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Internet of things gateway

Internet of things gateway expository essay capstone engl 106 unit 5 for money tener idioms ppt presentation I'm Mike with list 25 and here are 25 of the smartest dog breeds ever sorry 1 and TM there's no greyhounds on this list Oh spoiler alert 25 Vizsla originating in Hungary the Vizsla is a medium-sized dog bred for hunting fowl and game they are known for having an excellent sense of smell and as you can probably imagine are easy to train 24 Irish Water Spaniel a sturdy medium-sized dog the Irish Water Spaniel is native to Ireland where it was used to fetch game and fowl a willing and energetic companion the Irish Water Spaniel is sometimes referred to as the clown of the spaniel family 23 Pomeranian commonly known as palm or pom-pom the Pomeranian is a small dog breed of the Spitz type weighing up to three and a half kilograms 7.7 pounds and standing 13 to 28 centimeters or 5 to 11 inches high at the withers the Pomeranian is a smart dog especially popular among British royalty 22 Malinois and Bernese Mountain Dog the Malinois in the bernese mountain dog are tied for 22nd place the Malinois is a medium-sized dog used for tasks including the detection of explosives and narcotics search and rescue missions etc while the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed native to Swiss Alps where it was used to help local herders 21 Weimaraner originating in Germany the Weimaraner is a short coated dog bred for hunting large game they are very lively and energetic dogs notable for their unusually light gray or blue eyes highly athletic and trainable the Weimaraner excels in a variety of dog sports 20 cocker spaniel originally bred is a hunting dog in the United Kingdom the cocker spaniel is a long coated small to medium sized dog of the spaniel family currently there are two different breeds of this dog type the American cocker spaniel and the English cocker spaniel 19 Brittany named after Brittany a region northwestern France where the dog originated the Brittany is a breed 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collie is a medium-sized very active breed kept as a working dog sporting dog or family pet thank lassie the Keeshond is also a medium-sized dog with a plush 2 layer coat of silver and black fur with a rough and curled tail 15 Schipperke and Belgian sheepdog originating in Belgium in the early 16th century the Schipperke is a small dog that was bred to serve as a shepherd recognised by its distinctive black coat the Belgian sheepdog is a medium-sized active loyal and smart dog that loves children 14 Terre Viren also known as the Belgian Shepherd dog the tervuren is another long coated Belgian dog originally bred for herding tor Verne's are highly energetic intelligent dogs who require a job to keep them occupied they also love competing in dog agility trials and obedience events 13 English Springer Spaniel originating in England in the 18th century the English Springer Spaniel is a breed of gundog in a spaniel family traditionally used for flushing and in game with an average lifespan of up to 15 years this spaniel is always eager to please quick to learn and willing to obey 12 miniature schnauzer bred is a cross between the standard schnauzer and one or more smaller breeds the miniature schnauzer is a German breed used as a ratting dog thanks to its high intelligence and good temperament it's one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide 11 Pembroke Welsh Corgi favored by British royalty for more than 70 years the Pembroke Welsh Corgi nor as my friends elderly neighbor likes to call them the Cordwell cheese is one of the smallest herding dogs easily recognizable by its distinctive large erect ears the Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves to be a part of a family and is always eager to learn and train 10 Australian Cattle Dog another breed of a herding dog the Australian Cattle Dog was developed in well Australia for droving cattle over long distances known for its endurance active mind and easy train ability the Australian Cattle Dog ranks as the world's tenth most intelligent dog nine Rottweiler originating in Germany the Rottweiler is a large robust and muscular dog that was once used to pull loaded carts these days thanks to its good nature outstanding intelligence and eagerness to work the Rottweiler is often used as a rescue guide or police dog eight happy owned easily recognizable by its characteristic butterfly like look of the long and fringed hair on the ears the Papillon is a dog of the toy spaniel family originating in France the Papillon is a popular pet dog known for its smartness and happy and friendly temperament seven Labrador Retriever often known just as Labrador or lab the Labrador Retriever is a large playful dog native to Canada where it has been the most popular breed for decades notable for its intelligent friendly nature the Labrador is often trained as a guide dog and therapy dog six Shetland Sheepdog commonly known as the Sheltie the Shetland Sheepdog is a small to medium sized dog breed developed in Scotland where it 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in Germany and further developed in France the poodle is a toy to medium-size dog characterized by a long dense and curly coat of various colors the dog is known as a highly intelligent energetic and sociable breed that requires both physical and intellectual activities one border collie developing the angle of Scottish border region for herding the border collie is an extremely energetic dog whose outstanding smartness makes it the most intelligent dog in the world a border collie was reported to have learned over a thousand words and acted consequently into human citation of those words enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button in the top right corner so you don't miss out on new ones every Monday through Friday share them with your friends and help us consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want even more lists check out these two videos here or just head to our website at lists twenty-five calm you write for me kapstone longview washington SUNY Cortland.

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