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Kapstone paper and packaging oakland ca order

Kapstone paper and packaging oakland ca order write for me capstone college versus uei college all in the golden afternoon poem analysis essay [Music] hello welcome back to another pen talk thanks for tuning in today we're going to be looking at a pen which I get interested in because of wasps key squirrel saying how much he loved the pen and so I felt I would take a look around I didn't expect to really find one but I found this on one of the pen board classified sections where of 10 people sell pens and the price was excellent so put in an offer and I got it what's interesting is there's no branding on the capital and it's not a clip that I recognize this is also a pen which I have not had a lot of experience with I just have one of them which I haven't discussed in my videos is decent weight to it nice metal cap is the standard pull off cap and there we see the branding at the top of the section it's an Aurora 88 I need to find out the date I'm going to do more research on that there's a serial number what appears to be a serial number on the back of the section considering its branded in the front that might be something of of importance the piston goes up and down fairly smoothly I definitely got to take it apart and clean it and one of the things that's nice about it is is the section just unscrews there's a lot of threads there which you're nice I've already down put the piston down at the bottom and we're going to be cleaning this out there's a fair amount of a black ink in here there was some blue ink in the section and nib that I think this seller used to do a test writing the other thing that interested me in this pen was the nib is advertised as a soft someone flexible nib so it certainly does look that way so I'm looking forward to doing a little bit restoration work on this and putting some nice ink in it and seeing how it right so we'll take you through that journey and hopefully it comes out as nicely as we expect it to I've spent some time with the Aurora 88 vintage I cleaned it up a little bit it didn't require much I now know that this is the iconic clip design on the original 88 also has a little silver finial at the top of the cap same material it is in these two rings I'm not going to try to pronounce it celluloid body and at the night section and blind cap I can't tell from the feel I mean the materials all feel the same in my hands as you can see it's a very good sized pen if it's extremely well in the hand it posts fine you can feel the cap because the cap does have some weight to it we'll give you those weights one of the things about buying vintage and I've read it a few pens have lost their little plug here at the end of the blind cap and that's a screw I'm assuming you could take out that would let you remove the blind cap and then probably push out the piston cylinder and this thing is easy to repair long as you take your time and understand what you're doing at least that's what I understand but since this works great as is I did silicone the inside here and the piston slides up okay I wouldn't call it extremely smooth but for pendants well over 60 years old I think you're going to have to understand that not everything is going to be perfect the serial number is about 1.8 million which puts the manufacturing date at 1952 which is the AR was born so that's pretty nice I don't have a pen that I can date to that year exactly it's on and off very nicely the nib stays wet and that's one of the reasons why I got this pen was because of the way it was described by this seller and let's take a look at how the nib goes on the paper being up in Aurora pen you should use an Aurora ink so this is the new blue black which I thought would be a good ink to throw in here I think the color is okay but it's not an ink that hits it out of the park in my view but it is a nice everyday use in any type of occasion ink and it has great flow and wetting capabilities the flow is phenomenal as you can see the nib is extrude I did after adjust the tines a little bit but it's a minor adjustment and I've been getting more comfortable with looking at the nib under a loop and doing little things like adjustments and smoothing and you know they recently he said it ebonite eed so you know you become more comfortable with pens and you know I love vintage so obviously it's going to require some intervention by the meter writer and I also like inexpensive pens which also require usually a little bit of fine-tuning but that's the fun part these are analog devices and they relate to tuning this requires no pressure to lay down ink on the paper which I can't say that about every pen the other thing is is the grip you know this is supposedly to emulate a parker 51 indesign and it does emulate it and you know semi hooded nib not fully hooded which is like the 51 has but then the 51 was designed to use that quick drawing a parker clink ink so this one was designed to use a more normal type of ink so here's the 88 and i've just paired it up with two early parker 50 ones obviously very similar cigar shaped a little bit more of a rounded end here and this is a flat end with has the jewel in it but the barrel looks very similar I've always liked the clip on the Parkers the one with the blue jewel is very nice that's their lifetime guarantee even though this has a nice gold tilt cap and this is that lost alloy cap this one doesn't have it it's a later model clip it may be the body of the pen belays it to be an earlier pen but you never know if you take a look at the top you can see the nice jewel that the Parker 51 has and they tried to emulate it in the Aurora 88 capped are also very similar in length you can see the the noticeable girth difference and also it's a shorter section here's a very long section and there's out fully hooded NIMH and a semi hooded nib I certainly do enjoy writing with you or 88 more than I do with any of the Parker 50 ones that I've been able to restore these are the early vacuum attic ones the aromatic filler ones I find easier to work on because I haven't really been able to fix any vacuum attics yet as part of my goal for a future time or the close-up that shows a emphasizes the differences both of them have people might call it a clutch ring or whatever but this is used to engage the cap when it's posted or when it's capped yeah the there's one of both ends on the 88 whereas the Parker 51 just blue tires on a friction fit when you post it so again you can see I think it emulates but doesn't mimic you know that's a fine line but it is an interesting correlation and they were inspired by the Parker 51 that may be a better terminology comfortable I find this pen to be extremely comfortable in total it feels better in a hand to me than the 51 because this section is a little bit bigger I didn't go and do a great deal a history on this pen I'm going to link you to two videos that I think go into it in much more depth than that I want to so if you're interested you can look those up Pella Hale and LSU squirrel one is a couple years old but still very good and he goes into a level of detail that I think is extremely good so hopefully you've enjoyed this look at I think I would call this vintage you know it's hard to say vintage I talked about post vintage pre-modern you know a whole bunch of phrases you can use but considering this was design was based on like the parker 51 which came out in the early 40s which is definitely vintage and this is early 50s so because in DaVinci I'm very happy that I now have an 88 in my collection to write with and enjoy and appreciate they'll soon be another one coming so look for another video in the future on that when it has an italic nib that Lisa spit advertises that so I'm looking forward to that so may you all have great writing experiences enjoy the pleasures of pens and life and all the variety that they both have till later bye [Music] write for me capstone project to develop a project plan University at Buffalo.

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