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Internet of nano things for dairy farming

Internet of nano things for dairy farming capstone costco for money albumgen review of literature ´╗┐hello my friends this is justice Anthony Knight reporting and I'm filling in for Lisa Haven today covering this article from daily mail calm titled we will all be forced to serve under an immortal robot dictator whose power we can never escape warns billionaire Elon Musk this is a huge warning and what he's wrote warning us about is artificial intelligence call it a supercomputer called whatever you might but what's happening is we have such a rapid increase of intelligence right now in such a rapid increase in technology that Elon is concerned what's going to happen that we can't secure it down this can be proven on multiple formats just take for example at this point in time in our history a computer has won at a game of Jeopardy a computer has won in a game of chess those are great examples except those can technically be programs you can use patterns you can use predictive methods to figure out how to beat the competitor but then it went and beat us at a game of poker the article you see up on your screen refers to in and it states oh the humanity poker computer trounces humans in big step for AI libraries and artificial intelligence robot has won chips worth 1.5 million we're gonna stop there why is this a big deal why is poker a big deal because if I play you in poker I got a bluff you I get a cheat I gotta make sure you don't know what my hand holds now is always human to human before what would be the only way to do that well now a computer's learn how to do it a computer's learned how to lie to you a computer's learned how to cheat you that's a scary rapid advancements of something that didn't exist before and well who's who's doing all this why is this such a big deal how can this be tied to you well you have the example of the race between Google and Amazon they have the world's biggest database and who's gonna be that well you know what's a big database mean well it means information it means your search engines what you look at for any internet new face a facial recognition your mouth take google maps where you go to and from do you ever program in there you know your home address and listed as home they know where you live not terrifying unless the technology gets in the wrong hands and this is where you really have to pay attention because what's gonna happen is Google and you take rake hurt while reycarts while who work done Google owns a company called deep might deep mine because Google's database was getting so big that they had to create they bought this deep mine company which basically is is funded for the advancement of artificial intelligence if we can't control our program we're gonna have a computer control well the computer started to learn the computers started to create its own programs and Google is controlling all of this so let's take a real world example my friends have looked at me and said well what's your fear what keeps you awake at night here's what keeps me awake at night if we can train a robot now how to win at a poker game we can also train a robot how to potentially hold a gun and shoot let's use that simple example and let's say the technology in this database gets in the wrong hands we know that's the case Facebook has what 84 million users profiles gone overnight now they're saying it might be in Russia you know the Cambridge analytical scanner scandal this is the most advanced in technology platforms and he lost it he can't figure it out every day that number keeps growing because intelligence is out of control that I go back so we have a robot that you now trained to shoot a gun and I've told you to Google has a huge database of everything you do what you look at and now remember if you programmed that home address on your Google Maps it knows where you live so let's say the bad guy let's put it simply gets ahold of you information and he doesn't agree with your agenda he doesn't agree with your religion he doesn't agree with your political viewpoint that computer and that robot can very easily be trained to find you you've seen drones drones can go anywhere it sent and now it can kill and now it doesn't can't be stopped because once the program set in motion nobody can stop where it's gonna go so why how can you stop this you can use a virtual network or a virtual shield you know that Lisa convinced me to do this once I'm like what are you talking about Lisa this what is this technology this virtual shield you keep talking about and funny enough she was dead on and you need a VPN and what the VPN does is it scrambles your signal so nobody knows what you're looking at on Internet nobody knows where your phone is at because if you can locate me you can easily locate me through this device pretty quickly if I have a virtual shield on there's literally nothing you can do to find me because it may say I'm in Africa if I say I'm in Europe it might say I'm in Georgia sounds silly you need it it's an absolute necessity but I digress and back to the article in occult and Mary Shelley this was the writer of Frankenstein once data you are my Creator but I am your master obey we're talking about the rise of artificial intelligence and machines overtaking the people who have created them exactly what Elon Musk is warning against in this case it's a monster and folks this is a monster Elon Musk wanted the wealthiest men in the entire universe can defend himself against anything heck the man could go build an island if he wanted to disappear from society you would never know where he's at and he's issuing warnings every day and why is he so afraid why is he the only man who's trying to get off the planet through SpaceX why is he a man is creating neural link near a lake who is trying to make the human mind faster to keep up with the artificial intelligence that's growing he would be at the forefront of everything and he's warning his folks he's screaming from the rooftops because there's people like Ray Kurzweil for example in this article published by science alert calm who states and this again remember Ray Kurzweil works for google deepmind creating technology teaching it how to learn any states that leads to computers having human intelligence or putting them inside our brains connecting them to the cloud expanding who we are today that's not just a future scenario Kurzweil said it's here in part and it's going to accelerate it is already here folks it's already upon us and we need to be screaming from the rooftops just like Elon Musk is to slow things down Elon Musk gives us a 10% chance of us ever being able to secure the technology that now exists this is extremely relevant to each and every one of our lives nobody is immune nobody can hide nobody can get away from this and that's why it's so critical did you pay attention you keep educated you learn what's happening and we secure ourselves and stop advancement before it is unfortunately already out of control this has been Justice Anthony not reporting and thank you for letting me fill in for Lisa Haven you can find me on my youtube channel at justice night friend me on Facebook follow me on Twitter and Instagram all the links are right below and I like to thank you each again and once again this has been Justus signing out write for me capstone medical associates harrisburg pa Yeshiva University.

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