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Machine learning capstone project udacity

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as that isn't receiving incomplete and i'll have a poll on there just to see which ones you want to see me get started with i don't know how many i'll be able to do as many as i can and then also on November twelfth as dalen hurts looking end zone again and he is hit fourth and going exactly like a 1-yard line resonated forget Calvin read labels for understatement tried to pull faster yeah there'll be a poll on the website and next saturday November 12 I'm gonna have a live chat on the website we hand it off both Scarborough's touchdown Alabama it's 14 to seven want to make any mistakes that give me up and i'll be on there off and on all day to chat with anybody that wants to about the day and college football gets it on the pitch makes it to the 44 we talked about the video series and what you want to see or or the real life college football second down an amount to you I'll keep you updated on all the scores and everything but that should be pretty neat as Calvin Ridley wide open big 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deep got Ridley first down around the 11 yard line we will see if we can get him his first touchdown here first receiving touchdown had the dick returned the opening kickoff a nice car bro down around the two and this is the eighth plane second down and two now did not have a chance to get it to written here let's see coming back to the ball he makes a catch touchdown and that's a big big play there to put us up by 11 and after the extra point defense got another stop so they finally stepped it up you see Mississippi State actually has more yards than us sweet he's gonna really make it 250 spins his way down and his receiver most amazing way here and convert on an early down second and one a perfect time to take a deep shot play action looking to ridley wide open he's down inside the 20 31 more yards for Calvin Ridley season passing record it's been a terrific leave that will put him over at hungry breaking that record would be quieted on now its first in jan after the big pass and go 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throw wonder if Lee complete trying to beat his man Dan zone he dives and is just sure 194 yards now for Calvin Ridley he's just he's just making that gap between first and second on Heisman watchlist even greater he may be unanimous Heisman Trophy as he makes another touchdown it's just too easy for Calvin Ridley here in this video series as we take care of Mississippi State game what's the big win I'll try to remember to let you know the standings actually I think I'm out of the racing with can't remember exactly what we expect rai to get jess ate on that Mississippi so don't forget the cards for a while take over coming this Saturday November 12 so hopefully you enjoyed this video you can do when you're facing thank you for watching and stay tuned for the next episode so that wraps things up for us three a sports and Kirk Herbstreit I've read Nestle's saying thanks and we'll see you next time capstone builders chicago order City University of New York (CUNY).

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