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Internet of things landscape goldman sachs capstone logistics missouri city tx buy research paper on racism for 10 ´╗┐hi everyone so today I have another video for you guys and today I'm going to be doing a massive haul which includes Korean patterns as well as to surround the things that I got all the way so I hope you guys enjoy the video and I'll just get started okay so I got quite a bit of eye makeup this time around I had got the naked 3 palette it was actually a gift from my friend it was a Christmas gift and I was so excited to receive it because I really wanted it but I was hesitant on purchasing it since I already how the naked one and the two I make it two and then the make it three is my favorite of now I know a lot of people love the naked one but as for me I didn't really go for the naked one as much as I did for the make it two and then the make it three was like BAM like I really love the pink so yeah I'm really liking this and thank you so much and then the next palette that I got is wrong kiss New York and this is kind of a brand that hasn't been really out in the market a lot and also it's not really known but every time I use kiss products I never regret buying it and they work really well with me so this is from kiss and it kind of looks like a naked palette they're really good at making dupes so it it's totally like a copy of it this is only 12 99 so it was a really good price it has blues and it also has a burgundy colors and we're going to be is a very handy I tore these days so I'm definitely going to try to do a makeup tutorial this so this is how it looks like met another palette that I got is from up dude house and it's called play colored eyes it has shimmery colors as well as pubs and it's just a very cute palette and I've been wanting it for a really long time but I finally got it it's actually smaller than they thought but I've only tried it a couple times so I'm not really sure about the polity but I'll definitely do a makeup tutorial with this as well so this is what I got those three are the powered by God and then I got a bunch of eyeliners I have posted a couple of nice on are actually all of these on Instagram and all of you guys were pretty shocked at how durable these are and how waterproof they are so I was like firm believer that there's no eyeliner that's a pencil that does not smudge because usually all pencil eyeliners they smudge on you and it gets you get panda eyes and it's just something that you couldn't prevent but after using this as your side you know what there are I like I said don't budge so these like I'll try to do a little test for you guys just do it with wonderful so that's like a line that I drove through wrong and you have to wait for like 10 seconds and then make sure you don't have oil on your hands because if you have boiled and you know since it is waterproof it's not foolproof it will get it will you know ruin it but if you don't have oil on your hands make sure you don't have it and then just rub and it's you know it doesn't come off and I'm just so amazed at how well just stays on there a lot of you guys have been asking me like does it erase well because sometimes you know when you try to you Asian later if it's like permanent tell you that with any kind of remover it'll come off so these are awesome I got the metallic Brown and then be think it's like sparkling champagne this may be color and the black color and i'll link all the products below so if you guys wanted to check anything out you guys can always look at the down bar a few other things that i got are these two eyebrow auto liners it's like a pencil liner this one is from Holika Holika and it's wonder drawing and 24 auto eyebrows it's for the eyeballs and then this one is from a pew and it's also a brow liner and they're both in the color brown and then I also got a mascara from Nisha and I've used this before and I really liked it so I got another one I haven't opened it up yet but I'm excited to use this it makes your lashes really long gives you a little bit important but it's more for linking to other products I got being mascara from kissing and this is called inv bold and long and this is my first time track this one it's okay it doesn't give you that much volume or lengthening but it looks very natural and then this one I you know if you guys know me I think this is like my time for 20th bottles so I really like this one looks natural on your lashes but at the same time it gives you a little bit of volume and definitely things so these are the two mascaras that I got that movie want to lipstick I told you it's going to be a very long at all and these are the three lipsticks I call from lemorians from muffled right coralie color very bright pink color I'm going to be doing our makeup tutorial with this lipstick and you guys can guess who I'm going to do and then this is just kind of like a it doesn't look pretty on camera or in real life but when it's applied on the lift it looks really pretty it's I don't know how to blame this color it's a very sophisticated color so I really like this Oh another thing that I got is the ionia air cushion and i already use this a couple times but when i visited amore they just gave me a couple makeups to use since i used to work there and i haven't been there for a year and so they were just like you know if you want anything just choose it so i got one of these and three lipsticks and yeah I'm always running out of the aisle pay area so I decide to use this so if you guys can tell my hair looks really flat right now but it's because I brought my hair done and I got the keratin magic straight and when I got my hair done my Solana's Tommy to eat this Sarah my she just gave it to me for free it is the argan oil be too hard she said it's really good for a frizzy hair and it's from Korea yeah it's from Korea so yeah I'm excited to use this and after I got my hair done I was just like so like up on keeping my hair healthy I didn't want to put heat to it but if in any case I had to put heat on my hair I wanted to protect him from the heat so I went to my parents door my parents own a resupply so they were recommending me this and it's from kiss and like I said in the beginning of the video of how i really trust their products because all the parts that i use from their brand never failed me so far so I'm like really excited to you that so I got the argument there mole hair oil and it's 400 and sleek and shine and it's ideal to use with flat irons or any other heat type of tools as well as this this one is he projected for you know blow drying or anything like that my mom gave me a sample of it although it's not really a sample size is the same size it was just a tester but she told me I could try it out so I'm definitely excited to trial this one smells like green tea know that Elizabeth garden green tea perfume it kind of smells like that and this one smells like it smells so good like you know you guys no need I'm all about sex doesn't smell like candy it smells really really good follow @mikedyce aura I just grabbed another nail polish and this one is in the color sant'antonio it's from OPI inside a new deep brown color so I've been really liking this I don't have anything on right now but yeah I hope you guys like this video if you guys like this video give it a thumbs up if you guys have any makeup tutorial requests or anything like that just let me know in the comments below and I'll talk to guys coin next video write for me mpa projects SUNY Maritime College.

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