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Internet of things books 2019

Internet of things books 2019 write for me computer engineering capstone projects overshoot ecological footprint essay ´╗┐hello and welcome to the o.c varsity gridiron show week four we're here at a brand new site for the gridiron show that is san juan hills in san juan capistrano steve did you get lost on the way here no thankfully i know the county a little bit i'm still old school I use a Thomas guide it's better than that GPS stuff now Google Maps us that's the best thing going dan you've been here a number of times and yeah we'll get into our game of the week but first our stars of week three guys I'll go first as usual Danny Garcia of servite I pick a defensive player of the week sorry to steal your thunder Dan he had four sacks he was all over the field Steve who do you got this week buena park senior quarterback zach taylor 370 yards five touchdown passes as winter park be de esperanza in overtime 4235 Taylor's having a heck of a year sure is had a good year last year too and the seniors continuing his solid play dan who is your player this for week 3 i'm going with eric berry a the quarterback from la habra one of our cover boys from the season preview and threw the game-winning Hail Mary touchdown pass 44-yarder last play two-beat los alamitos 37-32 that's early contender for play of the year game of the year guys our game of the week is los alamitos versus the guys behind us san juan hills dan you were at that classic game between lasalle and labrea last week the Griffins had to jack telenko rather had 287 yards passing so we don't want to forget him with all the heroics of eric berry last week your thoughts on that game leading up to this one against san juan hills who look scary using your words well one thing the Stallions out here are having a very intense practice and this is on monday you mentioned telenko last week you know he had most of those yards in the second half and lasalle played a really outstanding second half that's what they gotta capture and they got to keep that momentum they really dominated san juan hills when these teams played last year so they have that as well yeah revenge factor in place Steve san juan hills a rising power in orange county currently ranked number 10 in the OC top 10 and the quarterback I mean he's all counting material Patrick O'Brien last week in a 50 16 victory over marina had three passing touchdowns two rushing touchdowns this team is on the rise yeah i'm looking forward to seeing this game i think it's almost a coin flip game to Dan and I want to see O'Brien play you know we're talking--we're we got to look at all County guys you know we have our meeting in December late December you know he's going to be in the discussion I'm certain and I'm going to see how they played defensively they're in a pretty pretty good league you know south coast league you know so they've got you know that's got to sorrow and mission bay we're also in the top ten and it so you know these kind of games that's why I love these kind of games you get get an idea how good these teams are visa vie the top ten and how good they're going to become when league starts up in just couple weeks south coast league NCAA no chumps allowed thing exactly all right so we caught up with the Stallions earlier here's what they had to say Tim well what does the the rft be mean for you for me it's about Brotherhood and it's the definition or kind of what we talked about is humble service for a cause and kind of doing stuff for others and doing stuff for you brothers it's good to be our homecoming game but everyone knows that lost I was really good school and I mean we're for know right now so everyone wants to come watch us play and probably some other people from around around cities probably wanted to come out and watch this game but I feel like it's gonna be really packed and probably sell out before on Friday so people go to buy the tickets early obviously los alamitos great coaches great tradition great program it's it's it hopefully it's a great high school football game we go to our other game of the week I think this is a great game two guys this is tesoro versus Corona del Mar this is at estancia thursday night at seven o'clock tesoro last week Devon monster had 343 pass yards and four touchdowns that kids been killing it all year and very deserving of that spot in the top one in 50 you gave them Dan tesoros at San Clemente the next week that's a big game but they can't look past the seakings who looked great in a battle against Newport Harbor that we saw them last week Steve yeah we were at that game together Jonathan it was it was a pretty fun game I cornered the Mars defense was really good you know they egg Newport hard word like five times got past the 50 but they just would shred him down right there and then the quarterback Chase Garber's I complete his first 11 passes was really good and that teams Colonel tomorrow I think it's a little more more physical than I thought they'd be one of them are as fast on defense they're going to be really super fast against tesoro and monster we always talk about we love teams that schedule up and CDM is certainly scheduling up to face tesoro they lose their head coach Dan but it looks like the seakings are still on track they are definitely on track and these games just make them that much tougher for the Pacific Coast League to handle you know and you know you mentioned monster I mean I think he could be you got to throw him out in the early conversation for first-team all-county quarterback he's pretty pretty lights out Patrick O'Brien has been lights out so we know about KJ Costello you know so right now those are some really special quarterbacks you know and there's a bunch of after that but to those guys those guys stand out to me right now finally guys Edison at Mater Dei these guys have been playing forever we know coach white over there loves to play that Trinity twosome of servite and modern day a little history the last time the chargers beat mater dei was in 2009 i think that was her epic run to the CIF finals guys Edison lost a tough one Steve to servite 2114 so they're coming off that tough loss that they feel that they could have won their with couple mishaps maybe some bad calls here and there modder day is just looking better and better JT Daniels looks like a phenom right now yeah he is a freshman with web got 12 touchdown pass or something over over already this season so four touchdowns last week yeah yeah he's pretty good he's really settled on him it's gonna be up to see how this one rolls out I think he's going to favor modder day but gosh you know Edison Edison a they played with such spirit such pride I really love the way those guys go about their business it's awesome yeah they play hard they play tough Edison definitely never lays down for anybody modern day is a beast part of that Trinity twosome Dan how do you look at this one you know there's a big game from our day where they got to try to finish their non league schedule this is their last one I believe the last not only game before you open the Trinity league against Orange Lutheran so they're going to want to finish with a lot of momentum it was good to see Osiris st. Brown get back into the mix he's been slowed by injury so far he showed what he can do last week against up and with a couple touchdown catches and but i think this this guy has a chance to be a pretty good game i think the biggest thing with edison that there's to the losses that we spotlighted they've had a real trouble protecting the quarterback with those sacks you know Danny Garcia from servite had four and in the their loss again their loss against tesoro a Vegas had five so I think you know Edison's gotta pass protect matter yeah they definitely do our thanks to Steve fryer and Dan Albano for all your latest football updates check out o c VAR c calm where we've got you covered do my capstone communities development llc Culinary Institute of America.

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