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Itt tech electronics capstone project order

Itt tech electronics capstone project order do my public health capstone berkeley essays on a modest proposal ´╗┐hey youtube welcome to another episode of the undergrad forum now this episode is gonna cover something I mentioned in the update video which is how to take condense notes to make your overall studying more efficient more effective and really just a better use of your time so you can do other things now I wish I would have known this an undergrad that would have it would have made my life so much easier and the basic principle this study tools I don't know if is an official name for this but I was reading some books about how to study effectively and how to do certain things and the overall message of several books that I read was the exact same thing take the content for each class you know first save for a physics class or an English class or for a literature class or for a bio class the professor gives you some degree of content you need to learn whether it be like handouts or textbooks or lecture notes or powerpoints or whatever so you have material you need to learn what I did an undergrad which was a very probably older method and it just took a lot of time was to sit there read all of it think about it as I'm going along try to memorize it make flashcards when I need to write down some notes mainly just in the book like in the Marchant and do a lot of highlighting and I would read it all take my time go really you know go into detail and then look at everything again when it comes time for the exams obviously this is not the most efficient use of your time it's great if you want to spend a lot of your time studying and you don't mind but if you want to be a little bit more effective the nice thing to do is to just not have to go through all the material again when you're reviewing that's not exactly effective so the whole thing that's holding you study method of condense notes it concerns the fact of taking all the content you need to learn that part doesn't change the hard work is still required of reading through all the material and understanding getting going through it but what you do while you're reading it instead of spending so much time highlighting writing in the margins and such while doing that you know up to you how much you want to do it you also have the sheet of paper next to you where you're writing down notes as to what you think is important in what you're reading whether they be lecture notes you know you're going to go through the lecture notes and write down just the important things you need to know leave out all the fillers you leave out all the things that you do not think are important or are gonna be on the exam or are key to the course there's a lot of filler in textbooks and lectures so you'd have to kind of filter that out and that's exactly what you do when you study it's nothing new what you're studying you learn the material and you're going through it now instead of just trying to memorize all of it write it down while you're doing it that aids you in two ways one it's gonna help you memorize it better initially so you're gonna learn things because you're writing it down and you're slowing yourself down and second you're gonna have these notes that are condensed that contain all the critical information that you then review later and that's the key when it comes time to review for an exam most often repetition is the key the more you review the better you know it so instead of going through and reviewing all of the content again all of the textbook pages and chapters all of the lecture slides all of the lecture notes all the handouts which at some point you know you can do it in undergrad but you won't be able to do it later and it's a really big use of your time so instead of going through everything again just all you have to do is you have these like you know five or six pages of condense notes per lecture and you just go through those and you just review them and review and that repetition is really gonna get the information in there and you're gonna be thinking about it of course the key here is having good notes so one thing that's kind of somewhat fearful is well what if I don't have good notes and I'm studying things that aren't really all that useful well that's something you have to figure out because what you're writing on the notes is what you're really memorizing when you're reading something over and when you review again for an exam so you're you already know what to read and you automatically dis still what's information cuz it gets stored in your mind now just instead of just storing it write it down I mean that's not the best advice but I'm sure you don't you'll figure that is that that's not the difficult part the difficult part is just going through spending investing all that time learning the material and writing it down do not write down things are easy to remember you know things that are easy for you write down things that in a week you will not remember off the top of your head if it's a simple concept most likely not worth right now because you already get it if it's a nuance and some advanced part of it write it down you most likely will not remember it in a week and that's the whole point of the notes it keeps repetition going all the thing is that you won't remember and that are probably that are obviously important so that's a new style of studying it's probably an old style of a night and shirt but it's something that I came across I wish I would have known that undergrad that would have saved me a lot of time and I think it's a really effective tool because repetition is key the more you review the material the more you see it the better you're gonna be and that really goes off a principle of a lot of mistakes people make during tests that they'll get like a test back and the wonder why didn't do all that well well then you know you ask that person well how well did you know the material and they'll say well it was pretty familiar well they're you know are there any pretty familiar questions on the test that ask you for pretty familiar content no everything's pretty detailed and specific that's where the notes come into play the repetition allows you to assimilate all the detail and all that little small facts you need to know for the exam if you just reviewed it once or twice you you know you just got the big picture just a lot of the detail you did not get because he has been so much time filtering through everything again so that's the thing try it out I don't see it hurting you because I'm gonna start trying it now I wish I would have known it earlier as I've said probably several times in the video you know I feel like kicking myself cuz I didn't think of this but it's a good plan make those condensed notes review them often you'll have more free time to do other extracurricular things or do whatever else you like make youtube videos and really effective tool to use hopefully you guys like this new short video thing I'm doing no more part twos and threes short videos to the point condense videos just like your notes and thanks for watching guys feel free to subscribe if you're not a subscriber if you want share it with your friends up to you share the knowledge we're trying to pass around and if you got comments if you want to be critical tell me you know I think you're making mistakes let me know you know that's nothing there's nothing better than to let me to let me know that I'm making a mistake or you have an an edge you want to put on this technique let me know and I'll make a response video will update and that's all you know it's the best we can do for the for the YouTube community here thanks again for watching guys and enjoy your studies do my trabajo en capstone gold zacatecas Modern Orthodox Judaism.

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