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Internet of things sensors buy order

Internet of things sensors buy order capstone clinic ak organic chemistry thesis topics ´╗┐hey there um I wanted to do this video for about three weeks or so but I bet in college if I take a summer class now that they're over i can actually have time to do this i'm sitting outside my screen door this video is basically centering them round JC a at the AA rumors about him apparently that I gotta call Cole to um basically um Rick Ross just came out with a new album about like three or four weeks ago and he's got track on their call freemason featuring jay-z and JC pretty much dispels the rumors about him being a freemason Illuminati devil worshiper whatever I don't even know how those are rumors got started not really sure i I really don't know um Wow i I just I'm not even really a rap man my sister listens to a lot of rap and hip-hop but i personally I don't I like techno electronica and whatever you know pleases me but this particular track this free mason trek actually is a very good song I like the instrumentals I like the power behind it anyway about JC being this freemason Illuminati double worshiper thing first of all um number one I don't believe in conspiracy theories okay I don't believe in most of them probably the only one that I really would probably believe in is probably JFK one I can see where that could be a possibility that that was a conspiracy everything else really does not have a substantial evidence and nothing don't really convinced me at least I don't believe in the Illuminati in the current concept i dunno if there was a historical Illuminati um started by Adam why Scott and Germany or Oh Jerry of character um but I don't believe the that there is some elite group of people who are plotting to take over the world I guess you know this whole new world order I don't believe that the world order cuz I just uh I can get to a whole conversation about that but it's just to me as an impossibility because this world assault diversify that it would be impossible to get all nations under one is under one banner but you know that that's just that's just how I think um now as far as JC is concerned like I said on where the rumors come from but I do know that there have been people that have commented before about a few songs where I think the rumors may have come from one was from enemy of the state I believe it is um my uh I think at least keys isn't that what I'm not sure where they could say New York New York or whatever um there's a lion there where he says that Jesus can't save you life begins for the church ends and I you know I'm personally I think there's something a lot deeper in there but it's nothing nefarious oh nothing aah or you want an ancestor so I just think that he just he I think JC is a spiritual person um and I think he does believe in a God but I don't think he believes in today's a Christian concept of a god but you know a lot of people are starting to believe is spirituality more than religion so um because he there's a interview of this often brought up to that he did with I believe her name was Angie Martinez correct me if I'm wrong but he said that he believes in one God but he doesn't believe in the hell um and you know what um and then you know there's people up there say that he believes them want God but no Helen you have to believe in if you believe that God you have to believe but I hell and you have to believe in a Satan and all this up you know it's you got believe this you got bleep lat you know well newsflash not everybody leaves to Christian concept there are people that do believe in God but don't believe in a devil or hell I think JC is one of those people at like I said I think he's spiritual but he just does not show it or talk about it well you know they kind of stuff is personal and he has every right not to divulge in that kind of stuff and even if he was a devil worshiper but I don't you know I honestly don't think he is he on you know this is a free country we could believe whatever we want the First Amendment pretty much protects us allows us to practice whatever the fuck we want but this devil worshipping bhai is Oh Islam Christianity whatever now let's talk about you some rumors let's talk about this particular track this particular song JC has come out and actually dispels dias but once he's actually coming out of telling people he's not what they say he is and what they are saying that he is um hey yeah just mount trying to grab something on my pocket a bunch of shit in there um there are lyrics yeah his lyrics you know I really don't know much about Rick Rick Ross how don't he's a freemason or not but um I just want to focus on JC because this whole thing seems to be about him but let me like read the lyrics here and um yeah I'm but he is he Antwoord here so you know don't get upset with me i'm not racist i just got to read the lyrics he says uh niggas couldn't do nothing with me they put the double on me I would have preferred at nigga squeeze the metal army rulers of Lucifer I don't know who to trust whole world want like the mice turn my music up hear me clearly if y'all niggas fear me to say on here at me fuck all these fairy tales go to hell this is God engineering this is a Hail Mary pass y'all interfering he without sin shall cast the first stone so y'all look in the mirror double check your appearance bitch I said I was amazing not that I'm a Mason it's amazing that I made it through the maser I was in Lord forgive me I never would have made it without sin holy water and holy water my face in the basin diamonds in my rosary so he forgave him bitch I'm red hot I'm on my third six but the devil I'm not my jesus peace blood but thou shalt not covet keep your eyes off my cupboard I'm bad motherfucker it's hoped to say you love it now I can see right in this you know like i said i don't listen to rap music that much and I really honestly don't know a lot about slang earth but it's pretty clear to me you know being someone that doesn't even listen to rep that he is saying that he's that these are just rumors you know and its people that want to tear him down because yeah because they don't understand and you know this is kind of a race thing too because I've noticed that it's usually successful black people that often get these kind of rumors you know I'm pretty sure you know there are white people white entertainers that have the same thing but just seems like that JC being you know successful being a rapper y'all working heart be a rapper this is on record label clothing line you know all of that he's gone beyond rap he doesn't even really need a rap anymore he got all this money but because people either can't comprehend or don't understand it they you know that black man to actually pull himself up by his bootstraps become very famous I think that's one of the reasons why we have these rumors other than a religious stuff um because here he says niggas couldn't do nothing with me so they put a double on me he stole you know JC obviously cannot be brought down financially so people are trying to character assassinations on him um it's any you know rumors of Lucifer out know who to trust you know they'll just talk about you know I'm a devil wore shipper and you know I don't know what trust our lowbies people that are celebrities are dissing me or whatever on hope I should really even you know being with that or whatever um but basically if you just really really look at these lyrics do my capstone treatment center cost Iona College, New Rochelle.

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