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Jobs at capstone logistics for money

Jobs at capstone logistics for money do my rules in writing a capstone project essay pro immigration interest ´╗┐the Justice Department must immediately appoint a special prosecutor given that Attorney General Sessions impartiality is compromised that responsibility will fall to the Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana bole NT who is a career civil servant originally appointed US Attorney by President Obama all right that was Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calling for a special prosecutor after a firestorm of criticism Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from investigations involving the Trump campaign and Russia could sessions face perjury charges for misleading Congress about those contacts let's discuss with former White House ethics czar Norman Ison he's a fellow at the Brookings Institution and former US attorney Matthew Whitaker he's also executive director of the foundation for accountability and civic trust gentlemen great to have you here mr. Whitaker let me start with you so now Jeff sessions has recused himself legally what's next do you believe he could face perjury charges I don't and it's pretty simple you know in order to go up on perjury charges not only would they have to demonstrate that what he said was willful which if you watch I watched the video at the time back and watched it sent and it's very clear that senator Franken is asking him about campaign contacts with Russian officials and not his not senator session at the time talking to Russian ambassador as part of the Armed Service Committee job he has and then you would also have to demonstrate that his testimony was regarding it was willful his false statement and it was a regarding a material fact which you know based on that standard I just think it would be impossible to for any prosecutor to bring a case based on these facts okay mr. Eisen do you share that opinion good morning Allison thanks for having me I do not share that opinion the Attorney General said I did not have communications with Russia it was a categorical statement and we know now that he did have communications with Russia twice his spokesperson came out yesterday and I took the same position as mr. Whittaker's as well it was a surrogate thing but now we know that the trip on which he met the Russian ambassador one of these occasions was paid for by political fund campaign funds yeah so does that mean that you think we'll face perjury charges I think he can face perjury charges I think there's ample when you watch that video I see something very different than mr. Whittaker I see a categorical declaration I think he's exposed I think that's why we need a special counsel to be appointed by mr. Valenti under the rules and I think it's one more issue Allison that's what's so concerning issue after issue it has that Watergate feel to it and it all leads me back the Watergate question follow the money Donald Trump's son says he gets a lot of Russian investments mm-hmm we need to see those Trump tax returns that's where this is headed okay I need a special counsel that was that the the press has certainly been calling to those tax returns but let me play for you both what jeff Sessions said in a press conference yesterday this was him explaining why he answered senator al franken the way he did listen to this my reply to the question of senator Franken was honest and correct as I understood it at the time I appreciate that some have taken the view that this was a false car net that is not my intent that is not correct I will write to Judiciary Committee soon today or tomorrow on to explain this testimony for the record in fact mr. Whitacre he says that he's going to submit this supplemental information by paper to the committee so is that it case closed I mean legally is that all that has to be done here well again I mean I appreciate my colleagues perspective but I will tell you that you look at the testimony and the questioning from Senator Franken you know it was not Jeff Sessions job to anticipate what senator Franken was asking him or should have asked him I mean if Senator Franken wanted to go outside the context of the campaign in the Trump for president campaign and its contacts in senator sessions contacts with Russian officials he could have senator Franken knows that as part of the Armed Services Committee job that senator sessions at the time had that he would be meeting with ambassadors and quite possibly could have met with a Russian ambassador and so you know I love how some folks on the Left loved just bring in you know Trump tax returns and all these you know campaign funds they try to muddy the water but it's you know it's a much simpler question than that and as a former federal prosecutor I don't get distracted by sort of the circus atmosphere I look very specifically at you know what was what was the answer and I think based in the context of the questions Senate Senator sessions the time answered my question and was now going to supplement the record I think maybe at this point it would be helpful to go back and watch that exchange so we can all decide for ourselves if he answered the direct question let's listen to this if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign what will you do senator Franken I'm not aware of any of those activities I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didn't have to not have communications with the Russians and I'm unable to comment on it okay so mr. Eisen that he says if there's any evidence of having communicated with the Russians in the course of the campaign so you can understand mr. Richter thinks it was just a campaign question but that's not how you interpret it no the Attorney General veered off of the question and volunteered that he had not had any Russian communications when we know that he had to he can't the defenders of the Attorney General can't just wave a magic wand over this scandal and the context is very important it's not just that there's serious questions and the Attorney General should have to answer under oath he should be cross-examined he can't just brush it off with a letter to Congress we need to understand was it willful or not but it's in context where there have been so many issues about the Russia investigation and such slow Rolly and the people in Congress who were supposed to be looking at it are actually now we find out making off-the-record calls to reporters to defend the conduct we need a special counsel to look at the whole context in which these possibly false statements were made including the president's ties to Russia oh my goodness our democratic procedures were attacked by a foreign power and it turns out the Trump campaign and possibly mr. Trump himself his Attorney General was involved the Attorney General is in charge of truth in our country Allison a different standard applies Alberto Gonzalez had her leave his post yet or a lesser statement okay in the Bush administration mr. Klein needs Nixon's attorney general either had to lead to a misdemeanor for a lesser statement a than what mr. sessions did thank you mr. Eisen mr. Whitacre obviously we will see what happens next in this investigation thank you both for your opinions Chris good capstone project letter of intent online Ulster County Community College.

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