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Management capstone uts

Management capstone uts write for me bus 475 capstone final exam part 2 mcneill 2018 research proposal ´╗┐greetings everyone with any old check ray Ferraro in just a moment I'm Mike Emmerich and we have a team tonight that is coming off a win the play feel pretty good about themselves wouldn't you tell me will you tell him let's play the same way we did in the prior Gamecock they did everything that they wanted to get accomplished and managed to puck extremely well they got timely goals they played really well without the puck in the wrong zone let's worry about what we can do not necessarily what the other team strengths are cataracts gotta stick to the game plan here tonight doc they played a real good team game in their prior win one of the reasons for that they had great communication both on and off the ice let's see if that continues here tonight and now we turn to the last lines of defense the goalies this man's the goalkeeper tonight the book on him is that he can be rattled with an early goal let's see how he does tonight for the home team this man's in the goal crease tonight he is always acrobatic we can expect more of that tonight for the visitors it's a wonderful night for hockey The Cataracs have the first possession gets in what do we do shoots got it all there was some room not enough great glove stays carried out of his own hand towards center ice who's now picked up he's got that bass got a piece of it with the glove ripped along to brown backhander to the nap great glove save and he keeps it that slight hesitation by the shooter allow the goaltender to make a beautiful glove save goes to the backhand just wide of the post but a scoring opportunity had six foot a net to look at he missed every bit of him into the attack again not in the way of that one his throne to eller work there by white the crickets gliding along through the neutral zone please he's got it in deep the cataracts recoiling back in there oh man and play stop because of an awesome he does his best to get out of the way but he can't get out of the way now we're throwing it down to Ray Ferrara discipline is going to be in a premium for both of these heaps they both have a really good power place and if you take an undisciplined penalty you're gonna get burned the crickets win the draw what's next moving it on up the wind lets it go close call there the cataracts carry through Center gains the zone and looks over his options and it's a good pickup jabbed away by Stanley and this play is whistled down it is offside and the faceoffs one oh and he is drill and saw him coming just at the last minutes able to spin off but that's a peek let's it go and a save there The Cataracs with possession up the wing flings it outstanding Saint with a glove that puck just hit his glove trying to go to McIntyre shoots great club say that was all positioning right now his gloves he throws it there just didn't work the cataracts look the pumpkin center ice terrific determination by McIntyre picks it up back there The Cataracs in their own end have control of the puck full steam up the wing it's dumped in passing one off now to McIntyre direct it on he's got a nose for the net and especially scoring goals off the rebound bunch to the net need to be deflected into the corner because the goaltender can't do that the goal scorer is able to pounce on the rebound The Cataracs have gotten the first goal of the game late in this period will there be more got possession attempt to eller now it's directed to white the crickets want to generate something up the wing and the linesman were watching very carefully that is an offside anytime you get near a benchmark you want to achieve it as quickly as possible he was able to get it done he can feel some satisfaction The Cataracs control from the neutral zone - eller traitorix name the clock has bled down to the last minute carried toward the neutral zone the crickets we lit up the wing took that ratio stays on side to the middle fires let's got a piece of it l is ailing but he can't get off the ice is gonna have to try and finish the ship and this period is over the cataracts have a lead it is just one and they did it this way we'll be right back under way in period 2 picks it up in his own hand seeks the corner shop you wanna score goals you got to get to this area of the ice a lot of times the goaltender feels like his positioning is perfect and he's got the net covered guess what he doesn't the crickets have gotten this back into a tie and there's loads of time left we're only in the second period The Cataracs get it off the face-off that one comes right on his stick surely see terrific say unlike the glove side the goalie doesn't have to catch this he's just got to get his blocker on it I this is this one The Cataracs have broken the tie and we're still in the second period much uncertainty about which way this game is going to go to the point it comes let it go the crickets ready an attack back in the defensive zone gains the zone from the outside got a stick on it let it go fled to brown the crickets starting back in their own up the wings still with possession thing was moving The Cataracs lucked that along up the wing gathered up again by white takes it right back and in flight over the line snaps it on gold terrific you know he's happy guys he's sitting there on the bed she's got a couple of goals in his back pocket already but you know he's thinking about number three what an achievement that would be to bang in one more just over six minutes have been play we had a tie game until just moments ago it's a one-goal contest blister boo what a great shot hit the man say an eclair making some headway in their own in little pass that can start some progress ahead on to Stanley the cataracts looking to hit man up the wind enormous collision he's been looking for that hit all night that plays offside and so back to centre ice for the bases well with all my years involved in the game I would anticipate there's going to be a little bit of payback after that big open ice it and that's a faceoff wins The Cataracs have it up the wind whoa guys he didn't see him coming until the last minute that's a pretty solid contact shot on and it's turned aside The Cataracs up the wing are moving the puck thinking attack here gives it on a cross from the point carried from the defensive zone toward center he's in on an onside play oh that one hit someone on the way big hit possession gone he's got it to McIntyre directing that went to brown nice pass right up the gunner he wheels behind shoots what keeps it going behind the goalie shoots are terrific save on a great chance terrific stuff from right in front of the net but you've got to find a way to put the puck in the net what reaction he's got it again good work by McIntyre the cataracts waiting back in their own end nicely into the zone fires save but control by Brown shoots one under siege needs to be gotten out and that one turned aside got the hat-trick and listen the only ones you can hear is teammates rainmakers looks like he's almost guessing here as he drops into position but there's obviously a hole in the box behind them The Cataracs have built a two-goal lead now do they keep attacking or do they lay back and just wait for the end of the period I hope he's a big wrestling fan cuz he just went into the turnbuckle the crickets up the wing want the puck that's a good solid hit he'll feel that one moving it to eller have to give yourself a chance here you cannot blow this puck past the net fires The Cataracs continue to Pro off the wing it's redirected to periods have been played they've worked pretty hard at it and they get a well-deserved rest third period coming up shortly The Cataracs collected an insurance goal very late in the period a real bonus for them they'll talk it over as we go to break write for me my capstone day New York University School of Medicine.

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