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Internet of things trends 2020

Internet of things trends 2020 capstone health services tuscaloosa al pa fish stocking report [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I've driven a lot of trucks in my day but nothing quite like this there's many different trucks out there on the market you have a regular small size pickup you have a half-ton pickup like a Ford f-150 like I have myself there's also performance trucks such as the Ford Raptor but then there's this this is a GMC Sierra of course not any regular GMC Sierra this is the rocky ridge callaway edition this truck has a 6.2 liter v8 supercharged with 560 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque that's supercar numbers but it's a truck so let's see what makes a rocky ridge Callaway edition so special all right let's start with just walking around this beast of a truck here we get to the tailgate we have badging all over the truck of course we have the rocky ridge and the Callaway badging and then also indicating how much horsepower is in this bad boy 560 as we mentioned one standard feature you get with a rocky ridge Callaway truck is a spray in liner four inch lift kit as you see right here we've got 35 inch all-terrain tires or Mickey Thompson's as we move along here to the side of the truck more badging indicating this is not a regular GMC Sierra or a Chevy Silverado for that matter if that's what you would choose to buy to get a rocky ridge Callaway truck we move up front here we already mentioned if we open the hood here we have the 6.2 liter supercharged v8 560 horsepower 550 pound-feet of torque there's also a Callaway honker High Flow air intake system specific to Callaway rocky ridge setup and on top of the hood here of course we have the supercharged badging so no one's confused now if we open the door we have power deploying running boards good thing to have since the truck is lifted four inches and here is the Callaway low restriction exhaust system it's kind of like a side pipe setup right in front of the right rear tire and this truck sounds awesome now this is a crew cab setup so of course you have tons of room in this truck I'm 6 foot 2 and I fit just fine in the back I've got black leather interior also specific for the rocky ridge Callaway trim is carbon fiber all through the interior we have it here on the steering wheel the center stack here right around the touchscreen Callaway special edition badging as well open the rear door carbon fiber here as well Callaway Rocky Ridge all-weather floor mats they do look like rebadged WeatherTech mats though pretty much the same thing then we jump inside here of course tons of room every amenity you need two USB ports here to 12 volts full power plug we have the wireless charging as well that sounds awesome when you start it up hot outside today we'll turn the cool seats on and take you for right so here's the very interesting part about driving a truck with 560 horsepower which I had never done before the power from the supercharger is so linear and while you're driving around on lower speeds you don't really notice that there's a monster underneath the hood until you hit the throttle [Music] alright that was way too fast for this road and you hear that awesome supercharger start mining and if the power just throws you back in your seat this truck does 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds I mean that's just crazy now I would have to say that a truck that competes with this truck right here would be the Raptor the current Raptor with twin turbocharged six-cylinder underneath the hood which is also very very powerful it has 450 horsepower and apparently does 0 to 60 in 5.2 but trust me I've driven that Raptor and it's nothing like this you don't get that massive growl you don't get that supercharger whine when you mash the throttle I mean this is just awesome and you kind of ask yourself the question like why do you need a truck like this what do you need a truck with 560 horsepower well because America [Music] jeez Wow I mean it's just such an odd feeling to have a big vehicle like this that poles I mean this is just disgusting oh and it sounds so good for those of you who follow my channel you know that sound is very very important to me even with sports cars and with trucks that's why I'd like having a v8 because it's just part of the experience of driving especially an American that car in this case they trucked you want that v8 growl and if you can have a supercharger whine go with that it's even better it's stupid got a Pontiac g8 behind me here he's probably wondering what the hell is going on now what the enormous Mickey Thompson all-terrain tires obviously it's not the quietest truck to drive on pavement like this on the highway but you know the person who buys a truck like this already knows that now while we were doing the walk-around of the truck I did mention some things that are specific to the rocky ridge callaway edition of this GMC Sierra I didn't mention all of them but I will be putting a full specification list in the description below this video so if you're interested in knowing exactly what makes this truck and what you get if you buy one check out the itemized list in the description below but for me driving a truck like this it's the experience the sound and the the power and kind of the oddness of driving something this big with as much power so we're gonna get to a road here where we can do some nice pulls all right so let's see what she does from a standstill here I mean that's just crazy for a big truck like this I mean that's fast and the sound Wow I mean it's got supercar power underneath the hood obviously it doesn't have supercar weight so it's not quite as fast but for something this heavy yeah that's impressive I mean if you want a luxury truck lifted truck in a stupid fast truck loud truck this is what you want [Music] and I know it's not common that you do a truck with you and all you do there's like poles and the main focus is doing poles but I mean this is a truck with the 6.2 liter v8 and a supercharger where's he gonna do that that's what it's for it's not tracked trucked no truck is a track truck so it's a straight line vehicle I mean this is so obnoxious it's so big a bulky and it just moves that's awesome so what's the price on one of these I mean new these go for around mid 80,000 range this one here is used so thanks to Bobbi ray Howe Mercedes we have a 2016 GMC Sierra Rocky Ridge Callaway addition it has 17,000 150 miles on it now it's also good to know that GM's warranty on the truck is not in any way voided by having the supercharger on and all the parts and modifications done by Callaway and rocky ridge are also fully warranted with a three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty so I hope you guys enjoy this review I really enjoyed filming it this thing is an absolute monster it is most likely the baddest truck on the planet but special thanks to Bobby Rahal Mercedes for providing the truck in today's review if this is something that you're looking for it is currently for sale all their contact information along with their inventory information and pricing on this specific truck will be provided in the description below and if you're stopping by this channel for the first time through this video and you haven't already please subscribe remember to follow me on Instagram as well for updates on what's going on on the channel before I post it on YouTube until next time bye bye business capstone study guide Hyde Park campus, Hyde Park.

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