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Internet of things programming with javascript pdf order

Internet of things programming with javascript pdf order capstone vs ida pro formal letter writing samples cbse ´╗┐what's up everybody what's up everybody and welcome to casual TV thank you guys for tuning in with me and as a few of you guys have requested of me I'm doing something a bit new you can see I'm on this set with a microphone now this is something new for me I never used a microphone I usually use the onboard mic for the camera and it doesn't give me the best audio quality but it gives me the ability to do different things from what I see from the rest of the youtubers who stand around and you know just make references when they're speaking into the mic you usually see me do know a few different things and that is kind of myself being me but I'm willing to try something new if it makes you happy alright so let's dig into this video first of all I'm not going to be able to show you this entire video because it gets violet and the original video was flagged for adult content so this is what I'm going to do as usual as you guys know if there's something that's extremely violent that I can't show you here on YouTube I put that video up on casual calm that's right casual calm the link is down in the description box so if you'd like to check out the full uncut version of this McDonald's fight you may point your browsers to that click the link in the description box and have fun with it so let's dig right into this video let's check it out and I will be right back with you to give you my analysis yeah hey county line and Madison McDonald's you gotta find in here with guns Oh County Line and Madison you got to fight inside the McDonald's with guns a black male and camouflage pants no shirt this place is a madhouse is people fighting everywhere yeah there's a couple people already hurt you ain't going nowhere to me go away right there give me your cuffs are getting it on the ground yeah give me your cup supposedly he pulled a gun on Oh where's the gun Oh have a good he didn't fly got it on video there yelling pull a gun on me again little responsible they all went after each other so I got started a little fucky nose yes okay I want to take her the guys outside cuz he can't 32:59 see anything out oh no with the right ear it was one after I don't love we had to go did he he walked outside to a car come back the girls come in and said pull the gun on me again and then called him a nigger that's when this thing would just exploded who's got the gun have a good to the guy Oh have a good who's got the gun I don't know then how did the gun come and play have a gun okay get it big time I go over you guys get back to work that's crazy this is not your family well Brooke dear all involve all that it started this whole mess lady did the chicken over here yelling at these guys but I don't know her for sure and when they read all that before us they start scaring these kids and then the girl walked out they come back in the mom comes in at our team up in their faces are yellow daddy with her push them that's the search box yeah there's a white girl would come in and said you see a gun no I didn't see the gun you know but the white girl come in and said pull a gun on me again and then call him a nigger and then that's when this thing went nuts if it's the mom that started it well she she again and started yelling up there was no gun ever see the the girl in a pink pants or whatever was sitting there with the kids he said that he pulled a gun on her that's why this thing just went nuts where she they're all outside excuse me got your back seat of the car okay we had too much callers home yeah go get our food it's up around town Wow tweet let's go have anything I gave your phone back right yeah this one took the call Vic 82 932 for that we're up here there's a big five in McDonald's or up here with cops laughs I come in with my son to order food I walked in all right so the first thing that I noticed was this was just the shouting match look like a bunch of buffoons in a restaurant with children I really do not understand that why do people sit around fuss and argue I don't care what you say to me in a restaurant to be honest with you I would have got my damn cheeseburger and went home there's nothing that you could say to me to make me show my ass in public the only thing that would have pissed me off and I made exception to it is if you would have made me feel like my life was threatened and in that case casual carries a concealed weapons see that's the Second Amendment for you I do that every single place I go there isn't a place on earth that I go other than when I'm at work and even when I'm at work my 45 is in my vehicle at all times so as you can see the buffoonery starts in a restaurant McDonald's that I thought that I I'm loving in apparently they were not loving it and if you really pay attention to it it's just a shouting match until the gentleman and the black shirt comes across and it looks like he takes a swing now unless I'm missing something that is where the fight starts and then it escalates from there you see people throwing chairs and all of this nonsense you see people taking swings and if you go and check out the uncut version you see two guys jumping one guy and they're fighting back and forth and these are adults man see this is the type of shit that I expect from elementary kids this is the type of problem solving that I expect from kids with lower education and maybe I'm giving these adults too much credit because it doesn't appear that they have any education at all my problem and the annoying part is when the polies show up why do two cops show up and put one guy in handcuffs when they all were dis maylay and if you want to know who the instigator was the instigator was the dude in the black shirt it's not the dude without a shirt so why without knowing everything would you show up and put someone in cuffs and sit him on the sidewalk can someone explain that to me because all of these assholes are doing wrong shit now before the camera started rolling you don't know who started it you don't know who said what or whatever but the first dude to throw a punch what's the dude in the black shirt now the cops don't know that of course they don't know that because they're not fucking psychics and I'm pretty sure that they don't see this cell phone footage but until that punches thrown everything else is legal like I told people about the George Zimmerman case until a punch is thrown everything else is legal it is not illegal to talk crap to someone it's extremely childish you look like an absolute idiot doing it but it's not illegal it's not illegal for you guys to stand in a restaurant and shout unless them unless it becomes disorderly and then the restaurant people tell you to leave you don't leave not as disorderly conduct and then you might get hit with trespassing but other than that on a confrontation and a restaurant and as long as it's just words it's not illegal but where it becomes illegal is when someone throws a punch and if you throw a punch at me then probably I'm gonna throw a punch back at you but I wouldn't allow myself to get into this situation in the first place I would have just walked away I never would have got into an argument with you don't give a damn what you said anyway folks go ahead and drop your comments down below let me know how you feel go ahead and see the uncut version on casual TV on casual comm I'll see you next time peace write for me enterprise risk management training uk Juilliard School, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Manhattan.

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