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Informatics capstone project ideas order

Informatics capstone project ideas order do my capstone and stem essay on two and make four seasons ´╗┐hi I'm Janelle Frieda class of 2013 and I have a television degree that's why I was sieving today even though the program got cut and budget cuts a couple years ago but I finished I took enough classes one eighteen unit semester one seventeen unit semester and I'm here I got it getting a degree today I'm happy indeed rocks hi my name is Daniel Simon and I was born here in Modesto my parents were born in Mexico and basically I would like to say that I came here back in 2006 and I basically had a really rough time at first but then I adjusted to Modesto MJC and I basically realized how much the education here is so much better than other places you may have struggles but you will overcome them if you try hard enough and it is the best experience you will ever have in your life and once you get to this point of graduation I believe me it is it is the best feeling ever I'm Tony Lee juck and about four years ago I was actually homeless on the streets of Portland Oregon and it didn't last very long I managed to get enough money through holding signs to get myself back down here where I grew up and got myself back into college and well now I'm graduating with an A in art and I became treasurer of the Arts Club the founded that helped found that and it's been an amazing for heaters needless to say and I'm actually graduating with a 3.6 now I found that it's actually been a very accepting experience here I mean I really most the teachers here have always you know wanted to help you and stuff like that I'd say you shouldn't really be afraid to ask for help because they always want you to succeed especially by to pick one professor be a Chad Redwing he's a professor of humanities he's an excellent guy very helpful really just wants you to learn excited about you learning and along with my family and my girlfriend I really probably wouldn't be here you know I wouldn't have graduated without them I graduated high school in 2007 and I didn't come back to school until 2009 and just been a couple of times I really just wanted to give up on it and they've really helped me through it and the faculty here has been amazing like I said they've really helped me through everything so it's kind of surreal to be here right now I'm graduating Day graduation so my name is Nidal Bukhari and today I am getting my a a in theatre and I just really wanted to give a shout out to the theatre theatre in arts department always the first things to get cut but without them I could not have been here today so thank you so much to the theatre department who is constantly provided me many opportunities to to be here and to go on further so Thank You MJC thank you for your department and thank you everyone hey this is class of 2013 and this is the future one day this go be here my name is Deborah Haggerty I a returning college student I started here in 1977 and life happened and I chose to not do school and I quit raised a family I now have grandchildren and my boss about four years ago gave me permission to be flexible with my schedule and I decided to come back and I got my a a in English today and I'll get an A in art next semester finish up I hope to go on to stand State and get a studio art degree hi I'm Sarah Myers I'm graduating with an AAS degree in respiratory care I'd like to give a special thank you to my instructors Phillip Labrador and Bonnie Hunt as well as the other clinical instructors who helped me along the way I've been here since 2004 didn't know what I wanted to do I knew I wanted to help people and be in the medical field and I finally chose respiratory and Here I am now my kids are proud of me my family's proud of me Gomi my name is Curtis Tyler I'm from Oakdale California I went to Oakdale high I graduated in 1998 went in the Marine Corps for ten years I got out as a staff sergeant I actually got medically retired for combat related injuries about of six months afterward I was getting surgeries I decided hey I need to do something more with my life and I decided to go to MJC it was right next to Oakdale and you know I was back home and two-and-a-half years later just just over two years I'm earning my associates in behavioral science and I'm gonna be going into the Alameda County Sheriff's Department I'm Carrie Kendall and I originally came to MJC I had not been in the classroom in eight or nine years because I was a home school student I was terrified out of my mind but when I came I really found a community of people who really helped me to be able to figure out exactly what I wanted to do in life I learned here that I want to become an English teacher by working at the Writing Center and I also learned a lot about Who I am and about different gifts that I believe that I've been given through the speech team at JCCC and all the awards that we've won and really the family that I've made with that team and truly mgc has really changed my life in this and has helped me become a better person and I'm really grateful for MJC I want to thank my English teachers were making English interesting because I never thought it was until I came back thank you professor Smith hammer and Kerri Otis Hamilton Oh my name is Jose Gonzales I I've been coming to MDC since 97 partially over time finally got done with it this year so that I finally accomplished it it's been a great experience here I am juicy stuff is great there's courses I wish I would have taken a lot earlier because I got so much out of them so it's been a great year hi my name is Amy Lee and I'm a graduate 2013 I came here in 2010 from Meredith West High my goal here is to be able to enroll to the nursing program I am also a proud member of Phi Theta Kappa here at MJC it's been a great opportunity for me they provided me with great classes I met a lot of nice people here and as far as everything goes it's good it's great I'm excited about the future and I think the California taxpayers for helping out with tuitions because I even though I paid my own way it was very reasonably priced so kids get a get in here and get your degree and and make everybody proud thank you my name is Angela Aguilar I was out of school for 10 years I started a family and had four kids and I came back to school for them I wanted to show them that you had to work hard in life to get where you needed to be and so it took me four years and I got an Associate of Arts degree and behavior on social science and I'm getting ready to transfer to stand State and fall and I'm doing it for them my son's graduating actually from bio high school this month too so I I'm walking today and he'll be walking in three weeks I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them I'm glad that I did it and I did it with honors I wanted to show him I was doing it the right way work hard and I'm glad I came back my name is iris ball devious and my major is nursing this my third year here and are very glad to be graduating the semester I work in the Student Development in campus life so I see all of these people in my office all day it's like I love them JC I love working here my name is Delia white and I started MJC in 2005 right after high school I actually had to take a break because I had a daughter I took a year and a half off and I came back and then I worked on campus for five years with Monica shortener I started off for a year volunteer and then they just kept hiring me temporarily at each semester and then I had my son in 2000 well when I came back after I had my son I took another break a year and a half off came back in 2011 and Here I am my name is Lloyd simpleton I've been coming here at MJC since 2009 I've done a lot of great things I was the student trustee here at MJC and I fought for the for the students and I was in student government I did a lot of comedy shows here capstone finance New York City College of Technology.

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