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Internet of things definition deutsch order

Internet of things definition deutsch order write for me bus 475 capstone final examination part 1 standing committee report [Applause] hey this is Dan welcome back to real cig review and today I'm not gonna do a review but I'm gonna do more of just kind of a Q&A kind of a question-and-answer with me a lot of different questions come in a lot of guys private message me and I'd rather you guys actually leave comments in my comment things down below the videos but if you want to private message me here on YouTube that's totally fine I have no problem with that I'd rather you do it down below I just you know it works better for the channel it works better for getting my statistics up and all that good stuff but anyway yeah I'm gonna go ahead and smoke a Marlboro red just regular Marlboro king-size you know marble red smoke one of these will I talk for a second here one of the questions I add and actually not one has been quite quite a few different people is you know when did I start someone start smoking I actually started smoking when I was 15 years old my old man smoked my entire childhood growing up and I hated it I hated it with a passion I didn't like that he smoked I tried to make him smoke outside I tried to make him quit anyway I hated it so anyway one day he ended up going to the doctor doctor basically told him to quit or he's gonna die so he quit on the spot and never smoke another cigarette well the next four days after he quit I was sick and I was I was 15 years old anyway he quit smoking and he's a deaf guy he smoked in the car he smoked in the house he smoked everywhere he was at he smoke four packs a day you know camel camel cigarettes usually or like Marlboro Reds Marlboro we are generics and all that G pcs or pall malls you know like these ones but anyway he smoked everywhere and everywhere around me so anyway for the first four days after he quit I started feeling sick I felt like shit man I thought I was gonna die so he was at my buddy's house drinking a couple beers with him just kind of hanging out shooting the shit and anyway he lit up a cigarette and I noticed that I felt better and was in a little tight little kind of a closet room off of his house there anyway enough like two little chairs and little TV and shit but anyway a little hideout we had but anyway he lit up a cigarette and I felt better so anyways like hell will give me with him so I took a drag hit it and fell in love ain't I've been smoking pretty much ever since and when I very first started it was an actual camel filter cigarette just a regular standard camel and anyway as I smoke through the years I moved up to a camel wides and I smoked those for a long time which you know a lot like a regular cigarette there's a little bit bigger in diameter a little bit more tobacco in them but I smoked those for a lot of years then I actually dropped those and made a camel studs excuse me smoked camel studs for probably five years and anyway the reason I quit smoking the camel studs was I started coughing up black shit and I got to a point when I was working doing anything physical I would get winded really quick and like I said end up coffin of black shit and get a little bit of blood my coughing hi no cigarettes are bad for you whatever anyway so I then at that point I went to Marlboro mediums and smoked Marlboro mediums for a little while they weren't strong enough I wouldn't get one getting what I wanted out of them so then that's when I jumped over to Marvel res and I've been on Marvel Reds ever since and so yeah I'm 38 years old now I started when I was fifteen so you do the math so it's been a lot of years but yeah another question I had is do I feel guilty that I'm putting these videos out for the kids can watch your kids can see or I'm condoning you know inappropriate behavior honestly I do cigarette reviews I'm a grown-ass man I'll do them I'll do cigarette reviews and I like putting the cigarette reviews out there I like experimenting giving you guys a little bit of information if I can but on the other side of that for parents that have kids that are getting pissy about it parent your kids beat your kids parent that's not my job I have five kids and I keep my kids separate from any of this nonsense and they know nothing about it they know I smoke I don't smoke in my house I don't smoke in a car around them like my wife's car has never had a cigarette in it never has this is my work truck this is what I spend you know 15 hours a day and I smoke in here all the time but for anybody who bitches and complains that like oh you know what are you doing to kids it's not me I ain't doing it I ain't doing it to anybody I make cigarette reviews as simple as that I'm not trying to hurt anybody I'm not trying to piss anybody off or offend anybody I am just testing out different cigarettes and letting you know my opinion on what those cigarettes are so I know it kind of sounds a little harsh or whatever but you know if you got kids be a parent to your own kids I'm a parent to my kids you know I have a 17 year old boy he don't smoke he hates it he hates the fact that I smoke my 13 year old boy hates the fact that I smoke you know my little ones they all they all hate it they all hate it that I smoked but you know what with all the shit that I've done in my past and it's a pretty shady past with everything that I've quit this is the least of my problems this is a very very least of my problems with all the other shit that I've had in my life so hey you know so yes you know somebody used to do some I want to do hey you know if I wanted to quit I'd quit I would do it but right now for the point in my life that I'm at I don't want to quit I enjoy smoking it's relaxing gets my mind off other shit and especially no with life work you know money I got same problems anybody else has but you know what I can go outside by myself sit on my deck light up a cigarette turn the porch light off and just sit in the dark and smoke a cigarette and I'm just content as can be and it actually does help me relax and it does help me you know concentrate maybe and give them you know get things back in focus I do it I call the five buy system I'll step back five steps I didn't you know evaluate five things and then start to prioritize them and dress them that way smoking a cigarette will definitely help me do that I do the same thing here at work if I see an issue that needs to be addressed I'll take you know do my five buy system step back five steps and analyze it pick out five things prioritize it and start at number one work my way down the list so it's a good way to look at life in general so anyway you know I'm babbling like like an idiot but anyway that's a couple questions guys had for me now do these q and A's ever once while if you guys want me to had a good response and good feedback so far on this channel really actually so I'm surprised I just kind of want to put a couple out there and see how they did kind of did a little test run of them and they actually turned off turned out really really well so you know I'm getting more subscribers all the time make sure you tell your friends later friends know and leave a comment down below if you have any questions you know and I'll try to answer them I'm not guaranteeing I will for the most part I do cigarette reviews I enjoy doing the reviews on the cigarettes and that's what I want to do but you know every once a while I'll throw a video out like this where I'll do Q&A but anyway that's it for today guys appreciate you watching leave a comment down below make sure you subscribe tell your friends post it up on your Facebook add to whatever you want with this so that's it for that's it for this one and we'll catch you on the next cigarette review thanks capstone solutions inc jobstreet for money School of Music.

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