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Internet of things video youtube

Internet of things video youtube do my western michigan paper technology foundation supervisory report saccos bowl ´╗┐every now and then there's rivalries that arise on their own and those seem to have a little bit more up definitely more venom and gears a little bit more pizazz as we bring you to the Rockets option stadium for the Washington Huskies and the origin dodson stadium is a special spot breaking right up there with Husky Stadium is maybe the nicest in all of the pac-10 and it is renovated and improved the palace they live in a palace and a cathedral on the top of the hill Mike Bilotti the Ducks have been working there lay onto their land in the last few years this gets to northwest supremacy well goes back to the pac-10 voting on the sanctions against the Huskies and of course who voted in that pile was the University of Oregon Ducks it all right it goes way back does it go back further when the Washington Huskies voted for kalabaw Rose Bowl it goes back to 1949 since 1995 - the two winningest clubs Oregon and Washington and joggers and the future starting David with a different safety Owen Biddle is getting to start this afternoon those James Simms does not make the trip opening possession a throw but nice blocking out in front Parker's got some 50 bid Oh finally able to bring in Traverse Keenan Howry and he's looking to throw man open Parker what's the ruling complete pass ball is not restaurant he is troubled about believe in his face who gets to the time inside the 10-yard line finally dogs pulled off the line bus keys will rush three for the end zone Parker touchdown or again Sammy Parker in the endzone for the seven line this season first a third down they need to get the he's a horse there's no doubt about that in the plant after a great week last week it's a big point the 13 yard line and with the three yard line they'll put it down at the - Derick McLaughlin has just punted the ball doing quick math 80 yards wide he went in at running back again I'm Terry Smith not expected to play it's light stir again they're tied in splitting the scene Watson to the 40 yard line checking his wine shop fights a girl looking good touchdown origin drive for the organ box the oxen stadium crowd is loving it a 14 to nothing lead for organ as they take the opening two drives and Jason five is leading the way the top fans are quacking loud right now is the 23rd ranked Oregon Ducks lead the Washington Huskies 14 nothing with some big tiny sneaking play sometimes you just got it when you need to regroup you got to go to your number-one guy and that's why he's wearing that on his jersey find him and get it going especially against his lawyer leading the day is going to be rain drop play Alexis very deep in the backfield I never gets anywhere blitz coming up the middle the diving ducks fight cleaning out with a three and out blitz coming life in trouble and just suffocated still on a scrimmage Washington and Oregon a rivalry it's tough to parallel anywhere on the west coast Reggie at the 10sec put on ten records as today is thrown for a hundred and twenty seven yards he is just now nine yards away from Ryan Leafs single season passing refuge has been such an outstanding job of putting teams inside that's pointing to last week's another bad snap though we'll get this pun off how are you going to get it and it goes out of bounds at the 2 yard line Derick McLaughlin with a bounce-back but just has got to make any fan in the world smile why she end up choosing Oregon Ducks find themselves pinned at the 2 yard line for the second time today looking big right out of the chute dance action on the coverage by the football Derek Johnson with his third interception tree there goes out of the pass that goes to Frederick complete and Cody Pickett has set the pac-10 record for single-season passing yard for the first down reception to Charles Frederick they're going to give it up about the one-yard line and that's the trash-talking keep Louis fight to the flip finale superb tackle coming in is Owen Biddle I take it we're tied at 14 at half time at Autzen Stadium to Northwest rivals and you can begin to get a feel that this one is going to be awfully special at least second high love tension I have a feeling this one might be a game of this little kid talks about being at this has got a feel of something that's going to go all 60 minutes Reggie Williams again and complete playing all right Reggie doubled this time so 40 looks elsewhere at Pat Redick and it's complete and she's a little rushed right there that is their backup quarterback kellen clemens and Jason Fife does not have a helmet on from burns Oregon and the crowd cheers him as he comes out well he's a local boy and from the east of the mountains and certainly the Oregon fans are appreciative appreciative that he's in the ball game here's the number three prep quarterback in the country very highly recruited throw but they're constants got a second interception of the day Johnson goes out of battery system change option Vic Koss collectors see though he is a Lou Groza semi-finalist hit 15 straight into Washington state where he missed this one is about 39 yards and it's no good we're getting 15 straight the sophomore misses his stride thrown between the safeties all day yes maybe the fact that Eric McLaughlin is just pounding the ball today by the Washington Huskies Kevin way which comes up the middle Granik everyone did he get the six for the dogs they're up like 13 at Autzen Stadium just past Mario Bailey for the University of Washington career receiving yards 2088 on his career and I'll tell you what that's amazing because he's just a sophomore Jason Frankfort quarterback they've got to get to the 46 run for a hard count holding the ground and Huskies don't bite then pass the ball 34 time they'll throw here Reggie Williams with the completion and the first down for Reggie Williams that is his 12th reception in the game that is isolated out on the wing who runs a slant he's wide open Williams whoa as though a fire alarm went off in Oxon Stadium moments ago and Reggie Williams hit the endzone the place has emptied out and the only remaining smiling wet Pope are the die-hard and the husky faithful a pretty low bar fight in trouble again and fight is just ten of for today in crusher under pressure overwhelmed again throws it away again they're walking out of auxin stadium and they are very shell-shocked because they're Oregon Ducks have suddenly lost four or five and Rick Neuheisel on the other end said when they come out of or who Cody Pinkett forty-two on answered points against the Oregon Ducks and number one is coming made the trek down to Eugene Oregon the oski faithful always traveling well look at the look at the frown back there look at that guy right there he's not a happy guy at all there's no smiles on that man at all he's wandering I'm with his ducks here about 42 on answered points like this video he had named November that's great no memory this is the first time Mike Bellotti has ever lost at Autzen Stadium the Washington Huskies have done some will zero rain shook that looked at this look at this watch this empty MP it's a wet day I don't blame people but there's sections that don't have anybody on it when on behalf of sunny six pillar to Karl Malone and John Bradford in the truck particularly for John of my behalf carrying me every week as the true freshman on this broadcast and the man is a senior with all the experience of the world sending six killer he had to carry the true freshman thanks so much I really appreciate was a pleasure to work with you my friend on behalf of all of them the Haas keys with enormous win at Autzen Stadium 4214 I'm David Lough saying you say university of washington ischool capstone order Genesee Community College.

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