that any new technology that we have in the world today is absolutely safe whether you have a mobile phone that you are listening to whether that affects you whether overhead power lines affect you whether if you're a woman and you take a birth control pill or you take hormone replacement therapy we cannot in any of those circumstances prove that it's absolutely safe what you can do is try and minimize the risks by doing proper testing and that's what we have to do with genetically modified foods biotech companies argue that's just what they've done the new crops are tested for toxicity by feeding the genetically engineered proteins to mice in doses 1000 times greater than humans would receive according to Monsanto's chief operating officer Hugh Grant such tests have failed to find any evidence of harm these are products these are crops that technologies that have been more widely tested than any other food product this came before them in history to test that the GM foods are substantially the same as their non GM equipments company scientists compared the chemistry in my nuke detail molecule by molecule they analyzed the GM and non-gm crops if the resulting graphs from a mass spectrometer line up exactly the two products are chemically identical this is what the regulator is called substantial equivalence and it's one reason GM foods normally do not require special labels most of these foods that are being changed are foods we know very well corn soybeans and the like and what is being changed is usually something a very to date it has been something a very small difference the regulation of GMOs is shared between three agencies that treat them in the way they treat regular crops the USDA checks they're safe to grow the FDA checks they're safe to eat and the EPA also gets involved with crops like BT corn that contained pesticides I don't think we're going to have the same problems here that they have in Europe and the simple reason why is because our food safety regulatory system is head and shoulders above anybody else's in the world but critics worry that in regulating GMOs no differently from traditional foods the agencies may be exposing the public to unknown risks like allergies we know that 8% of children 2% of adults have allergenic reaction to traditional foods what we're dealing with is the introduction of new genetic foods that have genes that code for proteins that we've never consumed we just don't know what the reactions likely to be at Cornell's department of food science scientists Joe Hotchkiss is an expert capstone eventbrite Kingsborough Community College.

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