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Johnnie burt capstone counseling

Johnnie burt capstone counseling write for me arduino lesson 1 pdf caring for climate report usa ´╗┐this is Duke University tentatively this research suggests that multiple political economic factors ecological conditions and structural associations between nations or societies all to some extent influence society nature relationships so now turning a bit to the ecological footprint of Nations I'm assuming that I'm go I'm going to assume that many if not all of you are kind of familiar with the footprint at least conceptually maybe some of you have used in the classroom you've had your students go online and calculate their footprint and realize that there would need to be like eight worlds if everyone consumed as much stuff as they do it's a very useful tool pedagogically and it's really quite eye-opening but here we're analyzing the per capita footprints of Nations or specifically these data quantify the amount of biologically productive land required to support the consumption of renewable natural resources and assimilation of co2 waste products of a given population in this context per person because we're looking at for capita footprints a little bit more specifically these measurements include the amount of cropland grassland and pasture forest area the bio productive area required to absorb co2 release from fuels are burned and the area required for blend for built infrastructure what's unique about these measurements though is they're actually reported in global hectares or area units and if you've ever looked at the calculations involved by those that come up with these data which I'll talk about a minute the global footprint network folks they're rather complicated and I could spend two or three hours talking about the methodology and I can't but I'll say a few things to sort of give you an idea of the logic behind it the general idea is consumption or consumption based environmental demand equals production plus imports minus exports for a whole bunch of stuff more than 600 products primary resources as well as manufactured goods it arrived them the global footprint networks folks obtain data from the FAO stat and un comtrade data sets where flows of goods are reported in wait so they're able to obtain these data in weight rather than by value by economic by by their economic value a couple of important things to keep in mind too in these sorts of calculations a variety of equivalence factors and you'll factors are used to deal with differences in world average productivity among land types or to account national differences in biological productivity as well and they're also quite careful to make sure that they're not double counting dealing with issues such as secondary ecological functions that are accommodate on the same space as primary functions okay I'm already getting into a lot of nitty-gritty but more generally though and this is an important point on the one hand this is a rather comprehensive measure on the other hand it does it include everything but this sort of simplified map shows that in general nations that tend to be in the global north that are more affluent have higher per capita footprints but tend to have lower levels of deforestation within their borders many of them actually have experienced rates of reforestation or a forestation conversely then it's kind of in the global south you see lesser developed countries primarily in the global south tend to have lower per capita footprints yet higher rates of deforestation within their borders thus this kind of resource consumption environmental degradation paradox now later in my theoretical discussion i'll talk explicitly about ecologically unequal exchange theory that argues with in sociology that these sorts of inverse relationships are sort of two sides to some extent of the same coin dealing with unequal exchanges between more affluent and less affluent societies in the contemporary world economy jority what were reporting or fixed effects models we use random effects models where we have time invariant predictors like climate and I'll get to that a minute and a few others all of our models include unreported spirit period-specific intercepts we analyze our pretty large according to us pretty large unbalanced panel data set 2 to 10 observations from 1960 203 you know this five year increments and then in 2003 469 Nations developed in less developed countries our sample size is very because we want to maximize the available availability of data so sample sizes vary greatly for 156 25 and 34 observations some of the really small ones are because we restrict some of our models just to less developed countries as you'll see in our final set of analyses are restricted currently to the 1975 to 2000 period but we're working on resolving that temporal limitation are dependent variables to per capita footprint that we obtained from the global footprint Network I'm happy to share these data by the way if anyone's interested for whatever reason it's a huge time series data set it's quite interesting a lot of opportunities I think for a lot of dissertation or thesis projects with these data all of our in the majority of our independent variables are obtained from the World Bank or the World Resources Institute level development again constant US dollars all of our measures are logged or done so to minimize skewness arable land per capita this is our measure of urbanization again it's quite limited but this is pretty consistent with what's usually used at least in comparative sociology but we acknowledge it's quite limited this is our military measure that we're currently using and what we're reporting here military expenditures is percent gdp we control for manufacturing services even though I didn't explicitly talk about it within that kind of rough around the edges working draft we do a great deal there's a lot of pragmatic reasons and theoretical reasons why we should control for the manufacturing and services sectors indeed this is not what I expected to find I expected to find perhaps some evidence of relative decoupling in developed countries and we're seeing the same pattern here this really surprises us and again you know methodologically when things surprise you that much are you doing something wrong are you doing something wrong for less developed countries we're not as surprised you know because different theories that are often at odds with one another might predict this whether there are more critical perspectives or traditional modernization perspectives that we're not seeing any evidence of relative decoupling in this context in lesser developed countries the way that we split this Cesar those in the upper the up we arrange it in income quartile so the upper income quartile the bottom three income quartiles we really would love to get your thoughts about this because we really want to try to figure out how to rigorously and fairly assess this decoupling debate this is one of the biggest issues in environment sociology I think it has serious policy implications we do think that tentatively that what we're seeing so far this really does sort of back up this argument we're making about a serious need at least with in sociology environment sociology for much more theoretically inclusive and method logically rigorous comparative research on environment so see ology and this is something that we're trying to do produced by duke university online at rice university capstone project online St. Lawrence University, Canton.

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