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Kkr capstone europe for money

Kkr capstone europe for money do my researchable topics on office technology and management 7 day safety report fda side [Music] what's going on everyone it's Ozzy from aw sucks hardware and that three gigabyte gtx 1050 that nvidia mentioned at the end of May of this year has finally arrived and it is one interesting card I initially thought that this card would be a direct replacement with the 2 gigabyte gtx 1050 similar to how AMD rehashed the RX 400-series with the RX 500 series but nope I was completely wrong the 3 gigabyte 1050 is not a replacement and as a card in its own entirety so I guess we can add it to the ever-growing list of Pascal video cards which I believe is that 15 if you include this new 1050 now Nvidia tells this card as a PC Gamer solution to the video card at mining apocalypse and that sounds fantastic in practice but in reality the highest price and then the crippled memory bandwidth make it a tougher sell than your other budget video cards now I will get into both of those things a little bit later but for now let's go over the specifications of the car the performance and the viability right after this what's up I'm premier and I'm filmora yeah he's an editor that no one has heard of unlike me because I'm kind of the industry standard anyway if you guys want an editor you should definitely choose premiere pro and not that this does that meant to happen to him oh okay so he's he crashed okay not a big deal this is actually only the second time in 30 minutes so he zoomed pretty well new record so I'll just go reset him real quick if you're looking for an easy to use yet powerful editor that doesn't leave you hanging literally then check out wonder shares for mora with over 300 modern and intuitive video effects 140 filters and overlays motion graphics and an authentic hand-picked like library filmora makes video editing simple and sleek while still providing high quality production click the link in the description to learn more and start your free editing journey today the 3 gigabyte 1050 has 768 cuda cores a 1392 base clock 1518 boost clock 3 gigs of gddr5 memory a 96 bit memory bus and an 84 gigabyte per second bandwidth gigabyte currently has the cheapest model going for 159 bucks and the model that I have is the EVGA SC Edition for 169 dollars compared to its 1050 brethren the 3 gigabyte version has the same amount of cuda cores as the 4 gigabyte TI version but it has one gigabyte more memory as the 2 gigabyte version while also having a 33% less memory bandwidth it's a bit confusing and again Nvidia says that the reason why the memory been with this cut is to scare away miners from the card though I really just think that's their PR department talking that already puts the 1053 gigabyte in a weird position in some technical specifications it's better than the 1050 Ti yet worse than the 1050 2 gigabyte and somewhere in between in other areas another weird part is the memory configuration it uses 1 gigabyte memory modules instead of the 512 megabyte modules usually found on video cards the 1063 gigabyte for instance uses 6 512 megabyte modules for a total of 3 gigs of VRAM this 1050 uses 3 1 gigabyte modules this might have to do with Nvidia phasing out there are 512 megabyte modules for one gigabyte modules because of a shortage but without confirmation there's no real way to know for sure the overclocking potential on the 1053 gigabyte is also not as high it's pretty much every Pascal or Maxwell for that matter video card that I've tested on the channel I usually have a standard overclock of 175 megahertz core offset and a three hundred and seventy-five megahertz memory offset so pretty much all of them as well and Pascal video carts that I test and all of them run it fine but on the 1053 gigabyte anything above a 100 core offset resulted in instability I could have lost a silicon lottery that's definitely a possibility that I'm not gonna throw out but it's just a little bit odd that a car that's in the same family as pretty much everything else just did an overclock nowhere near as well as any other card in that family that I've tested I ended up settling with a 100 core offset and a 200 memory offset the 1050 and 1050 t I ran at my standard 175 core offset and 375 memory offset for overclocks I used a rise in 520 400 G at stock clocks to buy 8 gigs of DDR 4 memory clocked at 29 33 Windows 10 64 bit Nvidia three 98.3 nine drivers and a one terabyte 7200 rpm hard drive as my test suite I try to keep the games realistic for the cards so I tested mostly eSport titles and a few popular games today and then I threw in a few graphically demanding triple-a titles to [Music] [Music] all the cards use different coolers and none of them are referenced but each of the cards stayed under 80 degrees Celsius even after an overclock from my testing the 1053 gigabyte sits between the two gigabyte and the TI version just like Nvidia stated though it's a little bit closer to the two gigabyte version now whenever there's a game that uses more than two gigs of VRAM the 1053 gigabyte clearly pulls ahead of the two gigabyte version but when we get to games that kind of rely more on memory bandwidth and not have higher resolution textures than the 1053 gigabyte it falls behind right now the three gigabyte version is $20 more expensive than the 2 gigabyte version and $10 less than the TI version it's priced fairly relative to the 1050 Ti but 1050 TI's are generally overpriced so that's not saying too much at its current street price that 1050 2 gigabyte offers the most value at stock and overclocked and the 1050 Ti edges out the 1053 gigabyte but takes a clear advantage after overclocking either cards as of making this video the 1053 gigabyte does not offer much value it's better if you save 20 bucks and get the 10 52 gig and overclock it or you spend the extra 30 bucks from the 1050 and go to the Ti version it's just a better purchase especially after overclocking either if it offered 4 gigs of 32-bit memory then and would have decent enough memory bandwidth where it would be a good competitor against a 10 52 gigabyte or even if it did have 3 gigs but it was a little bit less expensive then it would be a more compelling purchase but at the moment it just doesn't make sense and it seems like in videos trying to compartmentalize way too many tears in their Pascal video card architecture and then the whole PC Gamer solution to the mining video card apocalypse just doesn't really make sense it seems like in videos trying to fix a non-issue the whole crippling of the 1053 gigs memory bandwidth just doesn't make sense because that's under the assumption my hunters are trying to go towards that kind of market and hopefully this crippling will steer them away but it doesn't because I never they never wanted it in the first place anyway hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you liked it then leave a like if you loved it share and subscribe show all of your friends the new 1053 gig and see what they think of it to let me know what you think about the video card let me know what you think about the whole 15 video cards and Pascal right now let me know what you're expecting from Nvidia because there are talks about the 1180 and all these other 11 Series cards coming out without any further ado that's so weird that I said that but I'm just trying to let's just try to finish this without being awkward without any further ado I'll see you guys in the next video peace do my capstone village traditions way University at Albany.

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