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Internet of things research papers 2016 order

Internet of things research papers 2016 order do my capstone scholars usc essay on environment and mankind ´╗┐right welcome to today's discussion on the time value of money the time value money is the most important concept at all the finance and it is a crucial underpinning to anything that we want to do in the subject okay now time value of money we define that as simply being valuing future cash flows back to a current value putting all in cash flow values and eight same time period now the reason we're going to look at this and we're going to use this concept of time value of money is that there is a huge variety of things that we can purchase a ton of assets right we can buy stocks we could buy bonds we can buy real estate we can buy really a huge number of other things as well and we need to be able to specify if the future cash flows are coming in in our worth the amount that I'm paying right now many of you are going to be renters right I've been a renter for a very long time and let's say you're renting a house okay so we're looking at the value of the house let's say we have a value of a house of a hundred thousand dollars okay and it is renting out every month for twelve hundred dollars a month okay is this going to be worthwhile for us to do that's a question that we just looking at it is that it's hard to say right we're going to spend a hundred thousand dollars right now and buy a house to rent out to someone and there's going to be cash flows coming in in the amount of twelve hundred dollars okay is this a worthwhile investment or not okay because we know we're not going to get that hundred thousand dollars back right now it might take us 20 years 30 years whatever it is and to figure out is it worth it for us to do this to buy this house and and do it okay same thing is going to be going on when we value a stock when we value a bond right you see the the price of a stock of Facebook or Microsoft or Apple or whoever and you see the stock the price running across the ticker or we're looking at Yahoo or Google Finance and you see the price okay when that price is going to be dependent on future cash flows how much is coming back from those companies okay so there's a few terms that we need to define straight up out right off the front k pv is going to be equal to our present value okay and that is going to be the value of that asset today the value of that cash flow today okay so that would be the equivalent of that hundred thousand dollars on the house okay so that would be the hundred thousand dollars okay and then we're going to be looking at this next one here which is FV anybody have an idea what that might indeed well it's going to be future value okay so that is the future cash flow that we are going to be receiving okay so we're looking at this this is that twelve hundred dollars receiving every month that is a future value future values because there's multiples of them and that it is saying all right in the future I'm going to receive this cash flow at the present time that is what that future cash flow is worth to me today all right now I know this is kind of getting confusing kind of kind of sorting like okay what's the difference here it's probably to get more confusing and I'm going to try not to to make it be so but another way to think about it is that we look at a present value of being let's say I have a hundred dollars in my wallet and I think about going down to the bank I put my hundred dollars in the bank account and then it accrues at an interest rate are right it accrues out that interest rate and after one year okay if it's a ten percent interest rate and I put a hundred dollars in in one year it's going to be worth a hundred and ten dollars okay that 110 would be the future value the hundred would be the present value okay the difference that is coming in is going to be our right that is our interest rate that is our required rate of return we call this are a number of different things depending on what it is exactly that we are measuring and then T is going to be the number of time periods okay so that is going to be the basic part of the time value of money all right so this is our basic model we have the future value equals a present value x 1 plus r to the t power now this equation here this is this is such a basic fundamental equation we rearrange this we do a lot of stuff almost everything we're going to be doing throughout my class is using this equation it's just going to be setting it up in slightly different manners okay now we have this example before where we had a present value of one hundred dollars right let's say I have a hundred dollars and I'm gonna go stick it in a bank account okay and let's say that that bank account or is going to generate ten percent for me at a really good bank account it's going to generate ten percent for me I want to know what is that going to be worth if it sits in that account for a year ok so our T here is going to be one okay now I know most of you guys can just look at this and just say oh yeah you know that's going to be a hundred and ten you don't have to really set into a into a formula but we're just going to be doing that right now because we want to just make sure that we're everything's congealing so we have a hundred multiplied by 1.1 to the first power right so our future value is a hundred and ten dollars okay now the next step that we can do is we can say all right what happens again if I leave that in the account right so it's worth now 110 dollars worth I can still earn ten percent and I just leave it in that account and let it grow next year okay how much of my game going to be here right on this one right here my gain was ten dollars how much does my game next you're going to be is it going to be ten dollars no because it's compounding on that one hundred and ten dollars right we're going to be receiving ten percent interest on the hundred and ten dollars okay so what we're going to do so this is for year one we're now we're going to look at for year two ok so we're going to try and figure out what our future value is in year two okay we're going to have a hundred and ten dollars as our starting value okay so at the end of the year we're putting 110 dollars back in the account and it's still the 1.1 to the first which tells us that we have a future value in year two of a hundred and twenty-one dollars okay now if we want to look at year three of you do the same thing we can take the 121 x 1.1 but there is a much much faster way to go about doing this and that is by using that exponent right there if we have a constant rate of return okay because what we see is that we can actually institute this in here and a little bit more of a straightforward way okay we can use this hundred dollar value at the beginning of the time period and then essential we're doing is we're multiplying it by that one point one four year one okay which this generates for us right the 110 and remember that we took that 110 and we multiplied it by the 1 plus R by that 1.1 as well so we can just multiply this by the 1.1 there okay now a simpler way to set that up right so we don't have to write the 100 * 1.1 x 1.1 again is that we can just simplify that and it's going to be the hundred x 1 point 1 squared right just like we see in that top equation there okay so if we did that here a future value and you plug this end I guarantee you're going to run up with the same exact number at 121 dollars and that's the basic part that we're looking at right and so we're able to do with this is that we can just set up other equations and just run them right through and run them through really quick and get some really quick answers to them okay all the next lectures that we're looking at are going to be pulling up a few other applications of the time value of money and expanding on it in substantially more detail you capstone apartment partners Tri-State College of Acupuncture.

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