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Internet of things market

Internet of things market uwaterloo capstone design projects for money history and physical exam report ´╗┐hello ladies and gentlemen I'd like to apologize after covering videos straight for like 45 days I think I've lost my mind and I've become a cranky jaded cynical old man that guy is no fun to listen to so and that note I'd like to take a step forward and throw all my scientific credibility out the window and say I'm gonna go ahead and call this a hurricane superstorm as hurricane nate is making landfall right putting a big old kiss in the mouth of the Mississippi I wanted to point out what might not be getting the attention that it should is look at this storm see that over the Unites it's like Nate has hooked up with this storm system here up into Canada New Brunswick is that America they don't even know I need to go to Canada I definitely need to go to Canada one day I mean traveling is free okay so yeah we got the hurricane he's already made a lot of headway oh my god I just sit ahead oh my god one my 12 15 18 okay so yeah like that it so it's now like one giant super storm system so as far as storms we've covered they're connecting so yeah that is one of the biggest storms I've ever seen that is a lot of rain it's almost like if the Sun was speeding up causing the Earth's wobble to wobble a little funnier so that that giant 200 mile-per-hour bulge of equatorial water is now displacing itself in weird ways but do you think maybe we should have an equatorial jet bulge Jack's bed solve it you know cause the tutorial jet bulge you did you know causes thunder wobble funny you did okay yeah see you might be in a cynical ass again stop guys stop it all right okay now this is water vapor one of many and then these are all the funny harpies gallery accidental artifact Swan Kassian things so there's her gain a you can still see there's a lot of moisture behind it a lot of moisture and the gulls and says there's Nate there's still ton and in the tail of moisture so we have some or any events rainy days and this is the water vapor for the overall and you can see up through Canada he has it wet what is this giant ball of moisture rolling over there so yeah like I said that this is going up and here's the kick-out as it merges with this system and then it's gonna push on into the East Coast so East Coast prepared to get wet get out of here stupid eyes Ku Klux Klan ahead nobody wants you nobody wants to go back 60s except for kwatak highs but his reason they're totally different music was wet better it like the Beatles you know the doors it Janis Joplin Jimi Hendrix Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin you know all at one time and wonder how well they would do on the voice was a stupid joke okay but what can be causing super storms and all the changes yes yes yes your government loans your science and all your government your corporations well on your science are going to tell you you caused it with carbon I'm going to disagree and said it sounds freakin app okay I haven't finished this video yet I've been working on editing but the September we just had was one of the most solar active periods I've seen in a while and multiple x-class flares and that was during a solar minimum but you know what you get into solar minimum maximum is grossly grossly oversimplified they classify it as the number of solar flares and the how big the solar flare is which the Sun is much more active it's like if you judge own personal activity on swimming and horseback riding it's like if you didn't do any swimming here you didn't do any horseback riding then technically you wouldn't be doing any solar activity or any personal activity that wouldn't be a fairy judge or it's like when they count up inflation and then don't count food prices or energy prices it's like then why are you even counting and placement no way so the Sun is the circle in the middle and then they put the black occulting disk for to block out the light because the darkness is not light then you have the new black occulting just growing here and then this is what I call the Sun baby and then this is our cat hair of doom which I've nicknamed neutron star okay you got everything caught up so this is September so like I said September is really active it was really active Sun has been you know like the woman's body changes when she's pregnant so there's that see how that can't hear doom right there see how that thing like almost forms a V I call it a cat hair doom cuz a long time ago when I was making a video about it I was a long they were like I was that what is that no that's just a hair on the lens even though it reacts to the it interacts with the light right and it changes but you can't see the V there so there's no is cat hair man no freakin way who knows do is well I get it anyway so that so if you notice that little v-shape as well I see that sunspots from September almost creates the same v-shape solar system is amazing place how it works we don't really know man we don't really know at all so yeah we've had some major massive solar activity outflows for sure and you know the coronal hole there's like a hole in the Sun let's out solar wind and it's almost like there's a tiny little Sun our neutron star in the center of the Sun I'm saying so own do you have like a giant massive grow hole you got sunspots everywhere everything's pretty crazy you know and I invite you I invite everyone take a day out on Sunday Monday any day you can get a buddy to drink a beer have a beer if you're in Colorados smoke a joint and watch the sunset do it a couple times this week watch where the Sun comes up in the morning watch the Sun rises I guarantee you if you spend more time paying attention to the Sun you'll be like hey you know what it sounds actual clear the clouds look weird so when the Sun goes crazy earth weather is crazy and then people go crazy so yeah after 45 days of hurricanes it's one long apology I apologize for being not necessarily my best self oh I'm frustrated and it's frustrating to watch America get hit by a hurricane and get anything again am i watching everybody listening argument of politics was like I don't knows but politics arguing about politics doesn't really solve problems but Oh Who am I to tell people that crap so that these are the magnetic loops stick out of the Sun you know that is if this were your front yard the homeowners association would kick your ass out of the neighborhood so bad or you'd get like $10,000 in fines and they'd have their home owner association mafia come after you stick your head in the toilet when there's a giant floating turd in there already I don't know I've never owned a home but everybody handles I know it's been like yeah homeowner associations are like the Mafia okay I will put that note of information in my brain and try making joke out of it somewhere down the line so there you go woo hoo just successfully complete a mission so and that's where the solar wind come down yeah I've got hours recorded son video but then I'm always like I had to edit it it's my son videos have to be great so they never get done it's being ahead if you do forgive me and appreciate all the work I put in for 45 days I would really appreciate it if you could donate a little tomato to channel so I go see Blade Runner tomorrow my mother broke it said I wouldn't date me either in him oh girl wants to date a broke-ass dude I'm saying it's okay it's okay it's okay I love you guys and I appreciate all your supporters everybody broke ten days except for people were like yeah he stopped market as soon as Houston got hit I invested in sheetrock and paint in drill bits and now I'm super richer good job buddy yay and the world is in worse shape okay so yeah the Sun is the main driver of our weird weather that's my theory I'm sticking to it and well there's weird and the one's gonna stay weird so love you ass he's a doctor soon uw cse capstone list for money State University of New York Maritime College.

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