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Internet of things with esp8266 pdf free download for money

Internet of things with esp8266 pdf free download for money what happened to capstone turbine grant mcfetridge phd thesis defense ´╗┐there's no defense and in front of us we are looking at a typical plastic Ruger box that they ship their firearms in specifically I think this is pretty much the box with a ship and store all revolvers in regardless of the barrel length size and everything kind of lame on Ruger but whatever anyway what's more important is what's inside and let's take a look at that that's right I got the big boy here the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan chambered in 44 Magnum I've taken some flack about this in the past so I'm just going to go over quickly what's in here this is what I'm saying though you can see this would accommodate any pretty much any barrel length any size this is not a small revolver at all and you can see it fits comfortably in that box don't quote me on that on the whole box thing but comes with a lock a lot of paperwork the test-fired shell all the safety crap the manual and this one was actually test-fired in November of 2013 so it is a fairly new model and that's all it comes in the box you know I've received complaints before about me going over what's in the box and everybody says who cares what's in the box some people care you know some people don't anyway here's what we are here to look at the ruby red hawk super Alaskan what I would call a snub nose revolver chambered in 44 Magnum and is a six-shot revolver and as you can see it is empty I had won one of these for a long long time finally got my hands on one you know believe it or not they're actually pretty hard to find used this one was used and it's a pretty good shape real quick they make these in 44 mag like this one is 454 casull I believe that's how you pronounce that and 480 Ruger all of them have this satin stainless finish excuse me all of them all of the Alaskans have the two and a half inch barrel length overall length is 7.62 inches this particular one the 44 mag the barrel is one in 20 right hand twist this is the heavier of all of them at 45 ounces and suggested retail is almost just over $1100 the grip here is a Hogue tamer grip with the cobblestone it's a six shot has a ramp front sight which I believe you can switch out if you like the rear sight is adjustable it has a white outline and as I mentioned before it is a six-shot one of the most impressive things about this revolver is looking down this end of it this is the first 44 magnum revolver that I've ever owned and you know I wanted one for a long long time now that I've had it and shot it a couple times you know I have to ask myself is it really practical I know what it's meant for is it's meant for it's meant to be a packed gun you know obviously in Alaska or somewhere where you're going to encounter a large game animal something you know bear I don't know mountain lion is something big like that where you need to you know something small that you can pack easily yet packs enough punch to down one of these things just from shooting this this does pack a lot of punch it's not as bad as some people would make it out to be I can only assume because this is one of the few 44 magnums that I've fired that this has a little more punch to it than a longer barrel although I'm not sure I would assume that the longer barrel has you know it builds more pressure obviously so I don't know if it recoils more the Hogue grip does a great job of taming that recoil however and if you can see here here's the back of the revolver and there's a good amount of padding right there for your your hand and you really need that when you fire when you're firing this thing I just think this thing is absolutely gorgeous looking I do actually think a lot of revolvers are gorgeous looking but I love the way this one looks I love the satin finish I love that it says you know Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 44 mag in the front there as far as I know this is the same frame size as the 454 except this has a fluted cylinder and the 454 just has a smooth cylinder and I think all I do really is just change out this barrel but use the same frame and everything if you've ever seen a Red Hawk it looks basically like this except it has kind of a skinny barrel sticking out of here so and from what I've heard people were cutting those barrels down long before they came out with this thing you know cutting them down right here just to make it easier to pack I fired it my dad fired it my wife fired it you know it's not for the novice but it's also not ridiculous that you know you can't handle it it does how I mentioned has a whole grip with the traditional Hobe cobblestone texture to it took a lot of shots with this thing and I'll roll some of that shooting footage right now yeah ah finally I was awesome okay just shoot I'm scared Oh scared that's why you should pull the hammer back in that way you got a nice light pull okay so I pull it back half way back all the way all the way all the way right there okay you're hot watch out for that trigger you're hot get on the target and then yeah there you go Oh second shot 44 mag you know at first I was really scared to shoot this one-handed but it wasn't that bad after I did it you can see it recoils quite a bit here's a 240 grain 44 magnum soft point a quite a large round when you were looking at these things you know I really like I mentioned before I really really wanted one of these and now that I have one I question the for my purposes I question the practicality of it it's it's almost like a novelty you know it's kind of like I'm never gonna I'm a I guess if I go camping or something but you know in my everyday life okay here's how dumb I am I thought that I was going to be able to conceal carry this thing I thought yeah I'll get that thing and I'll conceal it and I'll carry that around and you know I'll be cool but there's no way it's just so heavy I think it weighs right at three pounds it's a heavy revolver everyone that pigna has picked it up and said oh my god it is literally a hand Hanan sounds like a hand cannon when this thing goes off and it's just not practical for concealed carry for everyday carry outside the waistband I don't even know I mean it might it's heavy man I don't know if you could really deal with carrying this thing all day I know Ruger makes that chest holster that holds six extra rounds I believe and you can go hiking with that you know I guess if I was going to go hiking in the woods or in the foothills here I would probably take this just because I would be satisfied with the amount of firepower I have and it's it's small enough to maneuver around and pack easily but like I said it's more of a novelty to me now I I almost thought that I couldn't live without it and I guess it makes an effective home defense I don't even know if it makes an effective home defense you know I'd really almost trust my 357 more but it is built like a tank there's no way you're going to break this thing I would almost feel comfortable you know driving down the road going 30 miles an hour tossing this out the window it would survive no problem I'm pretty sure you could use it for a boat anchor also I'm pretty sure it is just massively built look at the way this top strap looks and the top of the barrel is just absolutely enormous great-looking little revolver I hope you enjoyed watching me shoot it not sure if I'm going to keep it or not had to have it now that I have it I question why I got it but I still love the way it looks and I still love it I'm more of a Smith & Wesson fan however I just I think I'd rather have this then like a model 20 I'd rather look at a model 29 and shoot this if that makes sense but anyway this is the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 44 Magnum six-shot revolver hog tamer mono grip which is a necessity I've seen guys who switch out the grips for wooden grips and I just think to myself why why did you do that but ap capstone seminar stimulus material order Guttman Community College, Midtown Manhattan.

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