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Machine learning capstone coursera for money

Machine learning capstone coursera for money write for me research topics related to health care management my town essay for class 1 ´╗┐this is a world in many ways it's far more complicated in the world many of us grew up in given the diffusion of power the fact that we no longer live in this relatively straightforward bipolar world but in a world where all sorts of individuals and groups and countries can wield all sorts of power we're here at home the complexity of what is going on in our society is far greater than it ever was before the environment which policy is made is far more complex than it ever was before and I thought that people needed something of a roadmap for how to decide what it is to do and what not to do for to choose priorities we can't do everything everywhere every time we have to have some basis some mechanism for choosing and if we simply react what comes at us we're going to be really disadvantaged because a lot of stuff is coming out as fast and furious but what we've got to do is remember two things we've got to limit our involvement to a level where what we wear we think we can actually accomplish things it doesn't always make sense to do more if you don't get more for it and second of all we've got to take a step back the Middle East is not the entire chessboard it is a square on the chessboard and we've got to think not simply then about the direct cost but if you will the indirect cost if we do more things there what can't we do as much of in other parts of the world or here at home so why I am arguing for a slight dialing down if you will of our ambitions in the Middle East at the same time a dialing up of what we do in Asia and the reason is an Asian the Pacific that's the part of the world with the great powers are increasingly interacting where after three decades of essentially an economic dominated region where growth was phenomenal we're beginning to see the stuff of history happening in Asia nationalism great power competition and friction the relationship among major powers such as China Japan divided Korean Peninsula still the reality of nuclear proliferation and so forth and what we have then in Asia unlike the Middle East is two things one is we actually do have the major powers of this era and second of all I would argue the United States isn't a position given its instruments of power its Navy its air force its economy its diplomacy to influence develops developments there's I'd also argue we should be doing more closer to home in North America this is a part of the world where we have 450 million people the United States Canada Mexico we're energy self-sufficient and we actually have the potential to be the engine of global economic growth and I would think that we need to be very creative about things like a next generation of NAFTA greater integration in north North America and to think about how we can build not just greater in greater community in the energy and in economics and other in other parts of life so again this is a rebalancing within foreign policy and then secondly a rebalancing between foreign policy and what goes on here at home and what I would simply say here at home we can talk about it in greater detail is that we've got to rebuild and restore the foundations of American economic growth this is a really rare moment in history where for now 25 years the United States has not woken up every day facing a great power rival most of history of the last few hundred years in the modern era of international history say since the mid 17th century most of it has been one one or more great powers interacting and you think about the 20th century you had two world wars and you had a cold war well here we are now next year by the way marks the 25th anniversary of the end of the Cold War on 11 9 it will be 2014 and the United States doesn't have a great power rival this gives us tremendous time and space to focus here at home again it doesn't mean ignoring the world this is not isolationism but it does mean a rebalancing so we ought to take advantage of this of this opportunity and rebuild our capacity so we can discourage the emergence of a great power challenger if one emerges we can we can cope with it but what we've got to do is have the discipline both to limit or to redirect what it is we do abroad and to do what needs doing here home thus cuesta is really dumb public policy it is lowest common denominator public park because it doesn't its reach all spending equally but all spending is not equal some spending is investment some spending is not so what you want to have in a budget is to favor investment but the sequester doesn't do that on top of that what the sequester doing is doing is dampening down economic activity in the short run at a time we're growing only half or two-thirds are historical average so the sequester has it exactly wrong what you want to do is actually increase economic stimulus now I would argue get help get things up to higher levels but you want to deal with the long-term challenge of entitlements so rather than think about limiting short-term spending you want to actually have more short-term spending of the right sort I e investment in physical capital and human capital and you want to lock in reductions in the long-term growth of entitlements we do none of that so we've actually got it exactly wrong and how we're going going about this we talked before about the energy situation we still show a tremendous capacity for for innovation and that will make us by the way much more competitive if we pass comprehensive immigration reform I think it's a multiple game will get 12 million Americans out of the shadows on a path towards full participation in our society will increase the inflow of our talented people with advanced degrees and and skills if we invest in our infrastructure which by the way takes virtually no public money through public-private partnerships we can make ourselves again much more competitive in that way to make our schools better it doesn't take more money and simply again means that we've got to have a higher quality teachers which means putting more investment in the good ones and getting rid of the of the bad ones we can deal with our entitles now all of our challenges are fixable and the real question to me is whether our politics are up to the challenge it's the reason again I wrote this book that I think the greatest threat facing us is nothing out there it's not China it's not Russia it's not Pakistan it's not sure it's not a red sunny these are all manageable challenges it's not in even things like climate change which we haven't talked about these are all these are serious challenges but potentially I think manageable if we put our house in order and the reason I quite honestly I got out of my safe comfortable space as a foreign policy guy in the world that people like Michael and I have occupied now for four decades and I'm writing about things like how to reform American politics and what we should be doing with local education or what have you is I actually think this is now the the principal determinant of American national security it is what we do and don't do here at home and if we if we get it right I think the 21st century could be another American Century and if we get it wrong then we will have no one to blame but ourselves you you capstone course in sociology State University of New York State College of Optometry.

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