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Lewis winch and capstan winch for money

Lewis winch and capstan winch for money do my capstone for ca term paper writing commonwealth of massachusetts hi guys welcome to the channel Freddy here today we are playing Charlie Charlie in roblox and guys Charlie Charlie if you don't know this legend it it says that it's a demon of a young boy that is hunting at night and you can ask him questions and he will either say yes or no and it's like a Ouija board that he will spin these stakes to point to a yes or no so you can ask him all kinds of questions and he will answer so it is after midnight right here right now when I'm record I have all the lights on so that I don't get creeped out but you know I found this game I've never played it before and I want to ask him some questions so I'm gonna start with this Charlie and the way it works guys whoa there was a flash okay I'm not sure what just happened but the way this works guys you ask a question it has to start with Charlie Charlie and then a question and it's a yes or no so very clear-cut you know don't ask him if you like color red or something like this just ask him clearly yes or no questions so we're gonna go with Charlie Charlie are you a boy I'm just gonna try to test him out feel him out a little bit Charlie is thinking now the legend says it's a demon of a dead boy I don't know if it's true guys and maybe just a hoax but we'll see woah he says yes Charlie is a boy Wow charlie charlie are you a young boy now that is just a purely innocent question I am freaking out because I don't know what to do about this I mean maybe I shouldn't be asking me anything because no he's not a young boy okay so maybe like a teen or maybe a baby oh that's even more creepy I rather talk with a teen than a baby cuz I mean what kind of things would I ask a baby that's crazy okay I'm gonna ask well there was another flash I'm gonna ask him if he it was the teen Charlie Charlie where you at teen okay just trying to establish the baseline here who am I talking with that's all very creepy guys I don't think you should be trying this at home no and that's not a very clear answer mr. Charlie that's almost like undecided like you didn't want to answer this at all that stick didn't really cross the line I'm gonna ask you again Charlie Charlie tell me are you or not are you where you at teen you better answer me this because I like to know why Who I am speaking with right now one thing I know he was a boy okay so that's better okay so maybe he wasn't quite a teen but like 11 or 12 so more than a boy and less than teen Wow there was another flash and I think I saw his face something is up with that display here or maybe he's just coming through the screen I don't know what that is but okay Charlie Charlie are you close to me now that is a weird question to ask I don't see anybody here what was that no no no that goes at least Charlie Charlie are you in my room [Music] I need to know this he better not be hiding here he better be just far away through the internet somewhere safe out you know safe distance away from me no good okay Charlie Charlie are you in my house wow there was another flash guys sometimes like something shows to this screen I think he's trying to show his face yes oh no no oh boy I hope I closed all the windows and a door Charlie Charlie do you want to play that's not a very nice question to ask I I don't think I want to play with him but if he wants to play with me that that's just gonna spook me out good no so why is he here oh is it because I called him out Charlie Charlie could I see you now I'm thinking if he's a ghost maybe it is not possible for me to see him I hope he says no because if he says yes and something just pops up here that oh my goodness oh my goodness I could actually see him that's even more scary Wow Charlie Charlie are you going to show yourself [Music] maybe I should close down the door to my room here no he's not going to show himself that makes me feel a little better Charlie Charlie are you real like not someone made up [Music] but that makes that just makes no sense I mean Who am I speaking with if if he's not real and if he says he's not then is he just lying well he's real at least he admits that okay Charlie Charlie is it safe for me to play with you [Music] whoa what was that it was another flash on my screen no it's not safe guys what is he gonna do to me Charlie Charlie are you going to leave me alone [Music] okay you better say yes I I don't want a ghost to follow me around actually I'm not even sure if he's a ghost or a demon okay he's gonna leave me alone that's more reassuring okay let's just clarify this here charlie charlie are you a ghost [Music] nothing ghost is an ice demon and the demon is a bad one so if he is not a ghost what is he well I can't ask him what are you because I only have yes or no answers so Charlie Charlie are you a demon so demon would be like a bad ghost or someone that are ghosts that intends to do bad things huh there was another face flashing guys you better say no yes thank you Charlie okay so you're not a ghost you're not a demon but you wear a teen oh my goodness that is just more freaky Charlie Charlie are you alone [Music] maybe he's just all alone maybe he's sad is he alone kind of yes yes and no in be can't decide it maybe he is just with his family but not friends so it kind of feels alone Charlie Charlie are you with your family okay he's thinking trying to understand who he is well that's not very decided here I mean that's on the line Oh Charlie Charlie are you with your enemies he better not be trapped with his enemies if he's chopped maybe he's sad oh wow oh okay that is just so freaky oh poor Charlie Charlie Charlie are you in pain come on come on Charlie's in pain oh no charlie charlie is there a way I can help you maybe you can risk rescue him maybe helping out some way oh my gosh you better say yes yes we can help him Charlie Charlie do you want me to help you [Music] okay if he wants me to help him maybe he's just calling out for help he's in pain and he is with what is going on here he doesn't want me to help him Wow there was a face there was a flash of a face two eyes and a mouth oh wow I'm out of breath Charlie Charlie he doesn't want me to help him do you want me to leave you alone now Oh what is going on with poor charlie he's with enemies he's in pain he wants us to go okay Charlie Charlie will you scare me tonight [Music] I'm keeping my fingers crossed guys that I can just leave him here he wants me to leave him alone and I wanted to go in peace so you better say no thank goodness okay guys okay I think it's safe to leave now and just ask him Charlie Charlie is it safe for me to end this video now fingers crossed and just say yes and then I'll leave it whoa another flash no oh no charlie ah what should I do he's not gonna scare me tonight but I I can't end this right now Charlie Charlie are you telling me that the truth oh my god he better duh he better say no I mean that that must be a lie otherwise I don't know what to do I just want to leave now yes oh no oh no that means it's not safe for me to end the video Charlie Charlie please leave us alone now now that's all gonna be a question I'm just gonna say like that and I hope he says yes so like kind of like a nod okay come on fingers crossed undecided that's undecided Oh Charlie Charlie can I go now just leave me alone Charlie that's it I'm not gonna play this and again I just want to finish this in peace come on I'm gonna take it as a yes I think it's a slight yes so okay I'm gonna end this video right now guys don't play this game at home it's creepy it's scary and I shouldn't have touched it so with that I'm gonna end this video and I hope you like the video and I'll see you all next time bye bye write for me capstone geo consultants india private limited New York Film Academy, Battery Park, Manhattan.

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