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Kapstone paper and packaging amsterdam ny for money

Kapstone paper and packaging amsterdam ny for money capstone asset management in houston texas absoluter und komparativer vorteil beispiel essay I'm very happy that the local boys are engaging in lots of conversation we're taking somewhat of a backseat because our language is a barrier for us we can have a little chat here and there but generally speaking the bulk of the work now is being done by the local people they've learned one thing now I'm so happy to see the brothers dead they're actually having a conversation as opposed to give an electric trip and he doesn't even know see look at the show you things we're not gonna lie he goes to a shadow a little shadow no Mohammed or subha now we have a conversation with an Christian from the Christian the sixth and he was here with his wife then she was wanted attack essence and you're right here then you're not allowed to come as to entity to convert us to your religion and we just we just try we just just answered with just simple questions yeah do you believe in Jesus Jesus was God and Son of God and quite this question this Christians made him Sir with him Sir distracted him and he was he was after after after after you after a few sentences he was just was not sure sure anymore and he was just on the way to go back and we kept him hamdullah and give him give him so many many arguments and many things from the Bible and logical arguments and he lived in a this soldier that had this was not so he was ready you know disparate in that they worried the spirit situation and he he he firmly begged him let me go let me go and he went understand that true that does believe just in the in the in the message Jesus can with and and and now will ask you just for you just for you will believe and through your actions and it was a very good conversation what I want you to imagine today brothers and sisters is this fabulous kingdom and within this kingdom there are an adoring mass throne of people that appreciate their ruler the king is so generous he gives them anything that they want gold and silver horses women he gives them houses he gives them beautiful riding beasts and he gives him access to you know the kingdom all the in such a way that other kings do not give he allows them to even sleep in the palace of the king himself what an amazing Kingdom that would be suddenly one night everybody wakes up after asleep and changing the attitude despite the hitherto they loved the King so much for what he had bestowed on them what he given them out of his generosity in his kingdom they certainly didn't appreciate what the King gave them anymore and this is the reality of what we are today brothers and sisters in the sense that Allah the king of kings has given us everything that we need and despite this on him because we do not remember him do not worship Him we do not we do not speak of him highly we do not so Hannah beg him and cry to him but we beg to humans and we cry to humans this is the reality of what we like today so brothers and sisters my message to you with this backdrop of you know the kingdom this is the Kingdom Gardens under which rivers flow this is what you can get if you go and you go back to our LA and you worship Allah we call to Allah you address a lot in the highest names and the best names that we know that Allah has been given us to address him with the titles of majesty and honor the provider Salaam Rahman al Raheem Maliki own beam all of the beautiful names that are lots of hano Attalla and given us addressing by those names remember him frequently remember the beautiful magnitude of his honor and his his provider provision that he has given you and he continues to give you and he's promised you a home a place in the home and what is the home brothers and sisters the home is ultimately Jana Jana this is not your home although it has things in Salima tude you know the greenery and rivers is not your home your home is where Adam and Eve were established and that is Jenna where they got sent down from they got misguided by Shaitaan Shaitaan doesn't want you to return home and this is why he does not want you to worship Allah he doesn't want you to spend years and years in humble submission be heroes my advice to you is go ahead and do that today and return home tomorrow so here we are at the port in more skins and these are fairy Mary it's left with it's left without us we cannot get to our next destination Oh No we've been up it's 7 o'clock in the morning right now I know you can't tell because the Sun doesn't go down but we've been up since 4:00 a.m. this morning after fudger we got ready we left our cabins and we go straight down here to the port just aboard this ferry and we were beaten by who the elephant they cook all night and not only that and we missed our merry but they've also booked the next two fairies so subhanAllah here now stuck and we have no idea what to do again but no worries as we know in the path of tower there was always typical to see we have many many examples of this from the serie of rasulullah sallallahu set ups and insha'Allah insha'Allah there's higher than this so we're just gonna try and find it so here we are with a little die Khadijah and today we're going to be discussing the letter R in our gorap series which stands for revelation so Khadijah yesterday you were talking to us about the purpose of our creation and you told us that the Creator had told us so where did the Creator tell us about the book of the Muslims the Quran and why do you believe in this book instead of any other book like the Bible or something because it's done a book that talked about like God and how he described so it's the only book that describes the Creator the same way as we discussed before and where does it do that what you mean there's nothing like you know house yeah no man is different to the house but we can think about man we can think about the house can't we think about a lot well can you think about okay I made up an end oh yeah is it a brand-new or is pieces no I took pieces from different animals and made them into a new animal yeah so no no life when you never see nothing okay so because I've seen animals and I still can't make a new animal how can I imagine a law when we've seen nothing like you okay I understand but what makes you think that the Quran is real is true okay there's any mistakes in the Quran no okay and did it change someone changes they change it but maybe when people were careful copying it you know they they just made sure they didn't change anything that's 1,400 years thousands Muslims just try to be careful mm-hmm okay fine it's not easy to believe that over 1,400 years every single Muslim was careful completely and made no mistakes okay fine but I'm still not convinced before yeah yeah no the mountain doesn't hold the sky it's like it's hosts study yeah because the earth stable okay so when do you read the Quran yeah then they say oh let's do that there's something else okay and it was how do you think this fails so you're saying it has knowledge that they didn't know at the time yeah but maybe it was all Lucky guesses yes yeah looking us like for 400 years ago emerges writes down oh this happened and this happened a fortune from the okay fine so why he does Allah say he made this thing he has to be yeah to worship Him okay and why should we do that him in the next life okay yeah okay if you do things yeah same way okay so then what do we do so what do you just well I want to be the one that gets anything they want yeah okay okay so how do I do that well you take two Shahada think it you have to be a Muslim okay so how do I do that you say the Shahada okay what's that Allah is the only one the only God worthy of worship yeah okay you didn't tell me about Muhammad okay and that's how easy it is to just basically go through the Quran suckle affair Islamic and what I felt a lot you benny won capstone wealth advisors State University of New York at Brockport.

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