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Internet of things wiki tieng viet

Internet of things wiki tieng viet cpa capstone 1 presentation schedule stone academy greenville sc [Music] we're in a time of change great change in every aspect of our world we are witnessing and feeling the impacts both positive and negative in Canada we're in a time of Truth and Reconciliation what does that mean what truths do we have to reconcile I know in the grand scheme of things what this means and what's involved I read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report paying specific attention to the calls to actions involving education I asked myself this does reconciliation have to be this grand gesture or can it be a series of small actions that create change on a meaningful level so you're probably wondering Who am I and why do I care I'm a member of the lake Bobby nation which is in the carrier or daca territory of northern British Columbia my ancestry is both carrier and Irish through my paternal grandfather I am the district vice principal of Aboriginal education for school district 91 I'm also a member of the Aboriginal leadership Advisory Committee for the BC principals and vice principals Association I know swanky right well I thought here's my opportunity to create change for the benefit and reconciliation of up for all students and educators within BC what I wasn't ready for was the change that was about to occur within my own thinking have you ever heard something that was meant to be inconsequential but had a profound and resounding impact on you you couldn't shake the words after they left someone's mouth I did I was at my first meeting of the aboriginal leadership advisory committee and my colleagues were going around the room formally introducing themselves it was Irene Ives turn Irene is a matey woman who works as a vice principal for the Greater Victoria School District there were two things that she said that really resonated with my thinking first she introduced herself by identifying the last names of the matey families that she descended from and also the settlements that they had originated from being curious I immediately started questioning in my mind is this how matey people identify themselves as an Aboriginal person when other Aboriginal people come up to me and they want to know who I am they usually ask me two things where are you from and who are your grandparents that connection to place an ancestry being the focus of who I am as an individual within my broader community it also pointed out my lack of knowledge around matey customs and culture she then said something that was intrigued and perplexed me she said for those of us who live in the shadows of those raised in culture I had never heard anyone described their culture in this way but it made me think and after much reflection on this idea I had a thought I have cultural privilege I had never heard this term before but it was my own conclusion to what she expressed about her identity and how she felt about culture so I did what any curious person would do I googled it and not just any google for you academics in the crowd I know you're there Google Scholar when I got back oh I wanted to know who else had thought about this before me and what were their thoughts what I got back was a lot of articles on both culture and privilege but none as a United idea the Articles that I read had to do with inequality cultural capital race and power linguistics cultural safety and cultural competence to name a few my definition in this case is specific to Aboriginal culture but could possibly be extrapolated to others it is exactly what Irene had described those with cultural privilege are individuals who are raised within community and have a personal understanding of language traditional knowledge and practices I had never thought of myself in this way before but I couldn't discount Irene's feelings on the subject next I did something else I went into my staff room at lunch and posed the question do we have cultural privilege if we are raised in culture the immediate and overwhelming reaction was no this was due to the connection and negative feelings around the idea of white privilege so like any typical elementary school staff at lunch we hotly debated the topic and by the end of it the MOR is resistant people in the crowd started seeing the possibilities of the idea and we arrived at the conclusion that yes there is a type of advantage of knowing exactly who you are and where you're from with the signal acknowledgement I had a thought when did I an Aboriginal woman go from a state of cultural prestige persecution to the current reality I was now facing which was cultural privilege this is a great leap for me because I too have struggled with my identity in the past I think that people who are born of mixed ancestry like myself often do I specifically remember being in high school and having a breakdown dude this day I can't remember why I was feeling this way or what had triggered me I just remember this overwhelming sense of sadness I was in grade 11 and my future was in front of me I was frozen kind of like right now and I I stayed behind after the bell rang my the students had left and I couldn't move I was feeling the to race binary that I had grown up in the separate and definitely not equal societal structures that had been my foundation we were a long way from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report an apology of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper I had this meltdown where every high school outburst happens in physics class my lovely teacher came up to me put her hand on my shoulder and said what's wrong worst thing you can do the floodgates open then I was sobbing and after a while I was able to form words and calm down and I expressed to her this displacement that I was feeling I told her I'm not I'm too light for the aboriginal kids and not good enough for the white kids that was 22 years ago and I was a long way from reconciling my mixed ancestry its experiences like this and situations like it that I disagree with the term walking into worlds I think it's an artful dance that we must do between the Aboriginal and non-aboriginal worlds in order to succeed but also to maintain who we are at the same time sometimes the stance is beautiful and other times it's terrifying so what implications does this have after visiting my past speaking to my friends and colleagues I had to do some unpacking around my own identity and in that process I landed on four central ideas truth privilege exists simply put it exists it exists between and within cultures between social classes within the neighbourhoods and countries that were born into it exists between all of the invisible boundaries that we've created for ourselves truth a lot of the cultural gaps that exist or within our minds it's up to us to honor our own stories and also to respect the stories of others we will all come to that place of understanding in our own time and in our own way truth our stories begin long before we are born and will continue long after we leave the physical world the words that were spoken before us and what we add to the oral traditions of our people will continue to endure and educate for as long as a remain a people we have a responsibility to that story and the continuation of that narrative each of us must never forget that we all come from great cultures and nations and are never less than anyone reconciliation we will begin to achieve this when we realize that your truth is not everyone's truth each of us has a role to play in this but first we must shed our biases and assumptions we all have them and they can be invisible to us one of the toughest things to do is to reconcile who you truly are when we begin to move beyond ourselves and really truly accept our privilege we can then move on from the past reconcile the past and move on to the future together Masai starch Aliya [Applause] example of capstone projects on mental health cheap Cornell Tech, Manhattan.

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