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Leadership capstone projects for money

Leadership capstone projects for money do my enterprise risk management notes pdf overstatement satire essays [Music] beginning attempting new skills [Music] staying strong [Music] pushing yourself to new limits [Music] Our client came to us with the asked of creating a new commercial for him for his business he wanted to replace a very old program and we were challenged with creating a spot around water we've done a lot of water work before but in order to make this particular spot dynamic we want it to be in the water well the client I think was very open to what concepts that we could come up with something that would really take it to kind of the next level I like it wider this was a serious next-level commercial for him you know the day was split up into multiple segments we had our you know in water under water above water you know shoots throughout the whole day we had various people actors coming through the set throughout the day in order to accomplish all the unique scenes David our director worked actually very closely you know in making sure that that schedule was very tight pre-production for a shoot like this is everything planning with the script planning with the actors planning with the pre-production of the storyboards having all that there ahead of time being able to talk with the DOP that's at the same time as this one being able to talk with the first assistant director you're able to make sure that the day's gonna run smoothly so when you get on set you're not ringing about all that stuff there's there's never a dumb ideas you know there was hopefully something going forward so for me it was making sure that I got what I wanted to get across with this but I was always open to other ideas and so we came up with the idea of something a little bit more like poetic for this particular client we were the agency and production company so we come up with a creative to start we pass it through client and then once we have their blessing it goes but it never comes from just one person here it's always a team effort so our day started off quite early it was a 5 a.m. called here at 5 here we loaded up and we're down to the location by 6 a.m. going in the water with the camera was gonna be new for us and lighting under water was also gonna be new for us but we managed to you know bring the appropriate lighting inside with the camera and pulled off shots that we have really never done before with underwater lighting it's a different world completely for me the challenge was you know safety you know bringing electrical items into water or you know for anybody with her you know head screwed on properly you know tells you you know wait a second water and electricity doesn't mix you know so on on the day of the shoe you know we would put the lights in the water before turning anything on everyone would clear the pool you know we would spark it and then you know I was the brave one that stuck a toe in very quickly to find out if I'd feel a jolt or not you know so once safety was sort of over with now it was understanding the properties of light you know there is an exponential drop off the light but in water everything changes you know water you know sound travels you know at a speed I think of four to one and everything is magnified by 25% so when you're lighting those properties also change you know light will not travel as far so we had to make sure that we actually had sufficient amount of lighting underwater and of course you know never lighting before underwater we didn't know how much we needed so we really trusted upon you know a rental house you know that we collaborated with in order to understand this I'm a you know a certified diver and I've actually lit underwater with my own strobe in the ocean in a pool where it's a different environment and you're dealing with different cameras than say a GoPro which is what I've used to you know been diving with underwater everything changed for us so that was probably one of the biggest challenges that we faced which was you know how are we gonna light this talent how much lighting is enough is it safe will it work and can we get it set up on time I wanted to bring you know red epic Pro to the table for this particular sport these cameras shoot at a king and so we really wanted to push the outer envelope here you know shooting with these cameras allows you a latitude and dynamic range that other cameras simply don't hold a candle to based on underwater filming and the magnification factor and the lens that we were using it was you know recommended to us that 5k was the resolution that would be optimal for what we were doing that in order to match everything we filmed 5k you know on the surface in order to film at these resolutions the amount of data that's being written is tremendous so one of the challenges when you're filming on something like a red epic is it's not like a consumer camera where you can throw a 64 gig card in there and film for the day you know you're you're constantly changing media one of the biggest challenges on that day though was that every time the underwater camera needed you know either a battery which would exhaust itself quickly or a card you know we had to depressurize that unit and and that was a process that would slow everything down thousand things could have gone wrong with the water and the camera technology the water to things that are good bedfellows you know I guess the biggest hurdle again was making sure that we were all in sync and we were all set on what we wanted and also a little bit of freedom to get some interesting shots as well that maybe we didn't plan and when we were there we were like all this would be amazing to get right well we're here can we do we have enough time to get this my favorite shot under the water that was planned was when we had this little tiny boy it was all of a year or two old and he is you know dunked under the water and then you know he is he has been trained through his courses to have his eyes open and swimming so you see him you know coming at you with this big smile on his face and you know without that shot I don't think this the spot would have been near as endearing I think that's a critical moment in the commercial you know the one that sort of I liked the most was one that actually came upon almost by accident we had a little boy who you know his moment was to express fear by coming to you know the edge of the pool and sort of looking down with you know with with trepidation and when he jumped in the response of the water in the lighting was spectacular and I was very excited down there I couldn't wait to pop up and you know talk to the DP to say I want to try something different here than what was planned originally the plan was just to look up from the water and see this kid you know coming to the edge instead you know we were able to get this moment where he came and you know jumped into the water as we turned the camera the light started highlighting you know the water more and more and it becomes this sort of surreal you know the abyss you know James Cameron type feel as he's you know in the water and the camera is moving in slow-mo and the bubbles are all come in slow-mo so it was it was quite a spectacular accident David plunge I mean what more can I say this is a guy who the moment you look at him you just want to start smiling you know he is easy to use the type of person that when he's directing you want to give more for him he's not the director that everybody you know can't stand by the end of the day at the end of the day you're like I want to work with you again this was such a positive experience when can I come back to actually work with you what I learned most is trust and the crew that you get trust in the people that are around you and I worked with a great team of people better than me who could push this to the next level [Music] you write for me capstone academy charter school sda north campus detroit mi Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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