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Internet of things explained pdf

Internet of things explained pdf write for me capstone mine miami arizona educational literature review example ´╗┐so now we come to the consumers of electricity we've looked extensively at the producers of electricity but what about the consumers well just like producers need to account for time as a factor of electricity generation consumers also have to consider time as a factor of electricity consumption so time is essential to understanding the electricity consumption since consumers consume far little or far less power than a power plant will produce we measure consumer electricity consumption in kilo watt hours rather than mega watt hours and so home consumption is measured in kilowatt hours and remember a kilo is a thousand so one kilowatt hour is 1000 watts consumed over one hour of time and a typical home in the United States consumes annually about 10,000 837 kilo watt hours and if you divide 10,000 837 by 12 because there's 12 months in a year we get the average monthly electricity consumption for a typical American home of 903 kilowatt hours now usually then if you get your bill you'll see that it's never 903 exactly it's usually a little less or a little bit more and you can expect then arrange so 500 plus kilowatt hours versus a 1500 or so kilowatt hours somewhere in there is going to be your particular homes bill if you are very conscientious and and work towards increasingly turning off your lights and being energy conscious then you'll have fewer kilowatt-hours consumed in a month and if you have a lot of appliances running especially at peak times you're gonna have an expensive bill and also if you have a lot of appliances running you're going to have of course more kilowatt-hours consumed in that monthly billing cycle so consumers are charged then per kilowatt hour and charges are going to vary a lot by state by region and bite I so for instance in Illinois we might have cheaper electricity rates than say in in Iowa or within Illinois the north western region of Illinois might have cheaper electricity rates then say the area around Chicago and then finally time of day matters a lot so electricity is always cheaper in the dead of night so for instance say from 9pm to 4am that's going to be a time block when electricity will be the cheapest that it ever is during a 24-hour cycle the most expensive is during what's called peak times when everybody is turning everything on and you have a high demand when demand goes up prices go up and when demand goes down as in the dead of night you have then prices going down so on average in the United States our electricity costs 11.8 cents for every kilowatt hour and that's literally 11 pennies and almost one other penny it's fairly inexpensive compared to other parts of the world now how this relates to your home so if you have a home then that uses 903 kilowatt hours in a month your electricity charge is going to be hundred six dollars and fifty five cents and that's just for the electricity and we figure that out by multiplying your kilowatt-hours used 903 times 0.1 18 and that is 11.8 sense so you multiply both those out and you get a hundred and six dollars and fifty five cents as will find though 11.8 cents is relatively well that's the average and there are relatively more expensive areas and also relatively less expensive areas so here we have then a commonwealth edison bill commonwealth edison is a utility that provides electricity for thousands of illinois consumers and notice then we've got on the left hand side a handy 13-month usage bar graph and noticed there's a lot of data missing there that's because this bill is from new house where nobody used to live in during november december january march april and may and june and then people started to live in there July August September October November that's why there's data for those months and we see then that the y axis has kilowatt-hours used and we have 475 to 950 to give you a sense of what the scale is beneath that we have electricity usage in a tabular form and the tabular form is used to render that graphical form above it on the right hand side we have our bill and notice it says amount due on December 17 2013 is $96 71 sets beneath that we have meter information and there are various meter information it's a data here the most important thing is the before and after meter reading so the previous meter reading is 10,000 728 kilowatt hours and the current meter reading is 11,000 672 kilowatt hours if you subtract those two you can see what the difference is 944 kilowatt hours that's the amount of electricity that this house has consumed over this billing cycle 944 kilowatt hours so we see that this is in fact a little bit higher than the average amount of electricity that's used in a average home in America right now I you know about 40 or so kilowatt hours so a little bit higher than the average after that we have then three big blocks of how the bill is determined we have the electricity supply services segment we have delivery services segment and we have taxes and other segments under the electricity supply services notice that 944 kilowatt hours is the multiplier that's used to determine the electricity supply charge and we see that electricity per kilowatt hour in this particular home is 0.04 586 per kilowatt hour that is about four and a half cents per kilowatt hour again this is relatively cheap compared to 11.8 scents that we saw in the previous slide and that just kind of exemplifies how regional differences matter a lot in terms of the price of electricity so during this billing cycle this home used 944 kilowatt hours and each kilowatt hour cost about four and a half pennies and that means then just for the electricity alone they owe $43 and 29 sets now the bill is for ninety six dollars and seventy one sets over fifty dollars more why is this well every electricity bill has lots of other things tacked on to it and so we see then a transmission service charge and a purchased electricity adjustment to all of those are both of those are under the electricity supply services sometimes the kilowatt hours are used as a multiplier sometimes they're not beneath that we have delivery services and the first one that's sometimes surprising for people is the customer charge this is a flat charge that's charged to every consumer regardless of how many kilowatt hours are used in a month so you could use 500 kilowatt hour ora koutou use 1500 kilowatt hours and am billing cycle and in either case you'd be charged tried 12 dot seventy-nine cents you could even use no killer hours and you'd still get a bill from the electric company for your being a customer this is because there's infrastructural and logistical issues that go along with signing you up to be a customer and this is recovered then by charging customers every month we also have various other charges here and notice that the multiplier of 944 kilowatt hours is used in some cases and other cases it's not beneath that we have taxes and other and depending on where you live and the policies that your lawmakers have made you may have more or fewer itemized pieces of this billing cycle under this rubric so environmental cost recovery adjustment energy efficiency programs and state tax these are all included there so you have then these three large blocks one of them is fifty-six dollars and sixty nine cents another is thirty-five dollars seven cents and the other is four dollars and ninety-five cents if you add up all those three you get 96 dot 71 sense for your electricity bill for this particular billing cycle your electricity bill will look very similar to this and we'll also itemize these these issues expect it to be a little different though because of course you are going to be living in a different part of the United States or the world then where this bill was was obtained from do my navy capstone checklist Hartwick College, Oneonta.

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