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Internet of things examples 2017

Internet of things examples 2017 what is capstone 2 for money save trees earth presentation ´╗┐hi guys and welcome to vlogmas day 3 so today is December third um saturday and i just woke up as you can tell by my voice yeah I have to study because finals are so close the door I have to study because finals are coming up this week so let me go let me show you guys my schedule it's probably be flipped but these are my finals I have a film final on Wednesday which is my first final and then I have a human species final at 8am and then an anthropology final at ten a.m. on thursday and then a government vinyl at 7am and then a math final on the twelfth okay sorry my roommate like was knocking on my other roommate store but my other remote was out so i just had to tell her that um but yeah i am going to take a shower and get ready and get my broom looking all nice and pack my backpack because i am going to go study with ali good eye for detail like what you do I'm not bogus this is ali i thought you said hi Ali knows what you are Ali okay so alli and I are going to UM starbucks and hopefully there will be seats if there's not working on Chili's chilis to study and they can't kick us out so we'll order like an appetizer and then they can't cuz I wanna be so mean no i'll probably order for you to i probably will too but i'll be for a long time see um yeah Oh or we could go to chevys what's that it's like a mexican place they give you free chips and chips friends chip surprised chips chips and salsa but yeah we're gonna study because finals week is next week and I haven't studied at all you've prolly studied I started to but and going far and get very far either this might need you accountability we're just gonna look at each other like we should study alright well knows it just wanted to update you guys and introduce Ali all right well how's it I'll update you guys wherever we are we literally walked into starbucks it was full and we walked out 02 seconds walks in walks out so yeah cuz I mean everyone's just looking for a place to study but yeah everyone was studying everybody not everybody there ya know was just sitting there I saw an old guy but maybe he was a professor oh I just saw a lot of notebooks and laptops yeah exactly all right we don't have Wi-Fi so i'm using my data and my phone's Wi-Fi so okay I'm gonna get an angry text my mom thing so we're just going to get some food and studies which sounds super fun super appetizing okay so i just wanted ali to say good bye bye guys you did a lot of studying I didn't do anything Ali studied in I like just wallow to myself already is like it's okay now been we ate good food we did is real good we split the check like like4like microts we all good couples roof room I said I really good couple oh I know that's what your friendship hey it's aaron it's a girl sounds like an earnest a what are we at much i don't watch all I don't have helped educate ease yeah because it broke on the side you drop it no it just like detached oh this is a clip i put interview mmm let's put the lighting crazy the computer lighting how much about her too much pepper green hatch something i know i feel so awkward holding it like this cuz i can't see my face because I have to stop recording okay and then flip the camera and record again and when it's dark the quality gets worse um you're going to watch christmas movie and then I'm probably gonna edit this while we watch it cuz what all right that's it oh look at these really stats though these YouTube stats look at that cinematography looks so pretty I'm not even kidding though what's pretty with the lights in the background I'm getting here nice what's up it's a girl Erin this is lolo so today for today's segment of time with Aaron we're going to play what you rather it's time with Aaron time with aaron its time and we'll just ask a few questions and it'll be fun first question would you rather live in the wilderness far from civilization or live on the streets of the city as a homeless person far from civilization cuz I need to pee and if I was homeless I couldn't be the pub was homeless I could it be that's true same and I always have to beat you I mean it doesn't it's not saying that you have to live outside of a house saying you're living in the wilderness you could have like a cabin in the woods would you okay question number two would you rather be alone for the rest of your life we're always be surrounded by annoying people always be surrounded by annoying people cuz I am annoying okay um I found my with to this is a good one would you rather know when you're going to die or know how you're going to die when I feel like I would rather know how I'm gonna die if you knew if you'd know how then you wouldn't live your life to the fullest because you'd be scared about doing that one thing unless it was like skydiving you just don't go skydiving until but then you would avoid it and then how would you die you know I would just rather know how it like if you know when you're gonna die then you can like plan it out be like I'm dying in like two weeks time to find my true love you know cuz I do oh girl like I would get too much anxiety from going one yeah I get more piece from you something would you rather relive the same day 4 Georgian 65 days or lose a year of your life could i pick the year cuz i'd pick is its first year oh you're awful yeah lose a year off of your life thanks a diary earlier oh i thought it was like you like you like don't have like you first like you're gone for a year like you don't remember no I think it's just lose a gear up your life at the end think losing your real life at the end it depends on the day there was a really good day this one's like always when I feel like would you rather be like beautiful but like dumb or would you rather be like smart butt ugly that's actually like like I know it's like a popular one I think I would too oh my goodness oh my gosh really sure I think about Vernon I like it better short as well yeah yeah which show the camera your comment down below if you like Lola with short hair long hair I prefer short as well that's okay this is gonna be the last question would you rather be lost in a bad part of town or lost in the forest clausen bad point down yep cuz there's always good I would agree there's always good people in the bad part of town but if there's people in the forest they're not usually good that's true so that concludes today december third time with time with Aaron [Music] ok guys so it is 11pm and I almost finished editing this vlog um I just have to end it so I am going to end it with a Bible verse stuff like it's like the first thing that came up when i opened the Bible it's a burst at Ali that you guys saw today she highlighted it and I thought it was really good so it says from Psalm 37 verse 7 be still for the Lord and wait patiently for him do not fret when people succeed in their ways when they carry out their wicked schemes so I think for the most part it's kind of like be at peace regardless of what you see coming on in life because I feel like a lot of times really question like oh how come people that do the wrong thing succeed and how come like me that I'm like I'm trying how come I can succeed how come things happen to me that don't go my way and but I think we just have to be patient and understand that judgment belongs to the Lord and the Lord will give justice to those who do things in a wicked way and those who carry out things in a wicked way so just be patient and know that if things aren't going your way and things aren't really turning out how you think they should understand that God is working it out for you yeah that's my encouragement today as always that will be down below the first to that so yeah thank you guys for watching this vlog masti of three log this day three was a success [Music] I'm Chris do my capstone project topic ideas Barnard College, Morningside Heights, Manhattan, across the street from Columbia University.

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