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List of capstone project online

List of capstone project online write for me capstone global properties vdi verlag dissertation topics ´╗┐does it help the starving children of the world for us to stuff ourselves we continue that cycle and we want our kids you need to clean your plate before you can get up go outside and play I've had years of clients coming in to me and many of them were raised that way and so they're not in tune with their own hunger and satiety they don't know when to stop eating and what can happen when you don't stop eating this you just feel stuck so the key is stop eating when you're satisfied that right there again can prevent you from overeating because if you save 300 to 400 calories again that's going to help you to lose weight to become in a calorie deficit fifty-four percent of Americans aim to clean their plate so right now I am giving you all Commission to leave food on your plate leave food on your plate I've given you the permission to do it how many people drink maybe one of these a day a soda a day regular no one was you just okay thank you all right and I bet there's a few others in here they just don't want to raise their hands okay does anyone in here off kids that drink soda okay so you can see how much they drink how much sugar there drinking all right you can count with me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 oh that's just for one can and that's 20 ounces 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 this Mudge and here so their teeth their teaspoons those are teaspoons so anyone that wants to see how much soda how much sugar they or their kid Scott this is how much it is would anyone give this to their kid and say eat some out of a sugar bowl honey now I know no one in here drinks alcohol but just in case you drink alcohol you can quickly these can quickly add up and it's important just to count those in your total calorie budget I like to talk about budgeting your calories just like other people talk about budgeting your money and it's also about negotiation so if you really want a glass of wine with dinner that's okay but you have to think then maybe I need to have split my entree with someone I'm not going to have dessert it's it's trying to figure out what's most important to you now I wouldn't say having eight beers is more important than eating dinner so we need some common sense here too but I like I mentioned it this should be an enjoyable part alive mental nutrition this is one thing that I am really passionate about because just how we feed our body we also need to feed our mind all right so often we're thinking of what are we feeding our bodies with but is your mind malnourished and in the way I mean that is what are you feeding it with now I don't know how many people in here have either been pregnant or maybe help someone get pregnant okay master beautiful okay well that person who is pregnant that person is pregnant did you remember anything called mush brain or like you can't remember anything and then sometimes it really doesn't go away it improves slightly but then you just did a whole nother level so far I actually went to the doctor about mush brain because I was like doctor I can't remember studies how I used to remember that what is going on he actually did tell me it's the norepinephrine levels norepinephrine is your focus factor and norepinephrine levels go down when we're pregnant and I just have figured out my never quite went back up but what I'd like you to think about today is this is a quote by jim rohn he says the only thing worse than not reading a book in the last 90 days is not reading a book and thinking it doesn't matter now how many of you are currently reading a book yeah because I have the true I have the best group here so you're probably trying to knock this into everyone's head as well we got to talk exercise because we know this is very important you found that work in more places those companies that establish wellness programs can actually reduce health care costs by twenty to fifty percent increase productivity by two two fifty-two percent and actually decrease short-term sick leave by six to thirty two percent okay let me tell you if you're wanting to get your abs in shape and if you have layers of fat between your muscles and the outside then you first to see those ABS you gotta get rid of fat you could do two thousand crunches a day and you still aren't going to see those muscles so it's still exercise and nutrition and hand in hand but I'm going to tell you an exercise you guys can all do just sit up there okay squeeze your abs right now squeeze that may contract your abs like you're pulling your belly button through your back can anyone feel that by just squeezing it contracting your abs or can you do have awareness of that okay if you don't have awareness and you can't feel it it probably means that you need to be doing this more now these these are 10 pound weights but you could do like five or seven and you can do simple exercises like this for your biceps if anyone sees the red on here my mom bought these for me for my birthday like 10 years ago thought they needed a little color so that's fingernail polish she thought they were boring gotta love your mom right smoking cessation is obviously a big one smoking is the single number one cause of death preventable death in America twenty-five percent of American smoke and it leads to about a hundred billion dollars in costs at every year and I will I want to share something with you guys I don't hate anything in life but I hate cigarettes I hate cigarettes it's the only thing I hate because I I don't like that word hate such a bad work but I hate cigarettes I grew up in a family with two smokers and my parents loved my brother and I were both adopted at birth we have different birth parents so I know my parents wanted me so bad because if you adopt a kid you have to do a lot and really want him so I know I was very wanted my parents would do anything for me in fact when I was 16 I had the master bedroom and bathroom we've lived in an apartment but my parents gave me the master my kids wouldn't I'm not doing it but they did it but they couldn't give up cigarettes my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer once we went up to Mayo they told us the day before she was supposed to have the surgery on her pituitary adenomas so in the brain it was going to be brain surgery by a neurosurgeon they saw something on the CT scan well it came back as why would they then did a biopsy found out it was lung cancer and as I'm going up to the Mayo Clinic going out to get my car to pull around her to get her and to take her home because now we're not doing that surgery there's no reason and I walk across and all these people at the mayo medical center in Rochester all the smokers are on the other side of the street because they can't smoke on mayo property and all I wanted to say is don't do it if you want to see your grandkids don't do it this is my reason you guys for trying to do just a little bit every day I the one in the middle I found I was pregnant with her five days after my mother's funeral so I want to try to be there for my kids my grandkids and great-grandkids maybe I believe that each one of you has the power in yourself to do just a little bit every day to reach your true potential but think of your reason why you want to do that and the most exciting part with this group is you have the opportunity to affect the lives of other people and I know personally the first time I was doing an internship in New York City at the NBC health and fitness center I helped someone lose like five pounds and the joy that was in her and I felt it I'm like oh my gosh I got to do something where I'm helping people and like ron was talking about that's that's what you guys enjoy doing is helping people and you guys have the power to be to be the star of the show and really help the people that you work with and change their lives thank you capstone property management concord nc for money New York University.

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