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Internet of things upsc order

Internet of things upsc order write for me capstone engineering wexford how to make formula in excel not change -John Travolta and Jimmy Fallon for the first time. -Oh, my gosh! -You think you're dreamin'. -[ Laughs ] It's happening. It's finally happening. The first time I met you -- I got to say, first of all, thank you for being here. But the first time I met you, I asked you -- I begged you to be part of my Golden Globe opening. I hosted the Golden Globes, and you nicely said yes. -You took good care of me. -You hit a home run, man. -Aww, thanks. -You hit a grand slam. You came out -- It was you, Sterling K. Brown, and Courtney B. Vance. Look at this. This is you right there, just hittin' the pose. And just everyone -- [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, I don't even know if you know who you are, because you're you, but people love you so much. -Aww, Jimmy. -Everybody on the set was freaking out. I mean, our director, everyone was like, "Oh, my gosh, he's gonna do the thing. He's gonna do the thing!" And I go, "I know, calm down. He's gonna do the thing." And then, your beautiful wife was there. Kelly Preston, she was there. And she was -- I was trying to be cool next to her, but I was freaking out, too, so I was like, "Oh, my God!" And then I'm going, "Hey, Kelly, it's cool." And you just nailed it. I just loved it so much. And I just -- I just got to tell you that I'm one of your biggest fans ever. I'm stuttering because I'm just a big fan. -Thank you for loving me so much. -I really do. -Aww, Jimmy. -You went to Brooklyn, was it yesterday? [ Woman cheers ] You know what I'm talking about? -Oh, you were there. -Dude, it was a scene in Brooklyn yesterday. -Yeah, it was exciting. 10,000 people showed up. -Bay Ridge, baby! -Bay Ridge, baby! Absolutely, yeah. -And it was wonderful, because, you know, the borough of Brooklyn is really my blueprint, foundation for my whole career. "Welcome Back, Kotter," "Saturday Night Fever," "Get Shorty," now "Gotti." -And now "Gotti", exactly. Brooklyn loves you. -They do, and I love them. -But you went back to the pizzeria that you were in "Saturday Night Fever," where you're like, "Two, please. Two." -Lenny's, yeah. -And you got -- Look at this. Look at the crowd and you. This is awesome. Come on. [ Laughter ] I mean, look at this. It's so fun. There's your wife there in front of Lenny's Pizza in Brooklyn. It was John Travolta Day in Brooklyn. -And it felt the same as it did the first day I walked down the street with that paint can. There was about 10,000 people that day. -Is that right? -Yes, yes. -I mean, that movie was supposed to be, like, an art-house movie. It wasn't even supposed -- -Absolutely. It was this tiny, slice-of-life movie that I thought would come and go. And, boy, was I wrong. -Yeah. -Yeah. That is -- I mean it's -- I-I just love that. Well, I love everything you do. -Aww, Jimmy. -But I will say that I did an impre-- I mean, I started -- [ Audience "Aww"s ] I'm never washing this cheek again! I'll never -- I love it so much! I did an impression of you to get on "Saturday Night Live." I did Vinnie Barbarino. -Yeah, yeah. -But I did you to -- as my audition. -And you got the job. -And I got the job. -Yeah! -So, I mean, I owe you my career, so thank you so much. But I freak out when I see that, and I go -- whenever I see -- In "Gotti," you're a totally different person. I mean, that's -- this is... Who did the makeup on this? -That is Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine. They're the best special-effects makeup people in the world. -Oh, my gosh! -This is when Gotti was dying in prison of cancer -- stage four cancer. It was very, very impactful. -Amazing job on the makeup. I was like, "Dude, this doesn't even look anything like him." -I know, it's crazy. -And you kind of talk a little with the "youse" and "ay"s, "guys," this and that, and, like, it's so -- -He had a very old-school accent. -It really was. -Old-school Brooklyn accent. -And what made you want to play Gotti? -Well, the family actually asked me, believe it or not. I thought, "Well, what can I do?" -Whatever -- yeah, like, "Oh, sure, yeah! What time would you want me on set? I'm sorry. Yeah, sure. I'll shoot right now." "Don't say shoot." "Okay, yeah." [ Laughter ] -And although it took seven years to actually come to fruition, through many casts, very many scripts, many directors, I think it was good prep, because they were 24/7. That family is lovely. They helped us with all the data we needed for -- you know, to be our characters fully and come to please them, you know? -'Cause he was a Mafia boss. I mean, he was a hitman. -Yeah. He was all -- Listen, he lived by the sword, he died by the sword. But he was also a passionate man about his family. And John Gotti Jr. was there every day on the set making sure we -- He quality controlled. -[ Laughing ] Oh, my God. I would've freaked out. Are you kidding me? I would've been like, "How do we tell them to get off the set?" Oh, my God. How much pressure? Like, "Is that okay for you, John?" [ New York accent ] "It's okay. It's all right. It's all right. Yeah, it's okay." [ Normal voice ] I'd be like, "Sure, okay." -And Victoria, the mother -- and wife of John Sr. -- she was very valuable and helpful. All the video, all of the family footage, all that contributed to interpretation. -And Kevin Connolly directed, did a great job directing it. -Kevin did a great job. -It opens with you just talking straight to the camera and saying, "This is my story." And then it goes into, like, almost, like -- You almost hear, like, that kind of good Italian -- It's almost like the... [ Humming folk tune ] It's almost like a... And then it goes into this awesome Pitbull track. -Yes. -And it gets, like... -My man Pitbull. -...nasty! It's good. I was like -- And then -- But it's all original words about Gotti. I mean, this is a -- -Yes. -Pitbull wrote a full-on -- -He actually saw a photograph of the real Gotti and myself, and he got so excited about the similarity that he said, "Do you think it would be all right if I wrote a song for your movie?" I said, "We'd be privileged, honored, would love it." And then he called back and said, "Could I score your movie?" -You're like, "You can be in the movie if you want to be! You're Pitbull!" -You're Pitbull, man. -You're the busiest guy in the world and just make hits left and right. It's great. It's a crusher. You guys are going to flip. You did a great job on this movie. -Aww, thank you. -I want to show a clip. Here's John Travolta in "Gotti." Take a look at this. -Frank's father's been doing the fireworks for years. -Probably the kid got two fingers. -No, it's my gift to them, to do the fireworks the way I like it. That's not what I -- -Yeah, I hear you. I love how they build up. Now we're gettin' to the build-up. -Look at this. -Aw, this is...right here. All right, you want to have some fun? -Let's go have some fun. -[ Laughs ] -Is there a problem here? -We're shutting you down, Gotti. This is an unpermitted street gathering, and there are illegal fireworks on these premises. -What are you talking about? We've been doing this for 20 years! -Let me ask you something. You're gonna put these good people in jail because they're proud of their country? Is that right? You got my lawyer on the phone? -Standing by. -You got bail money? -With interest. -Send 'em up! [ Cheers and applause ] -Whoa! Hey! Oh! Hey! Send 'em up! Ah, I love it. "Gotti" this weekend, so go check it out in theaters. ati capstone comprehensive assessment a quizlet Marymount Manhattan College.

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