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Internet of things with raspberry pi

Internet of things with raspberry pi capstone waitsfield vt for money a good thesis for cause and effect essays [Music] the detention of an illegal immigrant woman in Arizona outside of an ice location in Phoenix has sparked protests now the woman was warned by activists that she was at risk of being deported for a felony conviction that she had for criminal impersonation in which she apparently used somebody's social security number to obtain employment now we all know that identity theft is not a victimless crime there are victims to this type of crime so let's go ahead and ask some of these students here at the University of Texas in Austin if they would want an illegal immigrant that stole their identity to be deported did you hear about the case with Guadalupe who is currently being detained in Arizona what do you think about that I guess personally I don't have like that much information on it I don't really know the details so I try not to have like too far one way or the other on how I feel about it but to be honest I guess I'd have to know more information about it what do you think about Trump's movies okay what do you guys think about Trump's immigration policies do you think that if somebody commits a crime they should be deported if they're here already illegally I prefer not to comment on those yeah so do i I'm sorry we pronounced on thank you though what do you think about I prefer not to comment actually that's only funny that's fine what do you think about Donald Trump's immigration policies I don't know I'm fine nobody wants to speak on this subject out of probably fear of being non politically correct I'm immigrant myself so I'm not I'm not American so I have no say in this where are you from I'm from the islands of Barbados yeah Westin easier that is rihanna's from there wow that's pretty cool so what do you think have you heard about the case of a woman named Guadalupe that's an illegal immigrant that's currently being detained in Arizona and she could be being deported because she committed felony identity theft what do you think about that well she says you broke the law well anyone breaks the law and obviously I think for us to get is I don't know I really don't know them do you ever consider stealing somebody's identity no why that's like an offense like immigrants right I guess like if you come to my get a visa right then you get a I might get a green card then there's no need to do that if you don't have a citizenship or you sustain your country and try to work on it if it doesn't happen it I think is not meant to be here why commit a crime when you could just go through the proper process to become a legal citizen here right you can marry someone you can write someone right maybe do that instead of like stealing someone's identity find a American husband get married and that's my thing on it do you think that if somebody's already come here illegally and they commit a crime or a felony do you think that they should 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