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Kapstone paper longview wa online

Kapstone paper longview wa online internet of things video tutorials radio 2 story 500 words essay ´╗┐Eric Holder and and whether this is you know Eric Holder's legacy or whether this is just Eric Holder doing something that he thinks is right or whether this you know I don't I don't know if this is a change in position for this administration but he is pointing out that we have states in the United States and and it's not all of the states but it's a bunch of them where it's maybe well let's see in Florida Iowa again Kentucky all felons lose all their rights to vote and then in in sums to in Tennessee Mississippi and Alabama some felons lose a right to vote and then in in New York California Colorado etc once you're on probation you can vote and parolees can vote in most of the rest of the country it's it's a it's kind of a mishmash and so Eric Holder is saying and he it points out I mean this is from their news release states like Florida Kentucky in Virginia as many as one in five black adults have been stripped of voting rights he said it's time this is a quote from Eric Holder himself he said the Attorney General the United States of America he says it's time to fundamentally rethink laws that permanently disenfranchise people who are no longer under federal or state supervision these restrictions are not only unnecessary and unjust they are also counterproductive by perpetuating the stigma and isolation imposed on formerly incarcerated individuals these laws increase the likelihood that they will commit future crimes at worst these laws with the disparate impact on minority communities echo policies enacted during a deeply troubled period in America's past a time of post-civil war discrimination and they have their roots and centuries-old concept conceptions of justice that were too often based on exclusion animus and fear so Eric Holder of course himself african-americans speaking about the impact of that on African Americans horace cooper is himself african-american and a conservative commentator and an attorney a comment a commentator and senior fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research National Center org and Horace welcome back to the program good afternoon thanks for me on today yeah I'm curious your thoughts on this it seems that the conservative position I mean historically conservatives have been all about you know like like David Vitter you know after he got busted with a hooker he apologized he promised never to do it again he confessed his sins and he got a standing ovation from his conservative colleagues the Republicans in the United States Senate when he walked back into the Senate chamber after that now he's running for governor it seems like the conservative position is to say you've paid your debt to society you have paid your price you've served your time you've been through probation you are now embraced back by society again would it not be I think generally true I'm just not clear on the example that you use of where what prison was senator venner time to and how long did he serve and well that's one of the things he was a rich powerful white guy so he never was prosecuted ah but he did confess to a crime I did he did confess he did confess to the crime was a rich powerful black guy but he was prosecuted but he managed to beat the charge too and worry he did have kept his nose clean instead of engaging in future criminality he would have been allowed to go forward you just say Bill Clinton hold her no no I said OJ Simpson oh oh geez Simpson oh yeah yeah you know he had to deal with a with a civil lawsuit and Lana I think it's divisive and I think it's intended to create the false impression that the criminal justice system actually singles out minorities for treatment that's unfair well you know a perverse if I may interrupt you for a second for an actual thoughtful conversation here you mentioned OJ Simpson and I don't know if you're familiar with the book you know when the when the Irish became white but okay well the the basic premise of the book and I think it's a really fascinating anthropological sociological analysis is that quote whiteness in America has been defined a whole lot of different ways over the years and there were long periods in American history where Irish were not considered white where where Jews were not considered white where where Catholics were not considered white at where poor people were not considered white that white really was a socio-economic designation not a not a not not as much a racial designation during the 1890s the Italian immigrants were not considered white so OJ Simpson being very wealthy might be considered if you put it through a purely socio-economic lens part of that white class in quotes that that used to be all about race that now is more about class and income what you think um interesting insight what I find most attractive about it is that it demonstrates that the actual pigment isn't necessarily going to be the determinative factor of your status in American society but I think mr. holder's idea of pursuing this as if this is the big problem facing our nation is designed more to energize disaffected groups into thinking that there's this unjust system in operation and if we can set aside the so-called war on drugs and talk about felony prosecutions in general that's rape that's robbery that's breaking and entering with a value loss of a couple thousand dollars there are a couple of jurisdictions where that's as little as 250 but and most of them it's a over a few thousand dollars in damage when one looks at this you'd have to be arguing that the police simply are uninterested in felonious behavior on the part of the white elite well that's true if you look at drug arrest statistics if you look at drug arrest statistics whites and afro-american whites are more likely to use pot than African Americans but African Americans are eight times more likely to get arrested for yeah I said let's set aside the war on drugs I think down a rabbit hole I'm just talking about felony activity in general okay and in order to get a fell the drug arrests the amount has to be actually significantly high so the state that for depends on the state that's true but you don't have to do that with regard to breaking and entering a robbery or rape or other kind no III got a Hall right Horace apart my interrupting you but we just I just got a one minute cue from Shane we our heart breaks in this minute we have left what should we do with people after they've paid their debt to society should we let them vote or not well depends on the state I have no problem with a petition basis and I have no problem with a system that says in this state they'll let you automatically do it I guess I do have a problem with places like Vermont that let you vote even absentee even while sitting in the prison why there's still a member of society yeah and but yet your actions demonstrate that you didn't appreciate that right but you're paying your price well some of these places people pay their price others of these places it's a lengthy timeout and I mean I think Vermont might do that because Matthew Lyon got you know a John Adam sent Matthew Lyon to jail and he set a vermont jail cell and ran ran and successfully for reelection in the election of 1800 i don't know horace cooper it's always an interesting conversation when national center org is the website horace thanks for being with us today do my r programming capstone The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

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