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Kapstone paper north charleston sc for money

Kapstone paper north charleston sc for money write for me the definition of cone section at security system reports ´╗┐it's under omma here with Erin Lavelle at UTC and been a while since we've seen you in the cage when can we expect to see you again definitely in don't watch your own flight including I think you had a fight that you you had to withdraw because because of injuries how's that injury coming along so he'll about fun yeah yeah more or less about to normal that just push bathroom speaking of pushing things back I know that you you know the fact that you've had to sort of drop out of a fight because of the injured stuff is that affect you know we were all thinking perhaps by to end of 2013 you'd probably would be looking to turn pro you to pick up five or six fights that has is it pushed that plan back no media on the work i do on a lil bit done by the time I'm 18 are we help me I was warned already like and at the moment no more coaches telling me that don't nothing to worry about free know what my next year I want another like five fights for the end of this year number one body and about ten fights in ready to go pro and want to turn pro that's when you feel something is it is it going to be fighter as a career choice his hat is that way that's weird that come from you know was that I grew up and I wanted to be a fighter I'm at that xbox coach buddy 24-7 member box Valley requires so it's it's inbred earrings in the blood yeah boxer you've got some you box as well as competing MMA and you've got some box and coming up and obviously the obvious answer is well it means I can punch good but how does the boxing or what does the bottom drink to MMA yeah it does allow guys at UTC yani Sean Kelly come from amateur boxing background copper rivets as well and you can see as soon as they come in here it's almost like you've got banks and it's a strong base as well they've got the hand even though you've got a lot to work on your rest energy to what that boxing bags it helps you a lot for that anyone call me a scratch on scratch load and plus in a Mermaid handing the good you get couple eyes what the couple guys that they had got good and work but the box is the way they were very technical variants are not only precisely a lot of people it certainly me among them would say that you know wrestling is probably the best base effort to have but what transitions as a boxer because obviously you can't use your traditional boxing stance or is there a lot of those transitions hard to make or do they become relatively easy maybe he trained mini training and drilling consoling the resting i see'em got a little restaurant common second edge to be honest because I've been arrested for about two years now Finch getting much so much bear I'm arresting blood fusion the box and the wrestling together has become a lot a lot there now and makes it easy for anyway because Walter can take you down enhanced and yes here is there any other of the faceted look footwork for example do you is that is it fair to say that it it's an advantage to have that boxing background definitely after i think the footwork you got good footwork fast and strong and that that's all you need what iceporn image for this favor for you and Viserys yes I and it's you know it's exact it is that the ultimate goal for you it's not just a case of competing UK you you want to be a champion of the biggest you that's the best ago us both a run champion wrong that's it um what does UTC bring to you that it's going to help you get there what is this about this gym in this group of lads that sort of it's some song that's our would just be a bit louder it's not genuine to thumbnail oh it's a group of friends that you come here china thoughtless Martin your help each other perfect it's likely coming out everything you need provided warrior everyone's help it's not like you come there and everyone's jealous if you all get better than him it real happy tonight that's what it's muscle room I I think you're doing some you're doing some coaching here as well and how does that what does that bring to you as a fighter because obviously working with other how does that inform your own fighter coaching on obviously obviously i come from a standard library coaching guys out there in them the only makes me feel better makes the UTC better as a whole read my profile can help someone else not saying I've got the best android well that's all me it's a family everyone helps out everyone and if you can out about our but it's not it's not there if you've got some of Heidi or it's mine now how about sharing about I hate to bring up your age because it just reminds me that I'm not anywhere close to being back in eighteen anything but the first time we stepped in a cage I think you were 16 to see what was that when they closed that door because a lot of a lot of you know men and I'm not trying to be disparaging there but a lot of men that step in the cage for the first time say that's this it's one of the scariest things I've ever done how did you cope with that it's 16 I think awful because I'm just born into it second nature was really just gonna cut it starts a job get Dornish train free no need to be scared you've won already then we train your 41 that's what that's what it's like if you've trained properly confidently fitness know what you've got there is no need to be scared us that's all it is I swallowing so allows the corporate of seeing young the sport oni can get back on you the fifth which is a quite frightening prospect at the moment um ideally when when do you hope the fight when do you hope your next time is next year motif in the next couple months and finally next year straight makan you know I'm going to ask the question because again you you're 18 years old if you weren't going to be a fighter what we gonna be no action laughs that's my only option fighting us to put my heart and soul come on from school this down this is real live your second home do you do you credit your family for that kind of dedicated you know cuz being a said you know it's easy to go to the park have a bottle of cider you know it's saw men but that's kept me away from OC going out Cruz and Jose kept this occupy me get me in even you're kidding you know I don't go it out about what now you start seeing the benefits of you winning points thanks you know did it affect you know high school at all and so do your friendship groups and stuff like you mates always supportive of it yeah my mate I've got a god fun teammates that they're successful only an extreme self the guys that she said look I know the guys that are in football and even fighting as well so it does I'll only surround myself with people positive sir maybe around I see they understand that this is this is what I've got you so we can help me man but I don't want this question to make you sound arrogant and if it does we won't use use the answer but what year we're going to see in the USA how long what's your time are you giving yourself a timeline you're not thinking quite the hour i'll be 20 I'll be turning turning turning on don't tell me you see let's see that's hopefully anyway work that's if you don't have a dream you ain't gonna get it or a c-jun beeping and I want to thank you very much for your time I know you did you know you you're anxious to step back in the cage if there's anybody you want to give a shout out to anybody you want to give thank you too and he'll if there's anybody you want to call out here's the opportunity to do it with Liam coordinates you to see a big THANK YOU shouts all of them with that our coaches more friends that's it family friends I want I want to thank you very much for your time I we look forward to seeing the fight again you know 3 & 0 it was going to become for know fairly quickly i would imagine and best of luck for the future thanks very much because I appreciate a problem career capstone project Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.

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