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Interesting capstone topics

Interesting capstone topics coursera data science capstone task 2 good veterans day essays why i appreciate ´╗┐artsy congratulations here just not on the run that the Diamondbacks are having you guys have 1 to 20 of your last 28 and you're holding on in first place in the NIOS how much fun are you guys having it's a lot of fun man to flip the script in June when you look at the May we had and and some of the struggles we went through collectively as a team and to kind of ride the ship and and keep the same winning attitude and the same you know things you do to win and we were able to yeah right the ship and get into June and now I think we have our best foot ahead of us hey Archie where's the mindset come from your parents playing football high school quarterback where's this mindset come from first-round pick as a starter but then every interview I see you do you got no you light up a room you don't care when when the ball is given to you team first the triple in the wild-card game last year where does all this energy come from I think just competition and you know every year in the big leagues you learn more and more you understand more and more and and last year showed me more than anything I just want to be part of a winning environment and whatever role whatever situation I can do to help us win is is something I want to be a part of and I really don't care what inning or what situation it is just contributing to a winning effort is is something more fun than anything I've ever been a part of is it true that your mother was your principal and used to hand select your teachers so they could tension in-school suspension oh yeah I mean I've been the school janitor as part of punishment I mean it's been I've done it all and the stationary bike so you could read while you were riding a stationary bike I'd a teacher that made me hop on the hallway they actually put my desk like facing out a window and would give me headphones so I could pay attention better no offense to Burns yeah I haven't gone off that yet you know maybe after this Cuban coffee today like that or maybe we'll get there aren't you when you first came up we talked about getting all that money as an eighteen year old and gonna be a great starting pitcher and and it's taking you now into the bullpen when I look at you and your personality you belong out there because you need to be in the games three four or five times a week as opposed that once a week yeah I mean that's what I would say my favorite part about the bullpen compared to starting is getting to contribute you know night-in night-out there's times where you're gonna throw the ball you know three games in a row or pitch four out of five days and you have to learn to adapt and how to take care of your body and do things a little differently but being able to come in and pitching those back into games is fun and being able to do it more than just once every fifth day is something I really enjoy art see how come guys aren't rolling in that bullpen cart more I'm not gonna lie man I've got a pretty sweet video that I run out to at home and the crowd really gets behind me and it's just something I really enjoyed a jog out in that game at Chase Field and our fans do a great job hyping me up Archie has anything changed are you attacking hitters any differently I mean seems like here's my fastball I'm gonna elevate it I got nasty breaking stuff something's gonna happen good and it's gonna happen quick yeah you know that is kind of the running joke or either gonna get this thing over quick one way or the other I forgot I was talking with someone last night I think they said Kerry Wood told Alex Avila that that's like Alex Alex of you told me that Kerry Wood said hey I'm gonna go in it's gonna end quick one way or the other and so yeah I mean you know what I mean I'm coming in to pitch one inning there's no secrets guys have the numbers they know what I'm doing and I'm gonna be aggressive and I want to work quick and I want to come at you and my goal is to get off the mound as fast as I can Archie let me preface this by saying every single time we asked one of our guests about something we read on Wikipedia you know they always say it's wrong okay but your page says when Bradley was a starting pitcher he refused to grow a beard however when he went to a palm reader she stated that a beard would give him special powers so you decided to go with Bearden have been successful ever since factor yeah that is fiction unless you want to call the Paul Murray to Robby ray Robby ray kind of pushed me and inspired me to grow the beard and yeah always be like dude you're gonna shove with it so if Robby raises a palm reader then I guess or we're right Oh 4:20 by the way Archie this is going to be the best question I've ever asked about life so I'm just gonna ask it word on the street is that you have pitched in a big league game with poop in your pants is that can that be confirmed yeah I'm prepared for every stadium I pitch in for them to toss toilet paper at me okay I'm glad I'm glad you asked it because I want to talk about it give it to every player in every clubhouse right now every person sitting in the MLB studios if you're if you've gone through your life and you haven't pooped your pants on at some point you're one of your in the rarest like most exclusive club ever or you're just flat-out lying with numerous people and if you can't look yourself in the mirror and honestly say you haven't actually pooped your pants at some point you're lying I'll look everyone right in the face you are lying but for real you don't have to be honest on camera it happened Archie I'm one of those guys who just sticks to the line later in the show I'm all in on the Diamondbacks and I and I'm gonna try to present wild mall in with you guys last year an amazing year wild card win why should I be all-in on this team this year you know I think last year we surprised a bunch of people and I'm lying a lot I think we surprised ourselves a bunch of us had never really won before and this year coming into spring you know we added Jerrod Dyson added a few people and now we have you know John J clay Buckholtz guys who have won World Series guys who have been around this type of environment and just the camaraderie the the friendship and the bond and and on and off the field that we share and then you know when we have our coaching staff on the way toward communicates we I'll just understand that when we take the field everyday we have one goal and that's to win and you know that's kind of cliche and gets thrown around a lot but every single guy in that Clubhouse every single day all we want to do is win and however we have to do it whatever we have to do to get it done everyone's all on board on that and when you come to the field every day with that mindset it's it's fun we've created a winning culture and that's what we're trying to do is win baseball games Archie - mystery questions for you before you go would you rather fight Bumgarner or syndergaard Wow you know what let's just take them both on I'm gonna beat up either one of them but I might as well take them both on and and you know maybe it'll just knock me out in the first couple if you came face-to-face with a shark what would you do oh wow in my in a cage or just open water if I'm in a cage I just chill but if I'm in the open water you got to punch the gum you know I don't have the the beak like a dolphin but I'd be trying to punch those gills and get away sharks have beats well the nose the Dolphins you know because I heard dolphins like stab sharks in the gills breakfast I haven't had yet you know surprise me treatment but there'll be a doughnut like you said some Cuban coffee and probably a big scramble guys give him the ball Torrey thank you so much we're such big fans around here continued success you write for me capstone courses cpa Marymount Manhattan College, Upper East Side, Manhattan, near Hunter College.

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