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Leadership capstone projects summary order

Leadership capstone projects summary order do my how to change page order in onenote 5 paragraph 4 page essay outline pdf ´╗┐you alright guys we're gonna go check out this house I just wanted to take this video real quick to show you what I typically got to go through to get to these places as I do not take the park in front of the house method just because in my area they see cops know which house is vacant and they see a car park in front they know you're not supposed to be there so I usually Park usually down a parking lot sometimes up to half a mile way and walk through the woods and fun part is trying to find a path through this this mess and this is why I like doing it in the fall by the way because it's all these dead bushes are kind of dying there's no more bugs it's just a lot easier so just want to give you this look of what the heck I got to go through so I'm going to see the house here we are at this house here fill it out or not Philadelphia excuse me Pennsylvania close to Philadelphia I've been passing this a few times next to a major road sorry I'm Justin brightness it's an old house that was in the house sorry guys I actually filmed the inside a house before I filmed the outside so that's why I just said I was in the house I couldn't get to that green room so it must be there must be an outside entrance see if I can get to it but let's get a quick tour not gonna really show the front just because I'm kind of exposed and there is a cop sitting at the median down there see the roads right here so try to get a close enough front look here and it's not really worth seeing in that greenhouse that's broken glass so it's in front of the house so let's go check it out all right guys so I'm going to narrate this one as I'm wearing a respirator makes it a little harder to talk you might hear me a little bit talking but so we're going to check out this house right now as we're going through here real quick make sure you watch the whole video there's some cool extras at the end the tree house a little playhouse and the pond make sure you stay tuned so anyway let's see we got here just got the tour so it came across this this chess and obviously fake blood seen it many times it was real blood it wouldn't be that color unless it happened a couple hours ahead of time and I highly doubt it nothing surprising inside don't see your closet yeah a lot in the older house keep your clothes smelling fresh going into the bathroom and Oh what do you know a bass occur happened in the shower again frequent supple teens trying to make a scene obviously again fake blood I don't think I've seen blood spray everywhere either so for not being a focus closet attic another bathroom more fake blood took another bedroom a lot of holes punched in the wall but they're still in the piping what to the old walls with the wood plaster and oddly no graffiti but more like pencil graffiti which was odd so I could get around the stairs you can see more there it's more like pencils oh there's some pain up top there he wanted oh who the heck went ladder the trouble trying to paint up there anyway but yeah the Attic stairs are in the way and I didn't want to move so I wasn't sure so yeah sure was going to be going up here either so I climbed on the steps a little bit and trying to have my camera extended fully up on my arm because you can see the top because I wasn't sure about sturdiness up here not climbing up that I just stepped on I heard it open so you don't really see it in the video where those steps were in pretty bad shape so I guess this house had a lot of wallpaper you can see the walls are pretty bare and the older wallpaper is peeled off go down the stairs is being really careful as you can see the stairs are not in the best of shape that something I've always be very careful with when I'm exploring these houses and stairways just by the shape they're in so down here looks like it's that used to be the living room there's a lot of stuff on the ground and the old curtains take a look in the kitchen pretty standardized kitchen a lot of old cabinets so you look nice little shelf area to display the plates and all that on an old stove sure what the heck that was new ceiling fan somewhat new dishwasher definitely an old stove an oven not sure on the date of this one some stove expert might be able to chime in but definitely an old one their whole oven an a/c unit that has not been stolen surprisingly long as all the places will have their units stolen for the copper inside the thing I was looking at this wallpaper the hard to see little walking like old colonial style wallpapers behind that's the wallpaper over top not even sure if that's a house in the picture I doubt it but learning I thought that was really neat I don't that was underneath the wallpaper that tore off or whatnot but thought that was pretty cool so this must have been the den I was like a lot of shelving probably for books we're gonna be like a small library new ceiling fan it's my guess as there was a dead study room whatever they used to call him back then some more of that wallpaper small bathroom half bath special in there so again this could be a living room too not sure what the rooms used to be an old fireplace is obviously the main entrance door is on the left they're just like that the door that we just passed earlier actually goes out to that green house which was boarded up there's nothing inside of that one so nothing special cool fire point there it is again right there on the left clothes hangers nothing special in there and I'm sure while I was filming out so now we're going down in the basement everybody always wants to see the basement it's very dark we're going down some odd things were down here too which is your kind of see in the video this was the night they hit that right there result we'll go back to but I think it was the teen hangout area JA understand it who the heck wants to hang out down in the basement so little woodshop area so empty area here screens see the old stone foundations typical 420 graffiti this was pretty odd used to be one of them big open fireplaces down here in the booth again this house built 1720 so I don't know if they use that his way he but they filled it in but left a small hole for something I have no idea small bathroom it's like a new light bulb didn't check for the electric nunu will oil gas I think it's oil furnace newer that is it sure as heck not original as heat back in the 1700s was not done by that copper's gone obviously new water here by the way new where door to the outside let's locked there's the tank so it's definitely oil oil burned this was the odd vroom this must be the hangout room obviously all there was no no trespassing signs outside and obviously here's where they were there's a ton of them in there you can't really see them all weird things out hanging from the ceiling bandana I love Teddy there's some these these bead things hanging off a lot of pencil drawings there on the left must be hangout room it's kind of freaky being in that room you know what the heck is going on in there so well guys that's the tour I don't know if you can see but there's a huge treehouse massive and that tree they're rightfully people used to live here kids massive treehouse but the size of shed build new homes right across that's why I came here figure this is gonna be next get torn down there's trip man gotta watch real walking guys rule number one step right into a large puddle mud got its I swear something foot there's a close-up of it brighten it up for you here back outside by the treehouse I found this too she thought was pretty neat up there as a treehouse and don't expect me to climb up there guys I'm not that crazy I want to go home tonight you you you you sample nursing capstone paper online Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts.

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